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[RIFT BEASTS] Some tips for better rank

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  • [RIFT BEASTS] Some tips for better rank

    Hi there everyone!
    Decided to write a little guide for all of you who struggle with rifts during your Homie grinding.

    I do have a lot of monsters, so tested a lot of different teams and compositions.
    Here are some tips for all of you, that may be useful:

    General tips:

    I. YOLO > Survival

    That's the rule of Rifts. No need to survive the boss. As if you do survival > damage output you actually won't survive, lel.
    Rifts' main objestion is to do AS MUCH DAMAGE as possible during 2 Groggy states. And to defeat boss before he uses his last attack during second Phase.
    A rank on rift is pretty casual-comfortable for homie farming.
    Check your World's Boss score. If you do A- and lower, then it's better for you to +15 more runes and 6* more monsters, grind some more runes.
    Comfortable zone for Rifts farming is S-A zone of world boss for first team.

    II. Leader Skills: Increased dmg (attack power) > Def > HP > Speed (except Water rift)

    Congraz, Perna's owners, her lead skill is a cheat in Rifts
    If you have Perna use her in every rift. Her leader skill is the best for your score. Plus she can tank first 2 phases. For 3rd her initial base def is very bad.
    Also I noticed that higher base def monsters are better at tanking then hp based monsters. But you also need good hp on your front def based tanks.
    Def lead helps front line to survive. HP lead is good for nukers if they can't take damage from Beasts' AOE.
    As for speed lead it's actually bad if you have fast supports. Fast supports will boost beast's ATB and they will steal turns from your nukers.
    Same rule for violent supports. They will steal precious groggy turns from nukers if proc.
    For water rift though it's better to use speed lead and spd based nukers (Orochi, Ardella. Theomars) as water beast do destroy HP, that can be shaken off by fast ATB regeneration.

    III. To tank or not to tank?

    Def based nukers or 2nd life nukers are better as tanks then solid tanks.
    I tried Basalt and Chow as tanks. They indeed icreased survivability, but I got low score.
    Now I run Theo and Verad as front tanks. And they tank just fine.
    So you can use Theomars / Perna / Psamathe / Homunculus self reviving nukers as front line.
    Did not tested Fedora, but I suppose it would be hard for him to time the endure buff correctly on auto.
    Also graz the monkey owners! They are awesome for rift to tank.
    Copper is pretty awesome front tank + nuker for water rift.
    Problem is tanks have low atk multiplier and that is affecting your score.
    Tanky Verdehile can survive, but if on violent he will steal turns from nukers.

    IV. Violent/revenge for nukers, no violent for supports

    Violent support will boost ATB in groggy state and steal turns from nukers.
    Revenge proc do not boost Beasts' ATB, but will get you more dmg.
    Violent nukers are the way to go!
    Need to verify one point: which nuker Fatal nuker or Rage nuker gives better score (haven't seen the difference as I need to re-rune monsters).
    I get a feeling for Groggy persantage multipliers are better then flat value of attack.
    Hell Ladies does good dmg on 1st skill, on 3rd, but multipliers are not so high.
    Theomars (ifrits) has high multiplier and double scaling, so they do way better damage.
    Same with magical archer, rakshasas. They have speed multiplier, which are pretty high.
    For nuker dmg max hp based attacks do not do that much. But attacks like squall or Carrack's 3rd with high multiplier do a LOT.
    Also debuff scaling skills do a lot more dmg in groggy (say hello to water KFG and dust off your Brandia!)

    V. Def break on skill 1 and branding

    To boost your score higher it's better to have unit, who has armor break on skill 1.
    Brand is not a must, but also increase score a lot.
    Advisable to look at dark harpy And pirate captian Brig (high multiplier on 3rd), Assasins, KFGs.

