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Breaching trough GB10,DB10

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  • Breaching trough GB10,DB10

    Hello Guys,

    I want to get trough GB10/DB10 in the near Future. I want to be most effective with my mons that are already max lvl and only level to 6* if u say its totally needed

    My plans sigmarus next 6* after him bella

    Megan ,Bernard, Chasun ,Spectra (for Verdehile) hot candidates?

    Maybe you spot an other mon in my sotrage/collection
    For 3*/2* I didnt want to spam this with my photos but mention them.

    Would this team be reliable, safe and efficient for
    -Vero 6*
    -Bella 6*
    -Poseidon 6*
    -Sigmarus 6*
    -bernard 5*

    -Vero 6*
    -Bella 6*
    -Sigmarus 6*
    -Megan 5*
    -Poseidon 6* or (Spectra 5*or Bernard5*?)

    thanks in advance
    The given situation. Maybe an easy obtainable team.
What do you guys think?
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    Well, those line up will surely work for me at all 6* ,, but for starting team,.. that team might not be as reliable as with my runs... reason is rune quality

    For starting GB10 and DB10, is always best to Go basic

    - Vero, bella, bernard, shannon + 1

    - if no verde, can go ... Sig, vero, bella, megan, spectra
    - when u get verde, will be.... Verde , vero, bella, megan, sig

    - fuse baretta and 6* Chasun, for TOA/H.. and build mav too
    - Posiedon is great here

    Good luck!


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      I dont know why I should use spectra over Poseidon
      -Poseidon got elemental advantage
      -My Poseidon is max skilled so 3rounds Cooldown on maelstorm (which you didnt know cuz I dont mentioned it)
      -Spectras sk1,Sk2 is just damage
      -Poseidon could transfer continous damage to dragon

      For Gb10
      Poseidon and Megan could replace shannon
      Im just in the lack of Speed buff of bernard


      • BigDaddyToe
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        Oh you are right, Posiedon is great for TOA/H... and Spectra, is mostly for boss killer. Specially for floor 100
        - i prefer Spectra on some boss stage
        - i use Posiedon in full auto TOA normal ...sometimes in hard, why sometimes, well, i mostly use baretta, mantura, spectra, woonhak +1 team in hard

      • Drandip
        Drandip commented
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        Spectra can dish out 21k+ damage on bosses. Mine does over 29k. Poseidon can't.

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      Megan is for spd team. I highly recommend shannon.

      Spend 30000 energy on gb10 before going db10.
      Don't go vio unless over 170 speed.

      Vero bella Bernard... Chasun? Poseidon.
      Spectra s2 is huge nuke on bosses and s3 aoe slow aoe bar reduction is great skill. I dont knoe Poseidon skills tbh. But you devilmon Poseidon? To reduce s2 s3 cooldowns. And is he on atk or hp build? Cant go both. Toa needs hp build. Farming and gb10 db10 would be faster on atk build.


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        Poseidon is on atk vio but could rerune for better performance no ussue with that.
        je poseidon vero bella bernard megan max skilled
        sigmarus 3skillups left


        • BigDaddyToe
          BigDaddyToe commented
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          my Poseidon is set on Despair, imo is more effective.