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[Siege] What's your effective 3 monster Def teams

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  • [Siege] What's your effective 3 monster Def teams

    hi guys,

    I actually in need of guidance for effective 3 monster Def teams.. i'm not really good with this... need good idea on what to set up for my own... so what is your tested team that have success in defending in siege?

    For me, I have some good successful defensive results from this basic teams
    - Vero, Bella, Verde
    - Theo, Velaj, Chasun

    on my alt, surprisingly
    - Lapis, Hwa, Bella

    We are farming guild, not expecting too much of high ranking, still looking forward to improve my own def.
    Your input here will be appreciated.


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    Khmun, orion, theo or khmun, orion, garo/trevor/a four star dmg dealer are good teams for 5 and 4 stars towers respectively.

    geminy, orion, wind assassing/trevor/any good dmg dealer is a good team too

    garo, racuni, rina is also very good (troll) defense but needs a fast racuni.

    So many options to go. But there are some key units like khmun that really shine in siege


    • BigDaddyToe
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      i have those monst but no runes yet... been focusing on PVE an strip their runes... maybe this is a good time to re rune them back. thanks for the info ^_^

      i guess garo on Vamp
      your khmun, what's his build bro.. Vio or Swift? spd/hp/hp ?

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    I went Vamp on Garo.

    My Kmuhn is swift HP/HP/HP. But I would go Vio if I could. I just dont have the runes for it.


    • BigDaddyToe
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      thanks Calad
      - my Garo on Vamp is showing to be a good choice for me that I have 6* him... just need to max lvl 40
      - my Khmun is also on Swift, but spd/hp/hp.. he will be ready on next siege =)
      thanks again ^_^

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    very solid def is Khmun Chasun Theo, it need a specific units to handle such team and of course even if your defeated put them back as soon as possible, they will not have the team eventually to face them again


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      A team that catches people off guard is Gemini(despair), Aria(despair) and Verde(violent). it wrecked me with the constant CC and turns they took. I started to use it and got a lot of wins from defense lol. Need to have a 100% CR Verde for it to work.


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        Khmun Bella Hwa won me 1 out of 1 defense from last SW.


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          gemini, orion, x is quite good
          x can be almost anything (garo, carrack, lucas, trevor, fei) literally anything will work


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            My best 4* defenses have been:

            Delphoi / Copper / Basalt
            Kuhmn / Groggo / Racuni
            Galleon / Bernard / Lushen

            Veromos / Stella / Colleen has also done surprisingly well on the non-4* bases

            Our guild ranges between C2-C3 in siege


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              khmun greggo mantura. Got me 10 win in a row from last siege battle. But this probably because i am in farming guild fight with mid rank guild.
              Other defend that work for me are
              Xingzhe chasun theo
              Hwa bella verde
              Eshir rina dias


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                Galleon, Bernard, Julie (4*) - has gotten 18 wins this week across the two wars, and held base both times till end.
                Khmun, Theo, Chasun (well obviously)
                Gemini, Orion, Hwa been getting some wins also.


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                  Khmun / Hrungnir / Orion (the best, thank's rng)

                  Feng Yan / Theomars / Racuni

                  Chiwu / Verad / Rakan


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                    Were you looking for advice, or just about our effective 4* siege defenses.

                    My BEST team which has gotten 7-10 def straight success at times (lower G1 rank) is my Amarna (L) Frigate, Icares. Amarna is 200 speed vio shld, overall amazing stats, 33K HP. The Frigate is my fastest monster @ 300spd, with over 20K HP and 89 res, and the Icares is Vio Will, with over 40K HP, high res, and decent def and speed.

                    The best teams are designed to through people off. The two teams you mentioned are pretty solid. The best way to improve your teams is to give them even better runes. For the Vero team, did you want him to go first, or make bella go first to land strip, and vero aoe stun? Speed tuning makes that a really good defense.

                    My strongest "throw-off" team is not a "f2p" team....... atm it's Seara Celia Ariel. The Celia is also 300spd, so she gets turn 1 strip. I want to replace Ariel for a Racuni. The Seara is 30K HP, 200spd, vio will. I want a vio Racuni, but I am stuck with a Nem Will Rev build.
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