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Guild Tartarus Labyrinth - Mini Bosses Strategies (Leos, Kotos, Guilles)

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  • Guild Tartarus Labyrinth - Mini Bosses Strategies (Leos, Kotos, Guilles)

    Hi all,

    I've been trying to search for some posts to look up on how people have done vs. these mini-bosses but it seemed like there's not a collective post just yet. I made this post so our forum members, who have successfully cleared or have good ideas on how to clear these objectives, could share the experience and perspective on how to beat them.


    My experience at Hell stages so far:


    Leos (Post-Update): Hraesvelg (L) - Katarina - Chloe - Teshar - Beth/Galleon

    Description: Strongest crystals in the first two waves due to aoe attacks. Boss' main strength lies in the ability to freeze and eventually executes enemies with Rage rune equipped if your units are still frozen. Due to the changes in the recent update, Soloable monsters are no longer a reliable win.

    Strategy: Inspired by Zettai's guide in his comment below. A reliable team to quickly take out the boss, while almost guarantee the success IF no units are on Violent runes.

    First stage: DON'T use Chloe's Fnatic; have her basic attack then let the others quickly & easily cleave all the monsters.

    Second stage: Chloe use Fnatic. Then take out the two crystals then the minotaurs. MAKE SURE CHLOE HAS FNATIC UP AGAIN OR AT LEAST 1 TURN COOLDOWN LEFT.

    Boss stage: Chloe normal attack > Hraesvelg 3rd skill > Beth/Galleon 3rd skill > Teshar 3rd skill (kills both towers hopefully) > Katarina 1st skill > Chloe buff Fnatic > Boss Attack > Hraesvelg 2nd Branding skill > Nuke.

    Rune requirement: High

    As mentioned above, soloable monsters are no longer 100% reliable to do this mini-boss. It is now required for a full team strategy with decently well-runed units. You can go with immunity and healer for a safe/reliable run if you don't find success with a nuking team. However, I find that this boss is the easiest to do since there are so many good wind nukers out there that can get the job done fairly easily.

    Possible units:

    Nukers: Arang, Huan, Amir, Leo, Feng Yan, Wind Homunculus [Attack], Lagmeron, Sigmarus, and Pungbaek have been proven in successful runs (Chow, Shi Hou, Taor, Rigel, Lushen, Iunu, Isabelle, Stella and Tanya are recommended but not confirmed to be successful)

    Supports: Delphoi, Mihyang, Velajuel, Hraesvelg, Racuni, Khmun, Dias, Mav, Galleon, Chloe have been proven in successful runs (Amarna, Xiong Fei, Bernard, Silia, and Triana are recommended but not confirmed to be successful)

    Suggestive Read:



    Kotos (Post-Update): Taor (L) - Theomars - Galleon - Woosa - Mihyang

    Description: Easy first two waves. Kotos applies dots and multiplies damage based on dots. Even without dots, it seems to do more raw damage than the other mini-bosses (You will notice once Woosa's shield is expired or broken). Although the boss does more damage (due to post-update) and sometimes manages to kill both Theomars and Taor, Woosa, Galleon & Mihyang seem to be able to finish the boss on their own.

    Strategy: This is a safe nuking team.

    - First stage: Do whatever you want to go through as saving skills for 2nd stage is not required.

    - Second stage: Kill the first 2 crystals first, then you can slowly work through the Minotaurs. Basic attack, heal if needed and save all cooldowns for the boss.

    - Boss stage: Buff immunity first. Kill Revenge towers if there are any. Nuke the boss to 75% and endure attacks with Woosa's shield. Use mihyang's extending skill after the boss has moved once (or use it if you fear immunity will run out on your units). If Woosa's buff is down (which it shouldn't be), kill Rage tower in case there is one in sight. Unlike Leos with Rage, when it hits you and applies dots Kotos will kill your units immediately if they get dotted. Theomars & Taor may not be able to survive all the way, but he should have helped out to put a chunk of damage into the boss already. Galleon, Woosa, and Mihyang should finish the fight.

    Rune requirement: High or Very High

    Requires a combination of high defensive and offensive stats for each of the monster. I'm grateful that these units I use for Kotos are also my PvP ones, which is a convenience for utilizing my optimal runesets.

