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  • Mihyang question

    So due to getting Mihyang last night from the LD pieces, I've been wondering would I be better off including her in my DB10 team as DPS compared to Sigmarus? Since she has support skills but can also dish out damage (I runed her fatal/energy for now), I was wondering would she work there just as well if I 6* + skill her? (The rest of my team would be Veromos, Belladeon, Baretta and Amarna - all 6* atm. And yes I'd do the tower tactics first.)

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    You got a water skydancer from L&D ? PogChamp
    And If you got time to kill Towers you can go straight for the boss. This tactic is so stupid just work on your runes first. It's not worth to farm db10 if it takes you more than 3 minutes

    Just do the standard team with Veromos Bella Sigmarus + 2. You can use Chilling,Verde,Megan,KFG,Theomars and whatnot. It all depends on what you have and your rune quality. In case you need a second healer you can run with Skydancers or even Colleen

    note: use ls for legendary scroll and ld for l&d to avoid confusion
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      She won't replace Sig for dps for your setup... Her 670 base atk (compare to Sig's 988) ensures she won't take over pure dps-ers' jobs... Not to mention Sig's damage-based-on-boss-hp skill...

      You shouldn't need more than Bella in healing department... so I don't see her having a place in your current DB10 setup...


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        She's not bad at all. Not super necessary and frankly you want to move off of supports as far as b10s go. That's the goal you should move towards.

        She IS good in raids though.


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          LD stands for Light Dark not LegenDary


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            hi @Ganesa IX

            For DB10.. i suggest simply building Megan.. she will help more in doing a straight to boss strategy ^_^

            As for Mihyang, I heard she is great for RAID, rune her with RAID build, then u can also try using her in DB10 if you really like to

            Good luck


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              For DB10, I wouldn't suggest Mihyang. Personally, I advise nuking it straight face if you have 2x AoE nukers and 1x AoE DEF breaker. I know, it is long term, but that's what you should be aiming at: other teams you should regard as a temporary solution.

              That said, I am very fond of Mihyang since she made ToAH93, the LeoRagdoll nightmare, a piece of cake: Mihyang (unskilled, fatal focus SPD HP ATK), Mav, a 5* Neal on trash runes, add to it Baretta and possibly another soft hit DoT and you are in for a free pass throught one of the worse nightmares of ToAH.


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                Thanks for all the corrections (my brains derped at the first post, my bad) and all the responses guys. So keeping Siggy in DB10 team, but certainly looking forward to the raid contents when I get to that point with Mihyang then. :3

                Now, I'll drag my ass back GB10 for some more farming!


                • BigDaddyToe
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                  haha good plan ^_^
                  have fun and enjoy farming