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4 Monsters GB10 "semi Speed" team. Runes + Exp on one place

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  • 4 Monsters GB10 "semi Speed" team. Runes + Exp on one place

    Guys, I just made this team and wanted to share it with you.

    It is a very consistent 4 men GB10 fast team. Times are about 1 minute but the good thing is that it allows you to farm experience on the fifth spot at the same time that you farm runes. That way you can get the most out of your energy, and thus out of your crystals.

    If you are pay to play and can afford enless summons and crystals, then this team is not for you, you are better off with an actual spd team with clears bellow 50-45 seconds (or even 30 seconds in some cases). But if you are buy packs ocassionally like myself or are free to play, then this team may add some value to your current runs.

    It is very important for this team to work that all the skills should be maxed. Because you want to get as close to 100% success rate as possible, if you cannot do that, then dont run this team because you will be wasting resources.

    The team:

    Lushen, Orochi, Galleon, Lushen/your best DMG dealer. In my case I use Lagmaron because I have only one Lushen.

    Hope this helps you guys. Rune requirements are above average though, so this is for people that already have consistent spd teams.

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    Hi Caladbolg4X ... i have a similar post im still working on.. done already and i will post in couple mins .. but mine is using 3 monster + 2 fodder

    I tried your team pattern and is effective Thanks for sharing...
    but since I have no Lagma, i have to replace with another.... i have .. LAPIS! haha

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