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  • R1,2,3 guide

    I'm currently a midge player, I'm able to do R1 like most players but with mediocre monsters nothing specific. It would be nice of someone could make like a mini guide on the raids ( not r4,5), to like brief people
    any help would be appreciated tbh

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    Hi @madable

    Let me share my documented Raid history ...long time ago.. it started when I was still young... lol hehe here goes..

    Hmmm I have no record of my R1 and R2 because I did not do it till i finish my GB10 and DB10.. All i know is after I done GB10 and DB10... went to try R1 and is was easy, then R2.. manageable.. and R3 is the challenging part ....

    so I have documented my team stats survived on this...

    Tanks (Front line)
    - 900-1k+ Def recommended
    - 20k+ HP recommended
    Healer/support and atkers (Back line)
    - 800-1k+ Def recommended
    - 15k-20k HP recommended

    My first team in R3
    FL: Bella, Darion
    BL; Hwa, kona, coleen, Vero...... (vero or Hwa lead )


    Just use this R3 stats as guide... so if your monster can get close to them, means you can easily do R1 and R2

    BTW .. better to show us your monster invent so we can suggest better


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      I am being completely serious and not sarcastic or anything <- NO REALLY>

      the farming guide to R1, R2, R3 is improve your GB10 team and keep farming giants.

      in R3 your sinking a huge amount of time to gain green grindstones 90% of the time to give a very minor boost to average runes.

      For the same time invested, you could simply get better runes in GB10 that greatly exceed what green grind stones might have done.

      R4 has a minimum grade of blue/rare for grindstones, and to farm R4 you have good runes already so the time investment is worth it.


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        DOnt start raiding til you get to toa h 60.
        You should have 5 monsters on vio.

        Basic starter team, dias and xiong fei (fire panda fused) front. and back colleen, cleanser, dd and +1
        cleansers kona and lisa and anavel. mihyang, delphoi, velajuel (3) don't work as their cleanse is 4 turn. cleanser must be 190 spd and 60 resist vio.
        dd best is xiao lin, hwa and stella. Theo will get you kicked in r4. works in r3 though.
        +1 you can use bella, chasun, a 2nd cleanser.

        And I've always said to spend 30k energy on gb10 before going to dragons. those dragon 4* runes are total junk, minimum speed on vio runes for supports is 175 imo (people will say 160 rofl).

        I'd fuse sig before panda imo. Hopefully you pull verde and galleon. Raid also definitely needs a lot of resist (55%) fyi.


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          Konamiya also on Vio or could also be "only" swift?


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            Get Colleen.
            Fuse Fire Panda.
            Hopefully you got Dias from the recent HoH (if you chose him). If so, work on him.
            Bella of course.
            Two other monsters who should have utility in their skills.

            Advice for low raid: I havent been able to do this myself, but wish I could based on what I noticed from my limited Raiding. I would like to do more "pick up" raiding, but people don't do basics like get Colleen, Def breaker, good leads, etc. So I always with I had another Heal Blocker so it's on often. Also multiple "good leads" so you can switch lead depending on who joins you.

            Good Leads: Defense, Resist, Atk, HP, Crit (if plenty of attackers).