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What monster do I keep?

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  • What monster do I keep?

    Thank you for taking the time to help me I'm knew in the game (2-3 weeks) and completely free to play. I currently have too many monsters which is a good thing but, I don't know which one to keep and which ones are fodder

    Currently have two 5* mons and twelve 4* mons. I use all of them except for 3 mons. I'll list the ones who I don't know what to do with but I'll also list the monsters I use in case I have made a mistake of using them

    Don't know what to do mons:
    4* water howl, 4* light garuda, 4* water hellhound, wind serpent, light battle mammoth, fire inferno, water drunken master, wind living armor, wind mummy, light inferno

    Currently using mons:
    5*: water knight and fire inugami. 4*: wind pixie, wind griffon, water garuda, wind warbear, fire harpu, light vagabond, water fairy, fire hellhound, dark grim reaper

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    keep all light and dark monsters, water hellhound and wind living armor are great monsters for end game, not very useful at your level...


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      - try to get Bella in Sunday SD
      - some starting mons, worth building and will still used later on --> kona, shanon, bernard, coleen, water elephant, copper, darion
      - keep dark grim reaper, will later on be useful in TOA
      - u can use lapis as your farmer
      - focus on completing map scenario till Hell, this will level up your mons + some goodies from achievements
      - study and farm needed mons for fusing Vero

      there ^_^ a lot assignments to do... bu the time u complete this.. you might get stronger monster

      Good luck


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        Would also suggest keeping the fusion monsters. Especially the ones for Vero and Sigmarus. You should also farm any monthly secret dungeons coming up and try to get 50 pieces. There is a new fusion monster coming up and you may need them later on.


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          Keep all the light and dark monsters usually
          Keep water howl = good healer lulu
          Keep wind living armor = it's Cooper, such a good one!
          Keep Fire inugami = really good
          Keep wind pixie = Shannon is really useful
          Keep light vagabond = will help you to finish the Giant


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            Potato_Master, have you gotten the monster storage building yet? If so, I recommend storing any L/D monsters or nat 4* and above monsters in there if you don't use them. Such monsters are fairly rare, and if one gets buffed or turns out to be useful in content that comes out in the future, you don't want to end up regretting that you got rid of them.

            Likewise, if you've gotten the Fusion Hexagram building, take note of all the monsters that are used to complete the fusion recipes. If you have any of those, store them until you're ready to build them up for the fusion.

            Now then, on to the monsters that you've listed:

            Water Howl is an excellent healer for early game. He will eventually become obsolete, but for now you should find him useful. Wind Living Armor hits like a ton of bricks if you build up his defense, especially if you pair him with someone who can inflict a defense debuff. You should definitely keep those two.

            Water hellhound can be useful in DB10, but he is easily replaceable if you need the space.

            Water Magic Knight, fire Inugami, and water Fairy are all good monsters to have right now, who will most likely fall off in usefulness over time. That's okay, go ahead and use them right now. Wind Warbear is much the same - he is a safe choice that hits hard with his third skill and has decent survivability, but using him is very slow so you will probably eventually want to replace him.

            Wind Pixie is only so-so until you awaken her, then her third skill will make her very useful for awhile. She is especially good in the Giants B10 floor, because she inflicts two useful debuffs and greatly increases survivability. She's also easy to skill up, and easy to replace if you need to.

            Fire Harpu and wind Griffon will always be useful. Hold onto those two for sure.

            Dark Grim Reaper shines in Trial of Ascension, particularly on hard mode. Keep him around even if you find that you don't use him so much in day-to-day stuff.

            Fire Hellhound is useful early on because he hits hard, then falls off in usefulness because he's fragile. Then he kind of comes back in usefulness later because his third skill enables fast nuking teams.

            I personally am not a fan of the light Vagabond, but a lot of people find him worthwhile to keep around. If you can ever get your hands on a dark Death Knight though, he's better.

            I hope some of that is useful.


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              Thank you so much guys! I pulled a rather unexpected nat 4. A water vampire, and yup, don't know what to do with him. Some say he's okay, some say he's not worth it

              Based on my understanding, the fodder list goes as: Wind Serpent, Water Drunken Master, Fire inferno, Wind Mummy.

              Also, should I wait for a better monster to 6 star? Or should I just 6 star my tamor hard (raoq) or faimon normal (lapis) or just wait to farm Belladeon and 6 star him?

              All of your reply guys have been and are appreciated!


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                Water vampire is a skill-up for Verdehile if you summon him. To me he wasn't worth it at all, however keep him until then. You should wait for a better 6* monster. Leave Raoq on 5*, Lapis at 5*, Belladeon you will need to make a 6* regardless, along with Veromos