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  • Consistent db 10 speed team!

    Guys, I am so happy because after yesteday's FRR I managed to build a DB10 team that is consitent and fast.

    So far I did over 100 runs with cero fails. However, the team may fail and was about to a couple times, winning only thanks to Theo's endure.

    The team is:

    Verde (L), Theomars, Galleon, Tarq x 2.

    I managed to make it more consistent due to the particular rune sets and spd tuning, the average time is 1 min and 5 seconds. Best time 49 seconds.

    Basic rule 1: Crit rate on your water nukers should be about 85% (with the 15% bonus from your elemental advantage it goes to100% and thus it is very consistent)

    Basic rule 2: Galleon goes first, Verdehile goes last, nukers go in between. But that doesnt mean your team should be slow, they should be as fast as you can make them

    Basic rule 3: Galleon derps, he derps a lot, so Violet sets give us a chance for him to derp once and correct it with an additional turn, or gives him the chance to derp twice lol. Also Vio is great on Tarqs because it helps them use skill three and skill two more often, and this helps a lot with the consistency of the runs. I cant even begin to tell you how it changed the overall consistency of this team when I went Vio on Galleon and one Tarq (previously Galleon was double Fight/broken and Tarq was swift with high dmg).

    Monster runes:

    Verde: Vio/Rev, he should be the last monster to move, in my case his spd is 165, so that is the slowest monster in my team
    Theomars: Vio/Will (I recommend Vio/Fight if possible or Vio/Revenge). The goal is to deal as much dmg as possible.
    Galleon: Vio/Fight. The goal is to have at least 55% accuracy and as much dmg as possible with some survaivability (aka hp and defense).
    Tarq 1: Vio/Blade. Same as theomars. (if you can do VIO/Fight then its better).
    Tarq 2: Fatal/Blade. This is my hardest hitting Tarq, but I would deffinitively go Vio if I could. Again I recommend Vio/Fight if you can do it.

    I leave you a video I made with some runs and more explanations. Check it out, it is worth it.

    Hope this helps you.

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    nice, thanks for sharing.

    i happen to 6* a 2nd Tarq with no plan.. can't think of any to 6* way back hehe.

    did sample run, yeah.. works great... and my 2nd tarq have scrap runes haha.. how much more if rune well
    i tested with theo, Stella, and Lyn ... pretty sure other mons can replace Theo in that team.


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      So Tarqs are the answer for DB10? I may build a couple, but still need the runes for them.


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        2 Tarqs are good, but you really do need good runes to pull that off. I tried the same lineup this weekend, and it wasn't reliable enough for me. I couldn't get everyone at 85% crit though, and keep speed or CD high enough (without sacrificing every other aspect of the game). Most of my mons were around 70ish CR range and I just couldn't quite kill the dragon before he got immunity. Also, my Verde is 10 speed slower than Caladbolg4X, and so are likely the other mons.

        Anyway, I went back to my old team of Verde, Galleon, Spectra, Tarq, Theo. 1:00 - 1:30, so not too bad.

        My Galleon, Spectra, Theo are all on Vio, and ofc Verde is Vio/Rev. Tarq Rage

        Darkocean my 2nd Tarq was my 70th 6* mon. Somewhere between 50 and 70 is probably about right, unless you just own the game already from all your massive Nat5's
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        • Caladbolg4X
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          Your team is very good. I tryed that on frr too. I ended up keeping the theo tarq x2 team becuase it is so fast and consistent and if I wanted to use spectra I had to lower its speed to be bellow galleon and I dont want to cripple my TOAH boss monsters.

          One important thing is that Vio runes on Tarq are game changing. Tarq is one if those monsters that, id he choses the right partners can take 20% or more if the boss with one skill (3 rd). And also can patch up the derps of his partners adding turns with verde or armor breaks with galleon and reducing the cooldowns. So getting the extra turn from vio runes can make the whole team more stable.

          Finally, I think you already have him on Vio, but Galleon really needs to be Violent here. He is a derping machine and needs the extra turns desperately

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        Originally posted by Darkocean View Post
        So Tarqs are the answer for DB10? I may build a couple, but still need the runes for them.
        for speed run option, yes.

        don't need to high rune requirement for Tarq....
        mine are not even great, but already working... not even on vio hehe
        i wll improve them next FRR for bigger dmg


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          I would always replace one Tarq by Stella, her skillset (fullskilled) is just great for DB10, especially if Galleon derps.


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            i have a very similar comp for dragon b10 for speed run, but mine doesn't work for a very simple reason:
            arena towers.
            Just showing your unit's runes is not going to do much if you do not show the towers.

            And this is important for everyone that chooses to build a speed team.
            Your rune requirements aren't the same as those in most videos if you do not have arena towers they are much much higher.

            So, instead of a 1 minute team, i had to settle with a 2 mins team (1.45 to 2.15), fully non farmable team.

            That being said, you got some nice grinds on your runes, good job


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              Yes guys. Towers are very important for this team.

              Also it is right that theo can be replaced by Lyn, Stella or other dmg dealers. This comp just happens to work wonders for me as they are and I strongly recommend to have at least one tarq on Vio runes.

              So far the team failed once in 150 runs or so. So it is very reliable.


              • Greagor
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                My towers are max

              • Greagor
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                I can make a team that works. I just have to steal runes from mons I don't want to deconstruct. I might do it next FRR just to see how fast I can make DB10 .
                Vio Galleon, Verde, Tarq. Rage Tarq, Rev/Broken Stella. I'll post back in a month LOL.

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              Caladbolg4X BigDaddyToe OK, yeah I swapped 2 runes on my Verde (slot 6 was HP instead of Atk), and put in my 2nd Tarq (who has 4 +6 Blue runes currently), and first run was a new best of :56! 5/5 successful so far. I'll rebuild this next FRR, but should be golden.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	20171108_132609.png Views:	1 Size:	385.1 KB ID:	1715217
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                Well if it works for you it can work for me. Sorry I can't watch video atm but wondering your glory towers calad?

                As for greagor ur in a whole different league of ur own with max towers so I can be more like bleh to that.
                Ill get my 2nd tarq soon, but went ahead with yaku and chilling 6ed recently. Stella max 5 has no skillups. Got Verde and galleon. Verde is vio blade because I got a radical blade slot 4 rune.
                Spd 7 Def 4 hp 3 cd 5, atk 3, water wind 2, fire 1.

                Lapis spectra Verde failed. Tower immunity still goes through.
                Ign suavesmight


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                  Here you go, either Stella or Theo works here just fine. One Tarq on rage, other on vio.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20171202-200322.png
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                  • Caladbolg4X
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                    Awesome man! Grats!! This was due to FRR, right? =)

                    Now lets burn crystals on refills!!

                  • Greagor
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                    Caladbolg4X Yes, re-runed Verde, Tarq2, and Stella yesterday. Working well