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  • Christmas Mass Summon

    Hello, it has been a long time since I have had the patience to wait to mass summon. The idea here is that everyone will start saving starting next toa rotation so that there will be 6 toa rotations / 6 months before christmas. On the other hand if you wish to join later it will also be fun to have you! In the past these summons have gone wonderfully and everyone has a fun time watching as they or others pull many nat 5s. I would love to have you all save for me and we would summon on the 25th of December. The channel will be 1225 to match the date, as this was the popular vote last time. I will decide the time at least a month in advance. If you would like to join me leave a comment so that I can get everyone coordinated. I will also make a google sheets starting next month, or at least a template for others, incase you would like to track of summons, however it is not required. I look forwards to summoning with all of you! Even if you do not have scrolls I encourage you to come and have fun talking with us when the day comes!

    Good luck to all of you!

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    Wow! That's early saving, but i don't think i can wait. Good luck guy, this a real test of being patient.


    • BlizzardEagle
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      If you want to join, it would be great even if you save only the last toa rotation

    • HornPlay
      HornPlay commented
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      if there is in Asia server, i will join.

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    i'm in, gonna save all scroll till december.
    i'm a bit disappointed on my last mass summon, around 120 scrolls, good lightning but no nat5. i really wanna pop that Blessing lol.

    HornPlay i'm in Asia server

    Updating my current scrolls
    Scroll Type Amount
    Legendary 0
    Legendary pcs 68
    Light & Dark 3
    Light & Dark pcs 40
    Water Scroll 1
    Fire Scroll 3
    Wind Scroll 1
    Mystical Scroll 21
    Scam Stone 410
    Current June's TOA Floor: 99
    Current June's TOAH Floor: 49
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    • HornPlay
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      Good to know that. I probably will save just about 1~ 2 months scrolls before Christmas. Current i still missing some nat4 skill up and food. So summon just to fill the gap.

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    Ok im in, i have too much stuff that i need to take care off so i can easly save scrolls. Seems fun and will be disapointing A.F! Cant wait


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      im in!
      6 months of saving sounds like a challenge (already opened my toa scrolls from this rotation and got nothing :X )

      wont be saving stones though (gotta aim for those sweet rotations that pop up sometimes) but i'll save everything else

      my current status is:
      1 ms
      3 leg pieces
      0 ld pieces


      p.s would u prefer to keep it a forum only thing?
      or try to ask for ppl from the official discord to join as well?


      • Kalionys
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        Another thing
        I just checked the calendar and unless i made some mistake
        25th is a Wednesday
        So there should be a com2us stream (iirc it is at 2pm game time) so if they r working on that day (Christmas after all) and if we do the summon around that time we can ask to have them join on stream
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      • BlizzardEagle
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        Thank you! And yes if we can get it coordinated I would love to do it alongside them! As always Kalionys your a great help and love seeing you still 3 yrs after I joined the forums!

      • Kalionys
        Kalionys commented
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        glad i can help
        pls dont remind me how long its been lol im in denial xD

        as for the stream - it might be 'a bit' early to ask but what does Com2uS_CharShoo Com2uS_Seppi Com2uS_Evan
        think about combining the stream with the mass summon? (assuming u work on that date ofc :X )
        can simply have one device show the 1225 channel

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      ahhh can i save for 6 mo?? lol its too hard, but i'll try to save 1-2 rotation prior christmas


      • BlizzardEagle
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        Sounds all good! I just wanted to start early to get people involved. We would love to have you!

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      Maybe, I might summon a pack here and there for fodder but I am really struggling to build everything I have already. I don't need more projects so waiting till Xmas might be a decent idea for me.


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        Count me in !!


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          I'll sign up for this again! I've been summoning way too often recently while I still have things I need to work on with current monsters. @w@ Maybe this will calm me down. %D


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            Oh. My. Darling.

            I might regret it, but I'M IN.

            However, i already popped TOAN stuff.
            I'ill use unknown scrolls for food.


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              small bump in case more ppl wanna join and they missed the thread


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                Still saving. Maybe I'll have JB summon for me this time. I've been meaning to do it for years now.


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                  shameless bump
                  after this toa rotation i currently have.... (wb blessed me a bit lol and now that guild flags r maxed i can invest in ld/leg pieces every week ^^)

                  leg scrolls: 4
                  leg pieces: 163
                  ld scrolls: 5
                  ld pieces: 115
                  ms: 54 (0 prem packs so far :X )
                  elemental: 4 wind 6 fire 4 water

                  and way more crystals than i can burn with farming xD


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                    Haven't done ToAN this month yet (damn events keeping me put in DB10), but regardless I've managed to get +30 MS already, and the world boss was actually nice enough to give me an extra LD scroll (so I'm up to 4 of them now).


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                      100% guaranteed foods, but maybe good idea to save all those foods, and use them for all those rainbows that drop instead of runes, and just mass 6* all my storage mons......................might think about it