    Possible units:

    Nukers: Chow, Beth, Rakan, Zeratu, Shi Hou, Sigmarus have been proven in successful runs (Perna, Stella, Susano, Tarq, Akroma, and Brandia were also suggested but have not been confirmed)

    Supports: Amelia, Velajuel, Anavel, Konamiya, Bastet have been proven in successful runs (Betta, Chloe, Draco, Racuni, Eleanor, and Pontos were also suggested but have not been confirmed)

    Suggestive Read:


    Guilles (Post-Update): Garo (L) - Colleen - Xiong Fei - Tessarion - Laika

    Description: The first two waves are sorta annoying with a multi-hit single target (that might be problematic if they target say Laika or Garo if they move/still alive before their turns). Boss has the most dangerous Rage set and heals all the damage that is done onto its enemies.

    Strategy: This team was inspired by Zettai's strategic comment below. Mine is an alteration of his version as some of his units were not available for me to use, but the strategy is similar. He also has a video to show you his process.

    - First two stages: I HAVE to make Garo as the speed leader to ensure a finishing blow to at least one crystal before they moved. With this team, the start can be rocky since the crystals did heavy damage to a single unit, in combination with the painful attacks from the Minotaurs that can cause one of your monsters to die. However, don't let this discourage your run because I have completed this stage with only 4 monsters going into the boss battle.

    - Boss Stage: Kill Rage rune every time you see it, following by Will. Zettai made a good point of killing Will to apply attack break and heal block, making the run safer and easier. Be cautious of each 25% trigger and manage constant debuffs on the boss. You should be able to navigate through the boss with at least Garo, Laika and Xiong Fei alive (my colleen had really bad defensive stats so she died near the end).

    Rune requirement: High or Very High

    Similar to Kotos, this stage requires a combination of high defensive and offensive stats for each of the monster. High speed team is also recommended to get through the first waves without too many casualties.

    Possible units:

    Nukers: Carrack, Arang, Katarina, Perna, Hwa, Xing Zhe, Brandia, Mei Hou Wang, Lushen, Feng Yan, Xing Zhe, Fire & Wind Homunculus (Attack) have been proven in successful runs (Ethna, Raoq, Teshar, Amir, Raki, Verdehile, Velajuel, Fermion, Fei, and Ran were suggested but have not been confirmed)

    Supports: Silia, Bernard, Khmun, Rahui have been proven in successful runs (Vanessa and Louise were suggested but have not been confirmed

    Suggestive Read:


    That's all from me. If you guys have been successfully performing through these mini-bosses, feel free to share below. No matter what Normal, Hard or Hell difficulty, all are welcome (though it would be nice to know which one you did).

    I hope these [painful] experiences will help those who are still struggling to break through.
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    Hey man, nice post.

    I just made a video on my Guilles killing team. May give you some ideas


    • vudup
      vudup commented
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      Thanks! I might have to try this out tomorrow (if the boss is still alive...)

      It's good to see different strategies and approaches. Seems like Colleen is a must for Attack-based teams.

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    Thanks for the tips on Guilles. I'm not a godly 3+ year player like my clanmates, and I was able to BARELY eek out a win on normal using Randy (L), Theo, Bella, Colleen, and Verde. I'll move Copper up the list on my 6star backlog, see if he helps out a couple months from now


    • vudup
      vudup commented
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      It's definitely a process and there's no shame for doing it in normal if that's what you can do.

      I think Copper & Bulldozer, if you have the runes & right support monsters, are more efficient as they're easy to obtain, easy to rune, and you use them for pvp as well.

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    Can we get a list of every nat 2 to nat 4 reviver and aoe immunity on the game that can be used well here. Guess I'm very lucky to have woosa. I guess briand better than teon for tartarus? Wish I hadn't fed teon. Tyvm.


    • vudup
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      I could create a list of revivers/immunity as you requested. However, this post is only for mini-bosses, not for Tartarus

    • akino25
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      With Fran kits I don't think Woosa is a premium that much anymore lol

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    Can confirm a guildmates chow was able to eventually solo leos in hell mode, took many, many attempts & may become null with the upcoming balance. Should the balance not negatively affect his ability to do so, I'll screen & post his team/chow in case anyone could use it.


    • vudup
      vudup commented
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      Hi, thanks for dropping the confirmation. I'll update the list.

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    LEOS - What you think about 5 Rigels on Vampire runes? Defence break and immune to freeze. Just have to make sure to take out the focus tower first.


