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Help me use Tarq in Rifts

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  • Help me use Tarq in Rifts

    Finally got around to 6'ing Tarq, and I see he's used a lot in rift raids. Where should I put him? Here's my current teams:
    Water - S/SS rank
    Front: Chasun, Bernard
    Back: Theo(L), Xiao Lin, Hellea, Water Homie

    Light/Dark -- A+ rank. I easily break 2mil damage, but can't kill the dragon. I have several options
    Front: Xiong Fei, Copper, Chasun, Bernard, Mav, Darion, Trevor
    Back: Theo, Xiao Lin, Water Homie, Sigma, Hwahee, Adrian, Verde, Ran/Hwa, Hellea, Julie

    I generally used Xiong Fei, Chasun on Dark, and Chasun, Bernard on Light.
    My best backling is Theo, Water Homie, Xiao Lin, Hellea (just for Brand). I've got some pretty good runes on Hwahee, and she's still not worth using in Dark because I don't really have another multi-hit tank.

    Any advice?

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    Mainly looking for light/dark help


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      Im at the same stage at you, and mostly I get S on all of them, never a double S, but I use wind homie on dark to make more damage and multihit, you can use your tarq on that composition.

      Dark Beast
      Front: Xiong Fei, Chasun/Darion/Trevor
      Back: Theo, Xiao Lin, Hwahee, Tarq

      Light beast
      Front: Copper, Chasun
      Back: Theo, Xiao Lin, Sigma, Tarq


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        Thanks. What you listed there are pretty much my best lineups. I replaced Hellea with Tarq. Haven't gotten S with that though. My runes on Tarq need improvement, though I've got him at 180 spd at least. I should have made Trevor more tanky last FRR. He can't survive in stage 3 if Xiong Fei gets darkened.

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        I did end up using both Tarq and Hellea in water rift backline, along with Theo and Water Homie. Gets me SS most every time.

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      So close. I ended up replacing Hellea in every lineup. Just need slightly better runes for the kill.


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        Beat Dark.
        Front: Xiong Fei, Bernard
        Back: Tarq, Theo, Xiao Lin, Colleen

        Even with quite good runes on Hwahee, she's not as good as a fully skilled Colleen. Plus the multi-hit S1 from colleen is nice


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          Light defeated.
          Front: Chasun, Bernard
          Back: Tarq, Theo, Xiao Lin, Water Homie.

          Just had to grind some runes.