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raids dps..? O.o

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  • raids dps..? O.o

    So since rng loves to stick it in my arse, I don't have xiao lin. I do however have two 5* hong hua, and food for a 6* and nothing else. I also have yet another dark bounty hunter. Considering my primary raid dps rn are seara and wind homie, should I build either? Worth?

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    I think, 2 DPS in Raid is enough (R4/R5)
    but if u like to add another DPS, my suggestion is HWA (if no Xiao Lin)

    Sorry, cannot comment on hong hua or dark bounty, never use them as I feel there are other better mons


    • FooJub
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      No hwa q.q and I was kinda looking for an alternative to seara

    • BigDaddyToe
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      i saw Jamie used in RAID by jewbgle couple months ago, i just feel his HP is low, but his skill looks great...ignore def and cleanse .. i guess if u can put some nice rune on him, he will work as DPS /Cleanser

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    Hwa and theo was my main dps for r4 and r5. Then i got xiaolin and replaced theo. Hwa is amazing with her procs. Just keep her cleansed and high speed


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      Stick with Seara and Wind Homie. Seara speed lead is way better than Hwa's leader skill.

      Maybe switch Wind to Fire Homie for more damage?


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        If you have another lead, remove Seara. I used to use her in my R5, but she cause way too much turn for the dragon to counter, she can durp and fail to land bombs 3/4 times in a roll and that will cause 6/8 turns with no damage. Especially when her bomb gets removed every jump so i end up taking her out.

        Other than her lead her kit is really bad for raid she fits more in a slower R5 run which have enough support and heal to last through a long 4th stage, if you are thinking of double/triple DD in your raid she will become a liability for sure.

        I think you should switch your Homie to fire Eruption for damage and go with Jamie or Hong Hua.

        But in terms of Hong Hua....I have one too but i am def waiting on Xiao Lin.


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          hong hua S3 is almost the same as Xiao Lin with 4 debuffs. Difference comes when dragon has more than 4 debuffs. Might still be worth trying if you have no one else worth 6'Ing