    • vudup
      vudup commented
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      In theory they may work, but would require crazy runesets for both survivability from first stages and enough damage to sustain at final boss. I'd like to see if someone could try this out, but after the update Leos is looking to be the toughest of the 3 mini-bosses.

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    Guilles Hell Mode vidéo linked below with commentary throughout the fight.

    Used a pretty achievable team (I have Rahul here but he can easily be replaced by Khumn).

    Team Composition - who I use (and possible alternatives)
    1) 2 DD minimum
    - Carrack and Garo (Perna, Laika, MHW, Trevor (must be fast-ish), maybe Jean (if uber runes, his S2 can hit through Shield)
    2) Heal block - Colleen is a must have (Khumn with Revenge is good here too, his S2 also does a whopping amount of damage if tower has DEF break)
    3) ATK debuff - Colleen is a must have, Fire Panda
    4) Healer AOE with other support skills, pref two if your DDs are squishy and can’t self sustain (eg Vamp) - Colleen, Fire Panda (Amarna)
    5) DEF breaker faster than your DDs - Fire Panda

    1) Buff Block - Rahul (Chiwu, Pungbaek), not essential it just makes the fight faster as it’s the only way to counter Shield rune if you don’t kill tower.
    2) Other support eg DEF buff, Shield, Brand - I use Rahul here but again, not essential (Khumn, Amarna are great here)

    Main Strategy:
    1) As you said, destroying Rage is a must. But I think killing Will when you can should also be done. He hits too hard with Will absorbed and he heals too.
    2) prioritise lots of ATK break and Heal block
    3) Focus attack on boss only when the time is optimal, debuffing him is key and ensuring next Tower phase you have enough big attacks to take down one tower.
    4) Avoid massive attacks on him during Tower phase which will trigger off his 25% HP attack
    5) Take your time and conserve cooldowns - see video text

    What to prioritise when this Rune is on Boss:
    NB: Boss should never have two runes up in my opinion
    Rage - never have this rune up
    Shield - you can’t really damage the boss except on the first attack, keep Heal Block and ATK debuff on. Prepare your team for next tower phase and conserve cooldowns if not essential.
    Destroy - this when you should be attacking the boss with full force CAREFULLY (see video for timing and precautions), keep DEF break, ATK debuff and Heal Block up. Heal your DDs if you’re coming close to his extra 25% attack.
    Will - avoid having him absorb this rune if possible. Don’t waste debuff cooldowns obviously. Plain attacks on boss. HEAL your team up, he will do bug damage because he has no ATK debuff.

    Last edited by Zettai; 08-01-2018, 02:16 PM. Reason: clarified team composition


    • vudup
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      Thank you! This is the kind of video/strategy I'd love to see; I love visual guides and there were also notes on when to watch out and what was the thoughts behind the process. Although I do own a dark BM, others probably don't have access to this monster. Any thought of who could replace the Dark BM? (I'm thinking of Hraesvelg or Chiwu)
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    • Zettai
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      Thanks vudup !
      I initially had Perna there but I realised I needed to reserve him for Tartarus and I filled up the space with Rahul. As you might see, he doesn’t really add a lot to my team except for a possible save with Carrack who is squishy. Rahul can be replaced by Khumn or any other mon who isn’t so squishy. Perhaps Trevor on Vamp, Darion (for def break and atk break). Buff block is not necessary, you can just be patient when shield rune is up.

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    nice topic you made.

    i want to add some monster for GUILLES some people may help if they dont have nat5s for it
    i made good expierence with my sillia at this mini boss stage. should be very fast to make aoe def break or at least fast enough to use 3rd skill before guilles can move and make def brek heal block and a quite big dmg
    also arang is a big help there cause she can kill a tower 1hit with 3rd skill


    • vudup
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      Thank you, I will add them to the possible monsters list Have you had successful runs with both Silia and Arang?

    • EpicPhoenix
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      sry for answering this late
      i do always make success runs with this team:
      arang L, sillia, wind babarian(never remember his name) , huan the wind drunkenmaster, and ahmir the wind ifrit.
      with my rune quality i can easily do normal mode and with some struggle hard. but its a problem of rune qualitys cause i cant farm r5 and necro yet effeciently

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    Kotos Hell Mode Video with Instructions and Tips (post update)

    I finally beat him! Needed FRR and changed Taor from vio > rage

    Semi-nuking strategy (nuking the boss but need more than 2 tower phases)
    See in-video Instructions

    General advice:
    1) avoid vio runes if possible, no vio = easier to sync attack/skill patterns and remove chances your nukers lose immunity buff too early.
    2) nuking seems to be the most plausible way of beating him
    3) ignore Rage Tower
    4) Destroy Will tower else you can’t nuke him
    5) Which tower to prioritise if both Vio or Rev are up? or just ignore both? Depends on where you are up to. See video.
    6) TBH my strategy and team are dependent on Rage Tower appearing first.