    VI. Recommended units

    Leader skill: Perna. Lushen (water). 9-tail foxes for elemental teams.
    Healer: maxed skill violent / revenge Hwahee. She can be used in EVERY rift except Water. Smart healer - Bella
    Tank: Theomars (lel), Xiong Fei (fire panda) on good runes (high def, high hp, decent speed and dmg build), Trevor on vampire runes, monkeys, pandas
    Nuker: 9-tail foxes, magical archer (Light, Dark, Wind), Kung Fu Girls, Pirates (except Galleon and Frigate), Assasins, Squall Chimeras, Theomars

    Beasts' specific units:

    AOE nukers on short cd. As much as possible. Beth is the Queen here Julie, Psamathe, Verad, Poseidon, Sigmarus, Tyron etc.
    Lapis is very hard to build and her dmg is... let's face it, not good enough to kill off bombs.
    Tip: if your nukers are slow or do stupid things you can try to use Verdehile (can be front tank) or Mav (back line).
    Also graz to Grego owner. This Rift makes him shine

    ATB boosters. Better 2 and fast. I use Bernard (front tank) and Belladeon (smart healer and armor breaker).
    I advise to use spd based nukers here like Orochi, Ardella, Yen, Theomars, Chimeras (lel) to get better score and use that spd buff from Bernard.
    Tip: Delphoi and Copper are great tanks and enough to tank frontline. Immunity helps for freeze. Well built copper will always ignore.
    You may also like to fuse Aarang for her leader skill and as nuker.
    Shielders are not bad at this dungeon, but they should be violent or very fast (Woosa, Emma, Acasis, Raviti).

    HWAHEE. Yes. She is great there. She spams her nuke and heal. Bella is also pretty smart healer.
    Well build Xiong Fei or Kroa (dark harg) can also help with healing and tanking.
    Graz to Perna and Ariel owners, they are OP in this rift.
    Tip: you should go as much dps as possible here as Beast regens hp and if you do too much healers boss will outspeed you and use its nuke.
    Shielders are not bad at this dungeon as well as it's easier to outheal dmg, that was sucked up a beat by shield (Woosa, Emma, Acasis, Brandia, Raviti).

    Broken dungeon IMO. You need 1 hit dps to take down shield. Multihit dps will boost Beast's attack power, but if you manage to dps him before it you're good to go.
    I use Perna, Lagmaron, Taor and even with this set up it's hard to take shield fast enough.
    Theomars and Trevor are great tanks.
    Best deal is to use nukers with high multiplier on 1st skill. And multihitters only if you are sure your KFG will break shield and forse Beast to groggy fast enough.

    Try to use your necro team. Shihwa is great here! Praha as fron tank, Xiong Fei. Colleen, Hwahee once again. Kung Fu Girls.
    I dusted off Lanett and rebuilded her as fron tank for this dungeon. She works fine.
    Plus do as much revenge units as possible for this dungeon. Maybe even full revenge.

    Hope this somewhat guide will help you to built a Rift team!

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    soo Im actually 6* water kong fu girl > Hwahee ... since i kinda need a good water nuker. ( I even though about making Tarq a six star for more dmg output, since he is easily maxed skilled)
    I have about 10 sky dancer all but chasun =.=

    I don`t know if i should keep that when I get a chasun or give it to Hwahee... I can get A- on all 3 elements and can get homun this week already.

    what do you think?


    • akino25
      akino25 commented
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      thx my though`s exactly to keep for chasun, she`s very OP healing

      I guess I`ll invest on Water KFG, I`ve got enough of her to fully skilled one to the max

    • lilmikee
      lilmikee commented
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      chasun is an OP healer, that is true, but don't sell Hwahee short for worth

      Hwahee can heal with an attack boost, then turn around and attack, chasun not so much

    • akino25
      akino25 commented
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      I finally got Chasun =.=

      But she is not yet operational LOL

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    Yeah. My Perna has returned from ashes to the glory after this rifts... i use her(him?! O.O) In every, even in water one... he is a must to me now and again *-* I liked your tips, specially on Water one. Will try then. leveling copper right now *-*


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      Best guide so far.
      Thank for the share learning


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        FIRE RIFTS

        CASSANDRA (Fire Magical Archer) - is good for fire beast rift + she is farmable so F2P friendly. Easy to skill up, 2 AOEs and 1st skill deals more damage when the boss gets more debuffs. The downside is that she needs good runes because of her stats.

        ZIBROLTA (Fire kobold bomber) - can be used in fire rifts too. If you build him for your necro team then try using him for fire rifts. 1st skill deals more damage when boss gets more debuffs, 2nd skill AOE, but his 3rd skill is not an AOE.

        BERING (Dark kobold bomber) - Fire rifts. for people who have him, try using him. 2 AOE skills, 1st skill damage increase by 15% per debuff

        AVARIS (Water Anubis) - single target nuker with brand (if you build one and farmed with max skills during hoh)


        KABILLA (Light Harpy) - can also be a good candidate for Water rifts. Def break 1st skill, Atb buff + anti crit on 3rd skill and high speed stat. Build her as a backline attacker.

