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[Pre-notice] Monster Balancing and Improvements

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  • [Pre-notice] Monster Balancing and Improvements

    (copied from hive site)

    Hi, it's Com2uS!

    Here's a walkthrough of the Monster balancing work we will be carrying out soon.

    We've been paying close attention to user opinions. Please note that the actual balancing patch may differ from the details below.

    The balancing patch will be included in the next update.​​​​​

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    ABOUT TIME, for Samurai to get buff.. been waiting for long time now.
    I always like to build fire

    for Cannon girl.. hmmm.. sound exactly the same to me haha
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    • Kalionys
      Kalionys commented
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      Im not completely sure what this means :X

    • Kevradikus
      Kevradikus commented
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      Just means she won't lose her boosted attack if she is stunned. She will need to attack to lose/use it.

    • xaviertkk
      xaviertkk commented
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      i was thinking if it will hold the boost until attack or just until her turn which if stunned and didnt manage to attack will lose it

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    Shazam post buff, still vastly inferior to belladeon and all other beast monks.

    Give him more hp, or a strip like dark, i mean, glance is useless and bella defbreaks and decrease attakbar and that is only s1. Bella s3 is an aoe heal... Beastmonks want some of this too
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      Nice buff for Kat... New Acasis seems worth building for sieges... Hwa buff seems, well, odd, consider she's already by far the best in her family, not that I would complain though...

      No comment about the rest...


      • utilae
        utilae commented
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        Hwa has a glancing problem now though. I think Loren is better anyway for attack bar reduction.
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      I'm excited for Jun and Illiana changes.


      • Dogstar21
        Dogstar21 commented
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        Hopefully Illiana becomes viable now. Seems like a decent buff for her.

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      AOE jamire? Hmmmmmm


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        ....Finally, Dark Archangel .....????