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  • Dimensional hole 1st dev note

    (Copied from in game)
    [Dimension Hole Update Part 1 - Ancient Guardians and Rewards]

    Hello, Summoners!

    It’s been a while since our last developer’s note.
    Today, we are here to share some stories about the upcoming [Dimension Hole] update that everyone is waiting for.

    As you can guess from its name “Dimension Hole”, this update is focused on an adventure of Summoners in other dimensions. With different dimensions, there will be new rules and unique characteristics.

    Why don’t we take some time in this note to get to know one by one?

    Since it’s been a long time we had a massive update, we will have two developer’s notes to discuss the details.

    - To the Dimension Hole -

    A scenario of Summoners adventuring the new dimension through the Dimension Hole that has been closed will be added. We haven’t had a new story for a long time, and we’re very excited about it. What kind of adventures will be ahead of us? We will also reveal a cinematic video about it, so please stay tuned.

    To see the Dimension Hole, simply tap the Dimension Hole area on the right side of the World Map.

    Did you feel like you were transporting into another dimension? With the first update, two dimensions will be open as shown in the image.
    The two dimensions will be: the [Dimension Karzhan] of brave beasts and the [Dimension Ellunia] of wise fairies.

    - Dimension Key Point: Dimension Hole Energy -
    First of all, you will be using [Dimension Hole Energy], a new type of Energy, in the Dimension Hole.
    You can have up to 100 Dimension Hole Energy, and 1 Dimension Hole Energy will be used in one battle of each dimension.
    Like the Energy, Dimension Hole Energy will also be charged by a fixed time, but it will take longer. Unlike 1 Energy being charged every 5 minutes, 1 Dimension Hole Energy will be charged every 2 hours. Since it will take longer time to have the Dimension Hole Energy fully charged, entrance limit will automatically occur.
    In addition, Dimension Hole Energy will be provided in limited routes, and will become an item that cannot be acquired easily.

    - Dimension Key Point: Entrance Limit -
    An exclusive rule of entrance limit exists in the Dimension Hole update.
    Each dimension will have its unique entrance limit condition, and only the Monsters that meet this condition can enter the battle.

    Dimension Karzhan and Dimension Ellunia will have following entrance limits:
    Dimension Karzhan: Only default 4★ or lower grade Monsters can enter battles.
    Dimension Ellunia: Only Monsters of the same attribute can enter battles.

    We have been introducing special rules with our new content updates.
    For instance, we have a rule in the Trial of Ascension (Hard Mode) where the same monsters cannot be used, 4★ Bases in Siege Battle, 20★ Battle Mode in World Arena, and special stages in the Tartarus’ Labyrinth.

    These special rules encourage the users to grow new monsters and build new monster decks. But we believe this process – which can bring challenges in some aspects – creates new fun in the game.
    For this update, we set our goal to provide another unique gameplay that users can experience only in the Dimension Hole, which is created by both the entrance limits and the new skills of the Dimension Bosses.

    All kinds of decks that the Summoners build and come up with in various game contents are always interesting to see.
    We are already hyped to see what kind of decks Summoners will build this time.

    Also, new dimensions will be updated regularly after the upcoming massive update. These new dimensions will also have their unique entrance limits.

    - New Boss Monsters: Ancient Guardians -
    These dimensions will have different boss monsters called Ancient Guardian.
    Please take a look at the image below first.

    Look at these strong looking Monsters! Before going into depth, we first want to share the development process of the Ancient Guardians.

    While planning the skills of the Ancient Guardian, we had one idea.
    We thought it will be cool to have the boss monster summoning monsters like the Summoners. We also imagined creating a big synergy of the boss and its summoned monsters as a whole group.

    While having these basic concepts, we thought [“How cool would it be to have the boss monster use a unique skill that’s created by the combination of special abilities of two summoned monsters?”].

    For instance, the Wind Chimera’s [Lightning Strike] skill which attacks all enemies and stuns them and the Wind Phoenix’s [Tempest] skill which resets its skill cooldown time if an enemy is defeated were combined and developed into a new special skill.

    We wanted to see more skill combinations of various monsters, so we designed a battle to have a total of 3 phases, with different summoned monsters in each phase.
    In other words, the Ancient Guardian will use different special skills in each phase!
    Shall we see which monsters the Ancient Guardian of Karzhan will summon in each phase?

    Dimension Karzhan - Ancient Guardian Skills

    In the skill chart, you will see the [Power of Beast] skills. These are the unique skills that the Ancient Guardian uses with the combination of summoned monsters' skills.

    Now, let's move on to the summoned monsters of the Dimension Ellunia's Ancient Guardian.​

    What kind of skills would the Dimension Ellunia’s Ancient Guardian have? We’re sorry to say this, but we will only reveal the Ancient Guardian’s skills of Dimension Karzhan for now. Please check out the Ancient Guardian of Dimension Ellunia in the game after the update.

    Now, we’ll be discussing about one of the exciting features, battle clear rewards!

    - Dimension Dungeon Rewards –
    The battle rewards of [Ancient Rune / Ancient Grindstone / Ancient Gem] will be available.
    A random item among Ancient Rune/ Grindstone/ Gem will be given as a clear reward. The higher the difficulty of the battle you clear, the better quality reward box you can get.

    By now, you will be curious how these Ancient Rune/ Grindstone/ Gem work.

    Ancient is not the superior grade of existing rune grades (Normal > Magic > Rare > Hero > Legend).

