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Lets Talk about Siege Battles Part 1 (guide for all)

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  • Lets Talk about Siege Battles Part 1 (guide for all)

    Guys, many of us have experienced siege battles so far and most likely all of us have lost one. I am lucky to have two accounts (one is free to play) so I have faced many different guilds and I noticed several mistakes people tend to make when they play guild siege.
    I made this video to talke about the first part of siege, which is building our defenses. I explain why I have only 3 defenses built even though I have over 60 decently runed six star monsters.

    I hope this gives you some ideas on what to build and what to aim for when building it.

    General tips:

    1) Build a Rina
    2) Dont build single element defenses (unless they are light or dark)
    3) In siege defense a draw is a win