        WAYNE (Water Bounty hunter) - multi hit 1st skill with chance of ignore def, multi hit 2nd skill, Atb buff with spd buff 3rd skill

        WIND RIFT:

        ATENAI (Fire Undine) - can be a good healer for wind beast rift.

        RANDY (Fire bounty) - nuke 1st and 2nd skill. Def +crit rate buff 3rd

        For LIGHT beast try using JEAN or GUILLAUME - single target damage, with attack/CD increasing passive - lacks debuffs tho

        For DARK beast try using BOUNTY HUNTERS (Water, Fire and Dark)

        Some 2-3* Units that can be used:

        DARK BOUNTY HUNTER is good everywhere (light beast not so much)

        RAOQ (Fire inugami) - 1st skill def break with chance to hit multiple times. 2nd skill team up

        TARQ (water hellhound) - 2nd skill damage based on spd, 3rd skill team up with 2 allies

        COLLEEN (Fire harpu) - 2 skills with debuff (good for teams with units that increase damage with more debuffs). Heal+attack buff 3rd
        Last edited by Nezebgrad; 09-19-2016, 08:52 AM.


        • Elcrest
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          Nezebgrad Thanks for adding some stuff!

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        Nice guide, thank you !
        There aren't many atk power leads :/ I'd need one for light Rift I guess.

        Thinking about Yen, but her multihit on skill 2 isn't that interresting. I may test on next frr ..


        • Elcrest
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          Nuc Attack power leads are Perna, Lushen, 9-tail foxes, Magical Archers, Bernard, Spectra. Also some nat 5* like Zaiross or Poseidon. I may forget some general 4*... like... I recall some magic knights has attack power leads.

        • Nuc
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          Hu .. Lushen ! Forgot about him, thanks

        • xaviertkk
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          Think Ran also lead atk power

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        Originally posted by Kreavan
        Wish they'd allow duplicate monsters on teams and give me a good use for duplicate nat 5*s. Double perna, brandia, and/or taor would rock!
        I also happen to have 2 Taor, 2 Perna and 2 Brandia .. (only the 2 taors are fully built tough, there are quite fun in AO)


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          Nice guide but not sure on perna's leader skill working on rifts


          • Elcrest
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            Frosk Perna boosted my score from B to A. 44% to attack power = more damage. If you have her - use even in water rift.

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          this needs a sticky


          • LiquidWind
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            Agree great post by Elcrest that all of us can benefit from...

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          Elcrest just tried the new rifts today, working on Fire, thanks for the Grego tip. helped me get from D to B just switching to him.


          • Elcrest
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            Skavator Yep! Glad it helped! I read somewhere that people were praising Grego in Fire Rift due to his passive)

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          Nice guide!


          • Elcrest
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            Thanks! Tried to some up things :3

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          I used this guide to make a team that was getting a consistant B rating with my lackluster runes. I have sense managed to get a steady A minus with a small change and feel it may help some
          I end up doing about 1.6 mil damage each run so the farming is consistant enough to make worthwhile When I get some time ill make a "Poor Mans" version of the OP guide

          Fire Beast
          (front line Perna(L) Theo)
          back line

          Coleen(l35) Vio-Broken
          Sige-Rage Blade
          Sigmarus-Broken Rage
          Verde-Vio Rev

          My Runes are Quite bad but you should still expect to have either 6* in every 2-4-6 or 5* with solid Substats. I know my mons arent farmable but if you have something similar im SURE it could work.


          • Elcrest
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            BlackoutJam I fear there would be a very limited Poor man version XD Needs more testing and to gather data of Rifts and what is working there.
            Glad the tips helped!

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          only if...i have MORE violent runes...



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            Nice guide, the only dungeon I'm having problems with is light, I'm using trevor,SIG lushen hwa ,hwahee and fire ifirit. I think the shield needs fixing or something cause its constantly up giving me no time to do any damage , can't even get c rank on it where the other dungeons I'm b+ a-


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              Finally got water beast up to S rank somewhat consistently

              Front: Bernard, Chasun
              Rear: Arang, homie, Lag, Theo (lead)

              I'd like to move to Arang lead and drop theo/homie(water) but don't have suitable nukes to replace them. Yen + Orochi would be great, but not leveling monsters to 6* just for a temporary dungeon