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My Free to play Account progression in 11 months

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  • My Free to play Account progression in 11 months

    Hey guys, I leave this video with the progression of my FTP account. Many of you can surely relate to it.

    Right now I moved on to Necro B10 because I sixstarred Fuco due to the event. My current team is: Theo (L), fuco, fire panda, colleen, seara
    The trick to necro B10 are Vio and Revenge runes with monsters that have multi-hit skills.

    I did this because I find myself struggling with mana to +15 all my runes, and Necro is the best place to farm mana. Since this account is FTP I have to make the most out of each energy I spend, so a stable necro team is the best I can do to farm mana. And at the same time I will be getting the PVP runes that I need to enjoy the game more, because I like to do a little of both, PVE and PVP.

    Also whith Fuco I now could SS the Water Rift, which I will not keep doing until I finish my next step: Guild Wars Copper/Dozer team.

    My next step is to sixstar Copper and Bulldozer. I was lucky enough to pull Imesety from a daily wish, so now I dont have to save the summoning stones for a nat 4. That means I can save for Tiana week, or maybe the current Lushen week to improve my GB10.... I will decide that later this week =)

    I want to be stronger in Guild Wars, since new GW content is comming and I want to be ready.

    Remember one thing guys, before 6 starring a monster make sure you have runes for it. I see lots of pple with lots of 6 stars with poor runes. Focus more on dungeon farming than scenario farming, that is the way to progress in the game.

    Account summary after 11 months:

    Six Star monsters: 22
    Giants best time: 57 seconds
    DB10 best time: 1:54
    NB10 best time: 1:49
    Toan: clear
    Toah: over 60
    Raid: R4
    Arena: Fighter 3 every week
    RTA: Fighter 3 currently (going down to F2 soon jeje)
    Arena Towers: Spd lvl 9, the rest avrg lvl 5
    GW flags: Atk lvl 7, Crit Dmg lvl 7, hp lvl 3, def lvl 4

    Hope this helps and/or entertains you!!