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    Game Guide - Main Menu


    ■ Village (Sky Island)

    1. Game Option
    This bar shows your Profile Picture, Level, and Nickname.
    You can go to game options and get more information about the game by tapping on this.

    2. Game Chat
    You can chat with other players that are playing in the same server through here.

    3. In-game Resources

    4. Events
    Tap on this icon to check out the various events being held!

    5. Quest
    You can see your current Quests in progress.
    New Quests will be marked with exclamation marks, and the Quests completed will be marked with question marks.

    6. Battle
    Take off on an epic adventure through the world of Summoners' War from here!
    - You can enter the Scenario Dungeons, Arena, and Cairos Dungeon from here.
    - There is a total of 9 Scenario Dungeons, each consisting of 7 areas.
    - Each area has 3 difficulty levels available: Normal, Hard, and Hell.

    7. Monster
    You can check the monsters under your command, equip them with Runes and Power-up the Runes from here.
    - You can also select your Representative Monster or sell the Monsters you possess for Mana Stones.
    - Don't forget to check the Monster Collection as well!

    8. Challenge
    You can check the progress of Daily Missions/Missions/Achievements, and also collect the rewards for the ones you've completed.

    9. Friends
    You can check and manage your Friend list. You can also invite Friends, and check and accept the Friend requests you received.

    10. Shop
    You can buy various buildings, expand your island, purchase various items using your in-game currencies!
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    About Runes

    Runes can be graded from 1 Star to 6 Stars, and have 5 tiers: Normal, Magic, Rare, Hero, and Legend.
    The higher the grade and tier, the greater the properties and the properties increase in greater amounts when Powered-up.

    ■ Drop
    Runes can be acquired from Dungeons and Scenario Battles.
    Among the 7 stages of the Scenario Battle, Stage 1 - 6 will drop the Rune with the number equivalent to the Stage number.
    At Stage 7 of each Scenario Battle, you will be able to get one of the six Runes randomly.
    You can check the Runes you can acquire at the Drop Info of each Dungeon or Scenario.

    ■ Set Effect
    There are two types of Rune Sets: a 2-piece Set, and a 4-piece Set. Equip the required number of Runes that belong in the same Set and you will be granted a Set Effect.
    According to the way you organize your Runes, you can either have several Rune Set Effects or stack up the effects of the same Rune Set.
    Rune Set Effects are the key to making your Monsters stronger.

    ■ Rune Power-up
    Runes can be Powered-up up to 15 times.
    Every Rune will acquire an additional property at Power-up Lv. 3, 6, 9, and 12 of the Power-up process, and if an additional property already exists, the existing properties will increase instead of acquiring another property.
    At Power-up Lv. 15, all of the properties will be upgraded.
    Don't worry if you fail to Power-up the Runse since it'll never\ be destroyed.

    [How to go to the Rune Power-up Menu]
    Tap in the following order starting at the Main Menu
    Monster > Rune > Power-up

    [How to Power-up]

    1) Select a Rune you'd like to Power-up.
    2) Tap Power-up.
    3) Tap Power-up once again on the new window and the process will begin.
    4) The cost will be displayed under the Power-up Button.
    5) The expected result of a successful Power-up will be displayed on the right. (Before Power-up > After Power-up)


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      ■ Angelmons

      You can get a lot of EXP if you use Angelmons for your Power-ups.
      To use Angelmons, go to the Power-up Circle to use your Angelmon as a material monster.
      Angelmons also have different Attributes of Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Darkness.

      How to get Angelmons
      You can get Angelmons from the Daily Dungeons (Darkness, Fire, Water, Wind, and Light Dungeons) at the Cairos Dungeon with a fixed chance.
      You can also get Angelmons by playing in the Angelmon Wonderland that opens during events.

      The amount of EXP increases with the Angelmon's level. Place your Angelmon in buildings such as Tranquil Forest, Crystal Lake, and Gusty Cliffs or Power-up your Angelmons at the Power-up Circle to level up your Angelmons.

      Angelmons can also be Evolved for special features.
      Before going through Evolution, Angelmons give large amount of EXP for all Attribute monsters when used as a material monster.
      After going through Evolution, Angelmons give even greater amount of EXP for monsters of the same Attribute when used as a material monster.

      ■ Rainbow Angelmons
      Rainbow Angelmons are always dropped with MAX Level and are a great monster to use for Power-ups.

      To get Rainbow Angelmons
      Rainbow Angelmons are dropped in all Dungeons with a fixed chance.
      You can also get Rainbow Angelmons by playing in the Rainbow Angelmon Garden that opens during events.
      Rainbow Angelmons are also available during scenario battles with a low chance.

      Rainbow Angelmons are always dropped with MAX Level.
      Since monsters need to have MAX Level to Evolve, Rainbow Angelmons can be used as shown below.

      - If you get a 1-Star Rainbow Angelmon
      Evolve your Rainbow Angelmon to a 2-Star Rainow Angelmon by using a 1-Star monster as a material (Preferrably a silver star monster).
      Your Rainbow Angelmon will become a 2-Star monster with Lv. 1 just like other monsters after the Evolution.
      Rainbow Angelmons can also be placed in special buildings to Level up.
      Evolve your Rainbow Angelmons to use as great Power-up material!

      ■ Devilmons

      When Devilmons are used as material in the Power-up Circle, they increase the monster's skill level.
      There are 2 ways to level up your monster's skills.

      1. Use the same kind of monster as material regardless of the Attribute at the Power-up Circle.
      2. Use a Devilmon as material at the Power-up Circle.

      Devilmons are great to use for skill level ups if you don't have a monster of the same kind.

      To Get Devilmons
      You can purchase Devilmons once every 7 days by going to Shop-> Glory Shop.
      You can also get Devilmons by playing in the Devilmon Cave that opens during events.

      You can purchase special items, including the Devilmons, with the Glory Points you earn in the Arena in the Glory Shop.

      In summary:
      Attribute Angelmons: Use them to level up your monsters.
      Rainbow Angelmons: Use them to Evolve your monsters.
      Devilmons: Use them to level up your monster's skills.

      *Dark Angelmons and Devilmons look very similar to each other. Please be careful when you use them!