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HELP: 6star next ? DB10 team?

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  • HELP: 6star next ? DB10 team?


    I have problems sinds GB10. Everything was easy, just get veramos and.. indeed you nail gb10. But now everything gets more challeging.

    I have a real hard time building a DB10 team. Had a 1/50 succes rate with veramos(cleanser), chow( last man standing), juno( hp rcovery for all the invicebilety's), bella (healer), Mefan ( buffer, only lvl35...).

    Question is hwo to use and whats my next 6star to facilitate DB10, and TOA after. Click image for larger version

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    Hi kiljaan

    I feel that you are not yet ready.. having vero and bella at 6* is not enough... but don't worry you are in the right path... just need to plan ahead.

    1, Face team - need verde.. basic team ---> verde, vero, bella, megan + DD (sig or Chow)
    2. Right Tower + boss - need reviver + baretta ---> Baretta, vero, bella, megan(or kona, or any other support) + reviver(best Briand)

    hmmm I dont your lapis.. i hope you did not feed her ^_^
    not sure if you will like the idea but lapis is now a good monster for lots are including DB10... check this out ...
    LAPIS: your next best Verde (DB10 face team)

    Good luck!


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      Used to do right tower with baretta,vero, konamiya,+ 2 more... The water garuda helps in initial db10 tram as Vero tend to be not fast enough to solo cleanse.


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        Try with Bernard instead of Juno.
        even at 5* and elemental disadvantage, he's tanky and should be able to survive (Vero lead if needed)
        If with the additional Speed/ATB buff, Vero can solo cleanse, that should do until you get more suitable monsters.