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Lets Talk about Siege Battles Part 1 (guide for all)

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  • Lets Talk about Siege Battles Part 1 (guide for all)

    Hey guys,

    I had some awesome guild battles these past weeks, won some, lost some (in fact we lost one by 9 points), so I gathered some useful info that can help most of you who dont know how to place your defenses.
    I made this video to explain it, mostly how to place your defenses and some key units in siege.

    Key points:

    1) Build a Rina
    2) Place only good defenses, if cannot rune your monsters well, then let other team mate place his defense instead, if you place a weak defense its like giving points away. I only placed 3 defenses and I have over 60-70 well runed six star monsters. But my main defense (Khmun, Icares, Betta) drew 13 successful defenses in a row.
    3) Try to avoid placing single element defenses unless they are light and dark. They tend to be very easy to counter.

    Hope this helps you guys and let me know if you have a particular inquiry on siege mechanics.

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    One OP defense I faced and forgot to share is Garo, Teon, Racuni. I cannot express how annoying racuni and teon are together, they revive every other turn and synergise so well with Garo, giving him turns and spd and atk buffs.


    • Jackxpn
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      Bring Ramagod to take some hits from Garo, and Clean shot Teon first.

      Bring a Bulldozer or Tractor to counter Garo. Or just nuke it down with Avaris. Quite easy to counter in many ways.
      Most people just lack decently built nat 4 and under.

      But imdo agree that they synergize really well.
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    • Caladbolg4X
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      You are right about ramagod, also about a copper bulldozer, it is easy to counter the first time. In fact I killed it with galleon and two other water nukers. But the second time I faced it, I did not have my copper team nor did I have my main monsters, so it was a nightmare to face, and the runes on those monsters were very good too, both racuni and teon were well over 230 spd each and with garo lead racuni was a pain.

      The point of most siege defenses is not being good the first time you face them, but being good later on, when your main monsters are gone.

    • Cypher505
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      This is the point that many people I don't think have gotten yet; make the enemy utilize their best monsters and then your defenses for later will be hard to counter.

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    I think it makes sense to only make formations that are well thought of and with monsters that are runed well but sometimes its necessary to have some comps that just look scary too. Some of my players in my guild are not that high ranked & so I may put in a team that may not be that strong because their Bernard is slow but will make another player waste their best monsters so they can't use them later. It's really about having at least 1-2 good anchor teams on tower I feel is really important and then it's about attrition.


    • Caladbolg4X
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      That is a great strategy! Sometimes you dont have the resources and you have to play with what you have.

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    Also one very important thing for when you dont have many strong guildmates is to spread the most op defenses on different towers. It is pointless to put your best defenses on one tower and then lose all the rest.

    In my case my 4 star defense is doing very well and there is another guildmate with an op 4 star defense, so we never place those two defenses in the same tower.

    My defense made the opponents crash on it 13 times in a row and my guildmate's did about 10 to 12 times, we kept those towers alone with those defs and helped us get the points from thos towers for a lot of time.

    So spread your best defenses unless its a very particular situation where you need a tower to cut off the enemy to win the game.

    BTW my guild made it ot G3 in siege last week. But we will be making a new guild today since our most op players are on holidays so we will be staying in Challenger ranks this week. It will be so much fun =)