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    I started SW about two months ago and I have been reading and watching everything I could find about the game. I think I start to get a good idea of how the game works, but I am kind of stuck at GB9. I can auto it 95% with vero(L) 5*, Hwa 6*, Shannon 5*, Bernard 5* and Bella 5*. Hwa is the key of my success. I was afraid that being fire dungeon, bernard and shannon will get wrecked but Hwa is able to clean everything fast enough to keep them alive. Clear time ~3 min.

    When I try GB10 with the same team, Hwa is killed usually before the boss at stage 3 or 4 and then the boss destroy the rest of my team. The problem is that with Hwa being at element disadvantage, she glanced most of the time and do not deal enough damage. With this setup, I am not sure if I will be able to clear GB10, even if I 6* the rest of my team. I can either change Hwa for a wind attacker (my best would be Ardella, Arang or Aeilene at this time), but I need to 6* the rest of my team to make sure they survive OR...I can start to build a speed team while I farm better rune a GB9.

    For a speed team I was thinking of Hwa, galleon, Julie but I need two more. Relevant monster (except fire) I have:

    Sekhmet (just pulled her)

    Dice magician (wind)
    Succubus (water)

    Do you think I have in my list two mons that could be used in a speed team? I was thinking of Woochi, Fei or Hraesvelg.

    If not, which one would be the best attacker in replacement for Hwa in GB10?

    Thanks for your help!

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    your current gb9 team is a different story in gb10 being water. since you are new, you should build a base gb10 team b4 considering a speed team


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      Thank you for the reply.

      From what I read, beside Hwa my team seems pretty standard for GB10. Vero (L), Shannon, Bernard, Bella. If going for a speed team is not an option, which one of my mon should I use as replacement for Hwa? I tried to replace her by Ahman but while I can get to the boss (slooooowwww) I do not deal enough damage and loose at the boss.


      • xaviertkk
        xaviertkk commented
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        It is an option provided your team is strong enough. I guess to start with a speed team isn't quite an option for any of the new starters to any dungeon. Most speed team are forgoing heal etc...they rely on very strong and fast attacks to bring down the boss avoiding dmg received. When we are new to that particular dungeon, this would not be a viable option. You can conside Darion whom would help reduce dmg from the boss and add a def break function. Do give him HP to survive as his passive doesn't cover himself.

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      If you're dying to the boss with vero bella bernard shannon, + 1 you probably are missing either speed, hp, accuracy, or skillups.


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        I guess I need more HP... Accuracy does not seem to be a problem and they are all but Vero at max skill.


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          Try Darion. My first team was Darion plus your base 4 all need to be max skilled vero 170 spd Bella 150 ish more than less. I think all mine had 45 percent accuracy team takes A WHILE like 4:30 but it works


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          If you want to go for a speed team I would try Vero (L), Shannon, Hraesvelg, Ahman or Emma, Dice Magician or Arang
          Vero - Swift/Energy - SPD/HP/HP
          Shannon - Despair/Focus - SPD/HP/HP or SPD/HP/DEF
          Hraesvelg - Swift/anything - SPD/CD/ATK or HP/CD/ATK
          Ahman - Swift/Blade - HP/CR/HP
          Emma - Swift/Energy - SPD/HP/DEF
          Dice Magician - Fatal/Blade - SPD/CD/ATK
          Arang - Fatal/Blade - SPD/CD/ATK

          This team should work if Vero, Hraesvelg, Ahman/Emma and Dice Magician/Arang are 6*. Shannon don't have to be 6*
          Later you are going to switch the most of your runes: Swift for Violent and later even Fatal for Rage.

          I hope I could help you!


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            Thanks for your help, I will look into that! Are Hraesvelg and dice magician any good? I have had them for a long time but never really play with them.


            • BigDaddyToe
              BigDaddyToe commented
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              As xaviertkk said above.. focus on basic standard starting team.. u can work on Hraesvelg and dice magician later on

              For now, lets talk about standard reliable auto GB10 ..
              this ----> Vero 6*, Bella 6*, Shannon 5*, Bernard 5* + 1 more
              that "1 more" can be a support or a damager.. ahman, darion, arang...
              both bernard and shannon can stay at 5*

              In prep for a reliable GB10... in your mons inventory.. you need to:
              - 6* both vero and bella.. and that "1 more"
              - Darion is a good candidate to 6* for that "1 more".. why? because he will help team survive more + gives def brk
              - Rune Vero and Bella with Vio.. min spd at 150.. 170 spd is ideal... swift is good also if no Vio
              - both bernard and shannon can stay at 5*
              - best build for shannon.. Despair.. hp/hp/def... sub stat spd.. she does not need to much spd as bernard suply the atk bar buff
              - bernard - very speedy on swift... spd, hp, hp(or def) ... at least 180 spd.. 200+ better...

              - slow safe team run... is always better ... than speedy team w/ low success rate..
              - later on.. u can work on making the speed team(you are not yet ready for this)

              Good luck and have fun

            • Gorben
              Gorben commented
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              Ok great thank you for the tips. I am not sure I want to invest much in Darion. I will 6* Vero and Bella and see what I can use as +1. I had very bad success earlier (B6 and above) with Arang because of the multi hits of s1.

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            I 6* Bella and swap my runes on FRR. I can do GB10 at ~ 90-95% now with: Vero (L), Bernard, Shannon, Bella, Hwa.
            Turns out my problem was the speed. I really underestimated how important it was. I swap the violent set off Vero and put it on Bella and increase the speed of Vero, Hwa and Bernard to 190+. Shannon is on despair and bella on violent. Works great. Bella on violent can keep Hwa alive through the first 4 stages.
            Thank you all for the suggestions!

            I still have some questions. My runs are really slow (~ 4'30"). Hwa is great for locking the boss, but I realized that even if she dies at the beginning of the boss stage I can still make it to the end (although my success rate drop to ~ 50%). Unfortunately, being fire she glances most of the time and does not deal good damage.
            I fused Sig last week thinking I would use him as Hwa replacement. It is now 5* lvl 35 (HP 9000, att 1600, DEF 700, CR 70%, CD 100%) but I am not impress by him. He is squishy as hell and does not even hit that hard. If I use him instead of Hwa, it makes successful runs slightly faster (~4') but my success rate drops to ~ 30-40% as most of time sigmarus does not pass the miniboss stage.
            I read everywhere that sigmarus is great for GB10 and DB10. I have the materials to 6* him. Is he really going to make a difference? Does he needs devilmon to be effective? This is a lot of devilmons, I would rather use them elsewhere (Sekhmet, Fei, Galleon, Julie, emma...).

            Thank you for your help!


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              Sigmarus is a good. He can increase your survivability and spd rate if runed well. Hes a good faimon farmer too so it will also speed up your leveling process.


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                5 Star Veromos shouldn't exist!
                Hraesvelg is a monstrous DD for GB10, Arena and GW. Embrace him!