    Please think of it as a new grade added to the existing rune grades. (Ancient Rare, Ancient Hero, Ancient Legend)
    The difference between the existing runes and the Ancient Rune is that the Ancient Rune has a bit higher value of initial sub-property. The value of main property will be the same as the other runes.

    Please see the table below for better understanding!

    The value that increases with power-ups will be the same for existing runes and the ancient rune.

    We tried to balance the ancient runes so the existing runes will still have their utility and importance in the game.

    We want to emphasize that we designed the Ancient Runes to be a desirable reward without harming the value of existing Runes by providing the Ancient Runes via content with entrance limits and having appropriate value increase.

    The structure of the Ancient Grindstone/Gem is the same as the Ancient Runes. The stat value of Grindstone/Gem is constant, so we will show another chart with the details.

    Also, please note that the Ancient Grindstones/Gems can only be used on the Ancient Runes.

    You cannot use other Grindstones/ Gems on the Ancient Runes.

    Lastly, the types of Ancient Rune/Ancient Grindstone/Ancient Gem that will be dropped in each dimension are as follow:

    This is the end of the first part of Dimension Hole Update developer's note.
    We hope this developer's note got you even more excited about the upcoming update!

    Please be aware that the developer's note has been written during the development stage and some content might change.
    We ask for your kind understanding in advance.

    In Part 2, we'll talk about the story of Dimension Hole that we didn't mention today.

    We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the past 5 years.
    Our team is working hard to prepare the concrete update with awesome content, so please stay tuned.
    We'll be back with the second part of developer's note soon!

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    Kalionys tyvm. I'm excited! =)


    • #3
      Any TLDR ?
      hahaha long wall of txt will read em later


      • DerickJose
        DerickJose commented
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        stop spamming and read the whole text dude.

      • Kalionys
        Kalionys commented
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        Atm 2 new areas where u can farm runes/gems/grinds
        Each area got a boss and a rule of which monsters u can bring (1 is only 4* or lower, 2nd is the team needs to be of the same element)

        Each boss comes with aiding monsters and atks with a combination of their 3rd skills (seems kinda op tbh lol but gl to us i guess)

        In each area u can farm 5 types of runes (no swift or vio anywhere though)

        The gems/grinds r slightly better than the regular ones
        And the runes have slightly better base stats but the same rolls as regular runes

        For full numbers/info
        Read the whole thing

      • BigDaddyToe
        BigDaddyToe commented
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        Thanks for the summary.. i'll take anything new to be honest good or bad .. but still hope will be fun

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      * Dimension Hole *


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        I was really hoping for new set, which would bring some new buff/debuff to the game. As we know, the new dark Vampire Lord brings with himself Lifesteal. For now its like we are getting better runes to replace existing ones. Kinda meh.
        And the question is, can we refil the dimensional hole energy with crystals? 100? 150?


        • wiewiorevo
          wiewiorevo commented
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          And thats the issue which i see in this. We are getting new scenario thing to literally farm same runes. Im kinda dissapointed but we are getting this second awakening which is fine. Well we will see what will happen there.

        • Kalionys
          Kalionys commented
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          they said in the explanation video that they intend to keep the current farming areas as the main ones
          but its an opportunity to get slightly better runes

        • wiewiorevo
          wiewiorevo commented
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          And thats what I did not expect from the thing, that was everyone waiting for so many years. We are getting literally same runes to farm up with so low energy, and we know how farming in this game works - it doesnt kappa. Thats why i dont like it - i wanted something that would awake this game again, give it a second life, but we didnt get that. We got same runes, slightly better and literally thats it. Second awakening, who cares actually. If second awakening have to be the reason for me to use shannon again then no, thanks. They had so many years to came with something new, fresh. And we got some bs. At least put there some new rune set. We have lifesteal now, put something new which will work as good for pve as good for pvp. Dont be fvcking lazy.

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        Grind, grind some more. Wow the recovery rate is so abysmal!


        • #7
          They might add new Energy plant like the current one, to make it refill faster.


          • #8
            hmmm when a game reaches EOL most developers try to increase the grind by adding more powerful equipment or upgrades, which replaces existing stuff... for example 7* max or an additional upgrade similar to an additional awakening bonus bonus or - like in this case - better runes / rune upgrades.

            Well because we all progress in this game gathering better equipment in later content is normal. So I understand the new ancient stuff.

            But what I wouldnt understand is to introduce adding a 7th star or similar to existing mons only to artificially increase the grind...



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              So tempting, now June. release Vampire lord. But the dimension hole still no exact date. Com2us, please don't hold any longer.


              • BigDaddyToe
                BigDaddyToe commented
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                My guess is June 30

                oh, but wait... did they say June 2019 .. or June 2029 :P haha

              • HornPlay
                HornPlay commented
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                er0L he is useful in only 1 situation, same (dark) element dimension hole Ellunia. Because Karzhan: Only default 4★ or lower grade Monsters can enter battles.

              • HornPlay
                HornPlay commented
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                BigDaddyToe June 2029 *slap*. Guess i am quit

            • #10
              ITS DIMENSION, not Dimensional.... Who invented the phrase dimensional hole anyway?


              • Kalionys
                Kalionys commented
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                we only got the official name very recently
                but since com2us mentioned it in 2017 the unofficial name everyone used was Dimensional hole.....

              • BigDaddyToe
                BigDaddyToe commented
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                who cares about the wording or the spelling lol..
                call it DH :P