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  • 1st R4-5 team

    Hi community

    I am woring on my 1st Raid 4-5 team.

    I now the stat req and at this point im trying to complete the team.

    I have this ones so far
    DIAS Dark Death Knight Heal Block Attack Break Defence Break Passive Dmg Reduction 30% ress Lead sill
    DELPHOI Wind Undine AOE Heal AOE Cleanse Spd Break Immunity
    MIHYANG Water Sky Dancer Glancing ATB increase AOE Heal AOE Cleanse Damage
    RAN Dark Rakshasa Spd Break Spd base Dmg

    I think I want to go with a 3 front line settup, and i now i am missing a branding effect, and perhapps another attack breaker, plus another healer and some good DPS

    But I dont have all that many units :S

    This is what I have in store, some built and some to be build, what would you add / Change ?

    Lushen 6*
    Bella 6*
    Copper 5*
    Diana 5*
    Kaito 4*
    Trevor 4*
    Fire Panda ( almost done fussing it )
    Sigmarus 5*
    Bernard 6*
    Camilla 6*
    Shimitae 4*
    Aegir 4*
    Chloe 5*

    Thanks for the advice

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    When moving on to raids, unless you got a really, really good reason, build a Colleen... She's mandatory for raid for 99.27% of the players here! She bring the two most important debuff in raid and a good and consistent heal that comes with Atk buff... And best of all, her skillup is free!

    Seriously, build one! =)

    After that, finish up the Panda and you should have a solid team to start with:

    F: Panda, Dias, Delphoi
    B: Mihyang, Ran, Colleen...

    Then, consider replace Ran with other dps you roll (popular choices are Hwa, XiaoLin, Theo...etc.). If your Mihyang's 3rd skill is not maxed or if her stats are not high enough, consider to use Bella temporarily...


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      I now that name woudl appear ;P he he i guess i have to build a collen, as this is a game i try to enjoy it, and i really dont lie the goofy units, collen, pinguin nights shanon, and dam. they are all needed ;P

      so i try to balance game play with units and overal game graphics, with are quite good :P

      but i end up having to build them anyways :P i do have a shannon and a MAV afterall :P

      but anyways i still have some leveling and awakening to do, probably ill start my raid next month. just getting them ready.


      • BigDaddyToe
        BigDaddyToe commented
        Editing a comment
        Yup u really nees coleen ^_^ dont worry shw is not a waste... can also be used in NB10.. dark and wind rift