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  • Help for Cairos Dungeons Teams

    Hey Guys, I really need your help for Cairos Dungeons Teams.

    Here is my Monster Box:

    It would be very nice, if you can tell me possible Teams for a fast GB10, DB10 and maybe a beginning NB10 Team.

    Thank you.

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    Hi comiczZ

    6* galleon

    Spd GB10 team
    ​​​​​​- Lapis, Galleon, Lyn, hreasvlg, orochi.
    - when you get Lushen, can replace Lapis lead
    - is really not a waste to 6* Lapis, she can be used in NB10 and Firt Rift
    -check this out for some helpful idea
    GB10 Progression (from basic to spd team)

    DB10 team
    - i feel you are not ready for a fast DB10 =P
    - now, sory to ask, what is your reliable DB10 team?
    NOTE: when you get Verde, then you may have a good chance.. for now, do some basic team first
    - Vero, Bella, megan, Sig, Spectra

    - Lapis, Hwahee, shiwha, hwa + 1
    trail runs..
    - Lapis, Hwahee, shiwha, hwa + panda
    - Lapis, Hwahee, shiwha, hwa + coleen
    - Lapis, Hwahee, shiwha, hwa + bella
    - Lapis, Hwahee, shiwha, hwa + orochi
    - Lapis, Hwahee, shiwha, hwa + Lisa

    Good luck


    • comiczZ
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      Okay, thank you!

    • comiczZ
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      Do you think I should give Lyn my Brandia Runes?
      Brandia has:+4676 HP | +1106 ATK | +149 DEF | +7 SPD | 58% CR | 209 CD% | 29 RES% | 23 ACC%
      Yeah I know... my Brandia is veeerrryyyy slow, but du you think those runes are better on Lyn?
      Lyn has a base speed of 102 , that means she would have 109 spd... that is soooo bad.

    • BigDaddyToe
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      wait till FRR day so u can test exchanging runes.
      Sometimes i do that depending on my target plan for the month.
      For example, way bafck when i don't have enough runes yet... i did one month rune farming in DB10, so, i put all good vio runes on Stella and rage to Lyn.. after a month.. i return their runes to respective monster..

      I still do, like last month, i 6* Arang and borrowed my kobold bomber Vio runes atk/atk/atk... Arang did prety good on NB10 and GB10.

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    a small addition to what BigDaddyToe posted

    in gb10 if you feel like your spd team is failing a bit too often - try replacing laika with on of the DD
    it will make the run a bit slower but will probably have a better success rate - laika can usually take on boss by himself from a certain point (need to be vamp laika though)


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      it's harder to build DB10 speed team than GB10 speed team coz the immunity tower..

      Galleon is a must for DB10/GB10 speed run, Verde is vital for DB10 but some people able to replace him somehow..
      as for reference here is my speed team:
      Lushen (L), Teshar, Galleon, Bernard, Xiao Lin
      not 100% success run, but i forgot when the last time it failed, very stable at 1 min run

      Verde (L), Chilling, Galleon, Tarq, Yaku
      over 90% success rate, around 1.20-1.30 run.

      NB10: (this is not a speed team, but i quite satisfied with this team for now)
      Lushen (L), Feng Yan, Xiao Lin, Rigel, Collen
      over 95% success rate, around 1.40-2.00 min run

      there are some nat5 on my team but those is replaceable ..
      you can replace Teshar with another Lushen or another wind/water damage dealer and you can replace Feng Yan with Fire Panda.

      speed run is basically about nuking, you need a lot of damage, Att Buff & Deff break is a must otherwise you won't deal much damage.
      GB10 is quite easy to debuff since he doesn't have immunity but DB10 is quite tricky since there are immunity on the boss, you'd want to deal as much as damage while the boss don't have immunity.

      i think you don't have the monsters & rune quality for a speed team, stick with the safe team, get at least around 2.30 min run on DB10 & GB10, improve your rune quality and slowly shifting to a speed team. i did hundreds of fail run just to make a stable speed DB10 team, so keep trying & learn from failure.


      • comiczZ
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        Thank you, that was very helpful!