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  • Siege Wars Defense

    In the last SW, my guild encountered a defense of Eshir, Jultan & Chasun.
    All on Will runes and Shield.

    One of my guild m8s did Copper 45k’ish dmg on Eshir and it wasn’t even close to dying.

    How do I counter this 4* max defense?

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    Up! Need some help here.


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      well its not perfect but if u can build a tanky team of your own with destroy runes it could win such a comp (will be a long battle but you should win)


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        I would Copper Jultan, Dozer Chasun and kill eshir afterwards. But my copper does over 55k dmg without defense lead, because it is very well runed.

        Other solution would be bringing Delphoi Lead, copper, imesety or Delphoi Lead, Emma, Copper.

        Otherwise you can go with a bruiser team of your own, simply ignore Jultan until the end, bring Trevor, Belladeon (this one will tank jultan so you can focus on the others) and another healer/immunitizer and thats it. Just armor break the eshir, kill it with trevor, armor break chasun and kill it next, finally armor break jultan and do the same. The rebound dmg from Jultan's passive will help your trevor to reduce his health and thus increase his dmg.

        Hope this helps you.


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          Editing a comment
          Thanks for the input. I recently got a Trevor but it needs to be on Vampire right?

          Trevor Bella Emma perhaps?