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Guide to doing Raid 4 / Raid 5

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  • Guide to doing Raid 4 / Raid 5

    I wrote this guide for my guild members but I figured I might share with you guys as well. This is for safe run so if you want to speed run, this isn't for you.

    1. Get either a Darion or Dias, these guys will help reduce the damage. They should be front line and should NOT be on violent. Triple revenge is most optimal but you pretty much need

    R4 - 20k HP and 1k Def

    R5 - 25k HP and 1.5k Def

    The above are pretty much the requirements for raid frontliners in general


    2. Get a Colleen. Absolutely necessary. No buts. Get her. She can be used in both front line or back line but know that going spd/hp%/hp% is better for front line and spd/hp%/def. Again not on Violent. She will be need a very high base speed to make up for this so go around 220 speed if you can, and if you can, go as much revenge as possible. Attack break is very useful


    3. Get a cleanser. These guys should be the only ones of Violent. You want to cleanse as much as possible so violent will help reduce the cooldowns on the cleanse skill. You can have:

    1 cleanser that is on violent with 220+ speed or

    2 cleansers that are both on Violent but the speed requirements are cut in half for both

    Your cleanser must be on a 4 turn cooldown. Fedora is not useful here unless he is a secondary cleanser.

    They belong in the back line to reduce the chances of them dying.


    4. Healer. Self explanation, you want to survive, you get a healer. Fixed amount healers are best because they benefit def type the most. You can either heal 25% with bella or heal to 100% with Chasun. Depending on your rune quality so

    % based heals < Fixed amount heals

    Miyhang is best for this role as she double as a cleanser. Colleen is exception. Again, they should not be on violent so give them 220 speed, unless it's a cleanser healer like miyhang then she can go violent.


    5. A damage dealer. This is where it get's tricky. optimally, you will want your damage dealer on Vampire so that they can self sustain There are many ways you can rune them but the best way to follow this

    [RULE] If your DD cannot survive, replace an atk% slot on either slot 2 or slot 4 with a HP% for a backline damage dealer or Def% for a front line damage dealer

    Front line damage dealers are commonly ones with cooldown passives. Units like Xiao lin or Rakan if you have them. They must be on Vampire if you are using them as Front line

    AVOID VIOLENT DAMAGE DEALERS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. THEY WILL STEAL TURNS AND MAKE THE RAID BOSS ATTACK MORE POWERFUL. Only few exceptions like really strong DD that will speed up the rune like Seara who does ignore def damage or Mananananan who does crazy single target damage.

    Also speed scaling nukers are pretty good here. Again, they should be runed either vampire but can also be runed swift. Hwa is commonly used and her rune build is commonly spd/cdmg/hp with 81 crit since she has a 19% crit universal lead.


    6. Sixth one is whatever you feel lacking. It can be either a secondary DD or another tank. More front line means less chance of them dying so if your front line dies, add another one.

    If you don't have a unit with an important universal leader skill:

    RES / DEF / HP - For safer run

    Replace HP for CRATE -- For slightly faster run

    Xiong Fei AKA Fire panda is a good free def lead. Res and def are usually staple.

    Things to note:

    The most important debuffs that your team should have are:

    1. Atk break
    2. Glancing
    3. Def break
    4. Unrecoverable
    5. Attack speed slow

    You only need 15% accuracy since the raid boss has 30% Res.

    Do not be that one guy who just brings debuffs. Debuffs are nice but damage is also important as raid is not a dungeon you will want to attempt to sustain.

    70% res is most optimal because someone is bound to have a 30% res lead or a 41% lead. Res lead is a must imho.

    More front liners = less likely they will die. Effect runes < Stat runes.
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    Thanks, messed up the stat requirements as for it only having 30% res...then why does my seara with 61% acc miss like 7/10 bombs q.q


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      Thanks ^_^


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        ily skellies


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          so, is vampire better on hwa than violent? or is this just for Raid dungeons?


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            Im confused because 95% of people i raid with use mainly violent. even on DD. and majority of colleens are violent and not full revenge etc.
            so yeah i dont really get the guide. even 1.5k def seems low for R5
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            • Greagor
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              Probably because people don't want to build two Colleen, one for Raid and one for Necro. Also, 1.5k def might be including DR from Darion

            • Mahautsukai
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              Guide says, for safe, not speed. Probably your friends are above this.

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            If I use Fedora, how fast should Lisa be? Don't think I can make her 220, but should be able to get close to 200.


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              Updated with a few things. Colleen and Healers section


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                Awesome guide. I am going to follow it for building my first R4/R5 team. Thanks for posting this gem.


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                  have heard rumours of people using copper on front row, with a def buff (typically emma) with a def break on boss he can ignore def, even with vampire guard. thought would post this as he is easily obtainable


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                    If i cant farm Vampire runes, what should i run on water KFG ? And Hwa on swift is ok, right? Helpful guide, thanks for sharing.


                    • Smashman183
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                      If you cannot farm Vampire runes, I doubt you have the stats for R4-R5.

                    • BigDaddyToe
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                      BrushStrokes double or 3ple Rev... as long as you hit the min stat... also, if this is the case, best she be at back

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                    only need 30 ress for raid??? i thinked 55 (55+30 lead) for 85%.


                    • Skeletoon
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                      The boss has 30% res...

                      Resistance you can go 100%. 85% is only the maximum for Accuracy.

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                    thanks for a fantastic guide. I didn't realize the raid boss has 30% resistance.

                    I agree with the advice on violent runes. Speed tuning is important too... If DD takes lots of turns due to either violent, or due to having too much speed, this can cause an R5 run to wipe if your healers / cleansers can't get enough turns. The key problem is that after 15 turns the boss will attempt to stun your entire team... And if your healers / cleansers don't get a turn in-between, you're heading for a wipe. This is why Konamiya on violent with +110 speed and 70% resist is probably the best cleanser... Kona only needs 3 turns to cleanse; Lisa, or Delphoi need 4 turns. Lisa makes intelligent use of her skills & wont waste her 2nd skill (while delphoi has a useless 2nd skill for raids which she uses), so Lisa is a luxury for people that already survive R5 well enough (otherwise, I think Kona is better).

                    Something else to consider -- don't bring all ONLY healers that arbitrarily use their heal & don't save it for when you need it. E.g. Chasun, Colleen, & Emma will always use their heal right away, even if it's not needed, while Bella will save his heal. If all your healers always use their heals arbitrarily & none save them, that can cause problems.

                    About Darion / Dias, I think it's critical that he has 70% resist IN ADDITION to 25k+ HP, and 1.5K defense .. and at least one revenge set... Revenge & the 15% damage reduction passive wont do much good if your Darion / Dias doesn't resist stuns / oblivion (and often, people only have a 30% resist lead, so 70% base is a good idea). Also, you want ZERO speed bonus on Darion / Dias... This way you get the benefit of their revenge & damage reduction, but they will consume a minimal amount of your precious 15 turns in which you must get all your damage & healing done. Darion / Dias don't do much damage, so the less turns, the better.
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                      I dont have attacker give me water kung fu plizzzz


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                        FL - Fire Panda (Vio/Rev), Dias (Energy/Revenge/Endure)
                        BL - Colleen (Revenge/Revenge/Endure, 200+spd), Lisa (Vio/Endure, 200+spd), Water Kungfu, Wind Kungfu (both at Vampire)

                        I'm looking to replace fire panda, is it wise to replace him, or should I just be contented with my lineup?