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[Info] New 2A Monster and 2A Monster Skill Level Adjustment Notice

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  • [Info] New 2A Monster and 2A Monster Skill Level Adjustment Notice

    (Copied from in-game)

    Greetings from the Summoners War Development Team!

    Today, we are excited to talk about the new 2nd Awakening Monster.

    We have released an image regarding the new 2nd Awakening Monster recently. If you haven’t seen one, please check it out below!

    Which Monster crossed your mind when you saw the image?

    Among the various comments, there were some Summoners who guessed correctly and some Summoners who approached to the question in unique and surprising ways! With your comments and excitement, our team got hyped up and was able to prepare the update more joyfully.

    Let’s cut to the chase and talk about the new 2nd Awakening Monster!

    <New 2nd Awakening Monster>

    To start off, please take a look at the image below.

    With the 2nd Awakening, the Monster transforms into a brave and majestic force!

    As you can see, [Griffon] is our new 2nd Awakening Monster.

    Whenever the new 2nd Awakening Monsters were updated to the game, a new dimension suitable for the concept of the 2nd Awakening Monsters appeared together. However, for the 2nd Awakening Griffon, the Monster will appear in the existing beast dimension, [Karzhan].

    Now many you will be curious about the 2nd Awakening skills of Griffon. In this note, we'll cover all the skills of all attributes!

    Now that you’ve seen the skills, aren’t you excited to 2nd Awaken your Griffon?

    Each of attribute has its own unique characteristics, but we can’t deny that the skill changes of the Water Griffon is big. Kahn can use the Body Slam skill to grant harmful effects on the enemy and inflict big damage by himself. This 2nd Awakening will allow Summoners to compose decks that include Kahn and try out in various situations.

    As you saw from this note’s title, we have been working to improve all of the 2nd Awakening Monsters. Please continue to read below for the details.

    <2nd Awakening Monster Skill Level Adjustment>

    Skill levels of all 2nd Awakened Monsters will be adjusted.

    As you know, the skills of 2nd Awakened Monster can be leveled up with either the same 2nd Awakened Monster (regardless of attribute) or Devilmon.

    With the limit of Dimension Hole Energy and other factors, we think that the 2nd Awakened Monster skill level-up process could be an obstacle for Summoners utilizing the 2nd Awakened Monsters in their gameplays.

    Thus, we would like to make the following adjustment as a solution.

    - 2nd Awakened Monster skill level-up phase will be reduced.

    - If you have already leveled up the skills beyond the reduced skill level-up levels, the difference will be paid as Devilmons and sent to your Inbox.

    We believe this improvement will relieve the burden of upgrading the 2nd Awakened Monsters and increase the satisfaction of the skill level ups.

    Please see the details of the 2nd Awakened Fairy skill level-up adjustment for better understanding.

    Let’s take [Fire Hurricane], the first skill of Iselia (Fire Fairy), as an example.

    Right now, you can level up the [Fire Hurricane] up to Lv. 4, meaning you have 3 skill level ups.

    After the update, the damage increase of both Lv. 2 and Lv. 3 will be combined, and you can have 2 skill level ups.

    Depending on the [Fire Hurricane] skill level ups, the adjustment will be made as follows after the update:

    - If you have Lv. 3 [Fire Hurricane]

    (Before update) The skill has a total of Damage +15% effect from the Lv. 2 Damage +5% and Lv. 3 Damage +10%. The Lv. 4 Harmful Effect Rate +10% is not applied as the skill is leveled up to Lv. 3 only.

    (After update) The skill has a total of Damage +15% effect from the Lv. 2, and Lv. 3 Harmful Effect Rate +10% is applied.

    - If you have Lv. 4 [Fire Hurricane]

    (Before update) The skill has a total of Damage +15% effect and Harmful Effect Rate +10% effect.

    (After update) The effect is the same as before the update. You will receive one Devilmon, which is equal to the no. of exceed skill level-up, to the Inbox.

    - If you leveled up all the skills to the max with Iselia (Fire Fairy)

    You will receive 3 Devilmons to the Inbox. [No. of all skill level-ups (8) – no. of reduced skill level-ups (5) = no. of remaining skill level-ups (3)]

    Please note that all of the 2nd Awakening Monsters will have their skill level-ups adjusted. The details will be announced via the update notice, so please stay tuned.

    This is all we have for today!

    We hope this update will be helpful for our Summoners to utilize and try out the 2nd Awakening Monsters. We are excited to see how Summoners will use the new 2nd Awakening Monster Griffon in various situations.

    (Please be aware that the developer’s note has been written during the development stage and some content might change. We ask for your kind understanding in advance.)

    As you many know, Summoners War’s anniversary is getting closer.

    We will be celebrating the 6th anniversary this year, and we are working very hard to prepare fun 6-year special events and various updates.

    We are very grateful for all of love and support, and we will do our utmost to provide more joyful and quality content.

    We will back with another exciting developer’s note soon!

    Thank you.

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    Wohoo 3 free devilmon for my max skilled Elucia (I grinded through her dungeons for her skillups back then)!

    Dark Griffon looks interesting... free 100% crit against most monsters, allowing it to use high cd/def runes that don't have cr.

    Bernard buff is always nice... understandably underwhelming since he was good to start with... Hopefully his base speed gets a buff since now he lost his niche as the second fastest atk bar buffer due to Triton buff...

    edit: no comment about the rest
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      Hmm don't 2A come in pairs? Interesting to see only Griffon this time, but I'm very glad about the free devilmon.


      • Kalionys
        Kalionys commented
        Editing a comment
        they usually do when they open a new dimension
        now they r just adding griffon to an existing one
        I hope we will see another 2 monsters soon

    • #4
      Well, hmm:
      Spectra was already good, now even better.
      Khan was garbage, now it remains to be seen exactly how much harder does his 3rd actually hit.
      Bernie well....small buff, and good thing to, cause well bernie was good already.
      Shamann on paper will now be potentially a great healer, except, well, not. Full revenge or vio revenge but 1st skill, will require epic runes to make work and just doubt it's worth the hastle considering his kit. Might be decent in any dark dungeons etc given extr admg -> extra heal there.
      Varus was already good, now he will be situationally OP with some decent runes.

      I think the main point is, Spectra will be less squishy now which should make the rune requirements a bit better for more entry level players.
      Bernard will do a bit more dmg now, which will help everyone across the board specially people who still use him in GB10 etc
      Khan I feel will maybe see some gameplay...somewhere, maybe gw?
      Varus will become a Miho with wings, niche, but deadly OP in the right context. Spd cdmg def with very good runes, this puppy will & tear


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        2 free devilmon, thank u C2U