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    I've been working on setting up a team for DB10 and have been lucky enough to summon many mons known to excel there, but because of that I'm unsure which ones to build up for the job and really don't have the resources for trial and error, a list of the candidates I have:

    Already built:
    Veromos 6* swift blade
    Belladeon 5* swift energy
    Poseidon 5* Despair focus
    Verdehile 5* Violent revenge
    Theomars 5* Violent blade
    Galleon 5* Violent focus
    Spectra 5* Violent focus
    Chasun 6* Violent energy

    Unbuilt candidates:
    Sigmarus (have yet to fuse but almost finished, am willing to factor into potential teams anyway)

    As I am now I'm able to auto Gb10 (Vero Bella chasun lushen Bernard) and Db8 with the same team but I have yet to clear Db10

    Team variations I have considered:
    Verde(L) vero Bella Emma taor
    Verde(L) vero Bella Emma Poseidon
    Verde(L) Vero Bella Poseidon Stella
    Verde(L) vero Emma Poseidon taor
    Verde(L) Bella Emma Poseidon taor
    Verde(L) Bella Poseidon Emma Stella

    Open to any tips and suggestions as long as they don't include monsters that I have not listed above

    Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help
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    Hi TGoncalves790 pretty sure you have researched already about the basic DB10 team
    -----> Verde(L), vero, bella, MEGAN + 1
    - so, i'm guessing.. you think u will be wasting tiome to build megan, am i right?
    - Think about this, Megan is recommended for a very good reason. Because he makes the run stable by Atk bar nuff + def buff + atk buff..+ she help remove immunity.

    yes, emma can replace Megan (if you have good runes already on other monster)... you can try...
    -----> Verde(L), vero, bella, EMMA, + Stella (or Taor, or Sig, or Posiedon)
    - that same team works ok for my test run, safe.. a bit slower vs my megan composition test run
    - if the team works for you, great... but if not.. consider making Megan

    Good luck!


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      Verde Vero Bella Megan +1 (Taor is very nice here but so is Sigmarus)

      I would 6* Bella and Verde otherwise too squishy.


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        Verd, Veromos, Belladeon, Megan + 1DD (Taor or Poseidon)

        Poseidon --> safer, slower (can eat up to 20 sec due to slow animations)
        Taor --> less safe, faster (probably your best option, but Idk your rune quality)

        The safety difference between these two is not that big.

        Towers: SPD 5%, HP&DEF 6%, CD 8%, ATK 6% - minimum recommended (by me; not a standard)

        I wouldn't fuse Sigmarus if I was you.