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Who should I 6* now?

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  • Who should I 6* now?

    I recently 6* Vero Lushen and Sig and now I can do 95% GB10 auto in 3 minutes..
    I'm going to farm the next month or so to improve my runes.
    I can only do toan till floor 50.

    I don't know who should I 6* next (have till tomorrow to complete the event).

    I don't know if I should focus on TOAN or try to do DB..

    Can someone help me?

    I will attach my mobs ​​​
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    Hi Enato

    My recommendation:
    - Hathor for PVP.. and TOA/H and
    - if you choose hathor, can use in some hard floors

    - Spectra for DB10 and TOA/H
    - if you choose spectra, can help in TOA boss staged... and in prep for making a DB10 team

    - lapis, will help in over all, GB10, DB10, NB10, TOA

    - Galleon, can help make GB10 faster farming

    Good luck!


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      IMO, you should start building a Dragon team. ToA only comes around once a month, you always need to farm dungeon for runes. Like BigDaddyToe stated, work on Spectra, Lapis or Galleon they can all help in GB10. Megan probably works better for a starting team instead of Galleon but not sure if you want to grind her all the way to 6 star.


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        I would 100% go spectra. For toa and your future dragons team


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          And what about Mav vs Spectra??
          I'm fusing a baretta right now


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            I would NOT 6* Spectra, simply because he doesn't need the upgraded stats for his role. He's not supposed to get hit anyway, so that's a waste of 5* food.
            I've been farming ToA and ToAH f100 with a 5* swift spectra with no issues so far.

            Mav is a high ToA/ToAH staple, so he is a good candidate.
            Aegir can be used in DB10, and now in Guild Siege as well, so he's also a decent choice.
            Lapis is now a really good monster to 6* as a F2P player, mine farms Faimon in ~20-35 secs with spare fatal runes, and she can be used in both GB10/DB10/NB10.
            Galleon will be 6* at some point, so hes another choice.


            • Enato
              Enato commented
              Editing a comment
              I already 6* Lapis.
              I don't really use aegir, should I start to?

              So maybe I should 6* mav now?