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I miss using SWEX with my android phone..

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  • I miss using SWEX with my android phone..

    I hope that com2us will provide a workaround with xzandro. I don't want to root my phone (currently using android 7) but I want to track my progress and/or manage my monster box and runes with a web browser and not just the phone UI which is honestly really outdated so far. I miss running dungeons and then checking the dungeon logs in swarfarm. Please com2us, SWEX is an integral part of why I enjoy this game and hopefully you provide other means for us to get our data instead of creating excel sheets. That is a very old way of thinking when it can be automated a program.

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    its unclear if com2us will address this - but tbh i am somewhat doubtful since most ppl that used it before r using w/e new method xandro found to extract the json file
    so most of the original uproar calmed down

    personally never used it and never will unless com2us will make an option to download your json file from an official com2us source
    i know its better that the in game rune management - but im used to the in-game one and manage to work just fine with it