    Possible alternatives to mons on my team:
    - Taor: Sigmarus, XL
    - Stella: XL
    - Galleon: *shrugs*
    - Woosa: *shrugs* Velajuel (but has no heal or shield), some use Chloe, Delphoi, Fedora or Betta
    - Mihyang: Michelle, or a mon that can reduce Immunity buffer’s cooldown


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      Leos Hell Mode (post update) EASY Nuking Team

      This nuke strategy can probably done by many.

      Main Points:
      1) Non-vio mons! Chloe is the fastest so she gets sixth turn and can apply AOE immunity and invincibility just before Leos’ first attack
      2) Beth is NOT crucial here, you just need a fast DEF breaker (pref 100% proc rate) to take down one tower
      3) Team needs high-ish level Rage/Fatal runes for Katarina and Xiao Lin


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        Adding my vidoe of Hell Leos Sustain strategy using 4* only:

        Team: Galleon, Arang, Mihyang, Delphoi, Mav

        Delphoi put up immunity, Mihyang buff extend, Mav cooldown reduction so Delphoi herself always have immunity. Rinse and repeat.
        Arang save S3 nuke for Focus tower. Mihyang should also save S2 for Focus tower.
        Slow and steady, don't push boss past 75/50/25 prematurely.
        Having Focus tower alive is almost instant wipe, so make sure that tower is always down.

        Arang got froze and loss her turn when Focus tower is up.

        Rune Quality:
        High for Arang and possibly Mihyang (my Mihyang has very high rune quality since I use her for 4* league but that might be overkill). Average to good quality for the rest.

        Keep in mind this strategy can be used for Normal / Hard if rune quality is not enough to kill the Focus tower in Hell.

        Hopefully can help someone with this!


        • Hesekiel
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          Good vid, though it would have been more helpful if you would have shown the runes in quick overview at the end. Nobody can work with phrases like "high rune quality, average to good for the rest"..

        • bulldullzer
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          Hesekiel Thanks for the suggestion, totally forgot about it when I record the video. Will do next time!

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        hi vudup good guide, followed the concept and helped me do normal mode easy.. and hard mode possible (but still a bit hard for me). as for Hell mode, i guess, the issue is not the tactic or the monster... is the rune quiality.. as what ever i do, i cannot do on hell.

        maybe if you have time, to add a Tartar boss guide too. that will make the guide complete

        Hi Kalionys this guide is nice, not sure if there's a better one...
        ​​​​​​​hmm , i guess, i like to see this post easy to access ... maybe we can add as STICKY post?


        • Kalionys
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          If there will be a better one in the future we can sticky it instead

        • BigDaddyToe
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          Thanks Kalionys appreciate this.. sometimes i have hard time looking for some post i like to keep track.
          This laby is a pain, ik ik.. i dont like to complain to much anymore... but it is really a pain haha
          let's see, ima challenge myself on this one.. hope for the best

        • Kalionys
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          Haha yea laby is definitely hard
          I have been doing alot of stages on easy lately... mainly because my guild doesnt have enough active player to finish it anyway

          But from time to time i try higher difficulties

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        hi guys,

        Sharing my Tartarus boss progression
        - full Auto normal / manual on hard team (still working on Hell)

        Full auto Normal team --> Elad, Michelle, Atenai, Iunu, wind homie
        Manual Hard team --> Elad, Michelle, Atenai, Iunu, Darion
        Auto Hard team --> Elad, Michelle, Chasun, Iunu, Darion

        - For normal, can nuke faster with 2 DD
        - while for hard, Darion is the key to not get wiped out

        Note: I had to build 3 new units for this Michelle, Atenai, Iunu
        - Theo can replace either Iunu or wind homie
        - Emma is also good for lead
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          def break or at least fast enough to use 3rd skill Sarkari Result Pnr Status before guilles can move and make def brek heal block and a quite big dmg