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Which of my monsters has the potential to be the quickest / most efficient farmer?

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  • Which of my monsters has the potential to be the quickest / most efficient farmer?

    Seems like the best candidates I have are:

    Theo (not skilled up)
    Water Humo (missing last skill)
    Beth (not skilled up)
    Rica (not skilled up)
    Raki (not skilled up)

    Couple others:
    Triton (fully skilled)
    Rakan (fully skilled)

    Currently I can farm with all of them it's just not fast. Which one(s) should I focus on?

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    Since you looking for AoE as Farmer: Single Target nuker are out of the Picture leaves us with Beth, Water Homu Rica.
    Next Point is usage elsewhere Rica is ToA only if you Play her as a CC for Arena shes hard to implement. Beth you can use nearly anywhere and Water Homu is more likely played as a CC kinda unit. Leaves me with BETH as you target good AoE + usefull in GW, Arena and stuff


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      Wrong section. :x

      Kalionys Skeletoon Dovahkiin I think this belongs in either the General section or the Guides and Tips section. ^^;


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        Agreed. This is for game suggestions not tips for your game progress.

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        Thx for the help

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      Theo --- mine is fully skilled can do 50 sec to 1 min
      Water Homie --- BDD max Devil + max upgrade - can do 20-30 sec.. some says can even do 15 sec depending on rune quality
      Rakan --- 1:15 min in Faimon, 1:45 ave in Chiruka.. depending on his mood doing counter collision ^_^
      - no idea on others
      - for fast farming,don't care about energy, go Water homie
      - for more EXP, budget energy, go rakan for more XP

      Conclusion: Water Homie BDD wins


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        Originally posted by BigDaddyToe View Post
        Water Homie --- BDD max Devil + max upgrade - can do 20-30 sec.. some says can even do 15 sec depending on rune quality
        I have two Water Homie friend reps that run Faimon in 12 - 18sec. One is on violent, the other is on fatal.

        Aside from farming Faimon, I use my Water Homie in toa/h, hoh, gb10, db10, fire beast raid; very useful in PVE.


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          I have a Beth (unskilled), Julie (full skill) and water homu as rep. Runes are decent but not very good.

          Julie's best is around 30s, Beth's best is 23s. Water Homu was better than Julie.

          As farmer I would go for Beth.


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            Thanks everyone.

            Looks like Water Humo and/or Beth. Beth needs a lot of skill ups so she might be my longer term project.


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              My Beth is fully skilled and has good runes.
              SOMETIMES she fails faimon hell 1.
              The average time is around 45 seconds.

              Fastest clear was: around 17 seconds
              Longest clear was: around 1 minute and 20 seconds

              Now, the reason her clears are seemly all over the place is:
              camera zoom on crits and 3rd skill, lowering the clear speed time
              beth refusing to use aoe despite having 1 or 2 aoe skills available
              food monsters attacking and using their stuff + camera zoom at times

              On manual I can clear it in around 20 seconds. I one shot hellhounds with 2nd skill, and sometimes even the inugamis (and she's on violent). So, With rage/fatal runes I could definitely 1 shot inugamis with 2nd skill more consistently, and she can kill the entire boss wave with 3rd skill if she lands def break of boss.


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                Fully skilled and Violent runed Beth and Water Homo BCC does Faimon Hell 1 in 15 sec auto. The key is not allowing the hounds/inus to move either by one shotting them or freezing them.

                When you bring fodder along, they take up precious seconds too.


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                  The good thing about Water Homie is that even your fodders don't get the chance to move if you can 1 shot everything... you complete the map in exactly 3 animations... =)

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                Water homie is great for clearing the 1st two waves at least in one shot, which means the fodder doesn't get to move which is I think what TheOneTwo meant.

                He needs good runes to do it, to be able to oneshot first two rounds with any skill. if you can do that with the first skill, you have 50/50 chance 3rd skill can one shot the 3rd round which leads to a 10 sec run time. My average is around 15-20 I think with fodder moving on 3rd stage.


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                  Water Homunculus... then follow by Beth... Lapis if you didn't feed her, maxed her skill, and have really, really insane runes... =)