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Do I have the proper monsters for a GB10 run?

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  • Do I have the proper monsters for a GB10 run?

    I think that I am gathering a good amount of decent monsters, but not sure of I have the right ones for a dungeon run.
    please let me know what you think is good and what I should focus on improving


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    i would 6* a damage dealer that would help 6*ing more monsters in the future
    after which you should start working in fusing veromos (dark ifrit)
    vero bernard megan bella + 1 (support if its hard to survive and damage dealer if you feel like you should be able to survive as is)

    p.s moving to guides and tips
    this sub forum is meant for suggestion new features for the game or buff/nerfs for mosters


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      GB10 basic teams ("shannardeon" or such) need a fast cleanser to remove that pesky defense break from the crystals. Konamiya is slow and has cooldown, cannot replace Veromos.

      Better farm runes at your highest safe spot for now (GB5, GB7, GB8?) while working on the dark ifrit fusion. Meanwhile you may awaken and 6* your Water Magic Knight for farmer (and she is a great overall monster, with tons of uses).


      • Stvevan
        Stvevan commented
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        Of course Kona can replace Vero. Kona was used before Veromos came along.
        That being said. Vero is easier to use in gb10

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      Who would you suggest is being the best damage dealer? Sorry new to this.


      • Mix Thorngall
        Mix Thorngall commented
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        I think he is referring to the "farmer", "a monster that would help 6*ing others". So the Water Magic Knight is a good option for now.

        You have nice "damage dealers" (properly, monsters which hit hard) like the Fire Neostone Fighter or the Wind Panda, but they require better runes you can get later in game.

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      6* lapis to farm

      Fuse vero and 6*.
      gb10 vero bella Bernard shannon +1. Lapis builds hit counter which I don't like. Dias darion chasun is safe but slow. What you really need is a good wind or water dd imo. Is water nine tails good? Chilling has triple hit s1 not good. Sig ftw!!

      Megan also works but I dislike her for starter gb10. Shes more spd gb10 and starter db10.


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        I dont even know how you can farm gb10 (if you do) . Fuse Vero, 6* Megan (you will need her in db10, so use her on gb10 in replacement of shannon), Bernard and Darion


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          Vero (L) + Shannon + Bernard + Bella + Darion should do... but like others said, you want to fuse Vero, and 6* Lapis as your Faimon farmer (totally worth it in long run)...

          Kona can replace Vero, but the extra time you spend on B8 to get enough runes to make up for not having Vero is not really worth it...

          Mean time, if you want to start farming B8 to get ready, you can use: Shannon+Bernard+Bella+Darion+Colleen...


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            I build just build for my brother’s acc a giant b10 team week ago like this and work quite well:
            Veromos 6* (L): max skill 1 should have above 45acc and sp+80+
            Belladeon 6* :
            Bernard 5*
            shannon 5*
            Dias 6*:
            90% success rate. Need to improve runes more.