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It's already 2020 and...

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  • It's already 2020 and...

    Kumar, Charlotte, Sigmarus, Saturday, pass, etc., are still censored in chat. It's mildly infuriating tbh when you're just trying to have a casual conversation with others.

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    maybe I should delete this thread with all of these obviously problematic words that r censored in game

    on a more serious note - I feel like its one of those things that will never be fixed
    probably not high up on the 'to fix' list.....


    • Sumatoman
      Sumatoman commented
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      so what is high up on the "to fix" list ???

    • Kalionys
      Kalionys commented
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      your guess is as good as mine
      I dont have any more info about it than u do

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    Weirdest thing is they censor "nvidia".


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      They dont care about that.
      So many things in game like r5 reward not get only mana (2 years talking about that on forum) so much work come2us yes and u get so much money from people and u cant fix some things. So funny how this game have problems and they work on them so slow its sad