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[Info] 2019.05.27 [Pre-notice] Monster Balancing and Improvements

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    Louise was already underappreciated. I mean, yay for +immunity on S3 but you shouldn't have nerfed the heal/shield %. It's kinda like com2 gave with one hand and took with another. Kinda. :-/

    I could be biased. xD


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      Luckily I'm basically out of this game. The nothing, always.


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        Poor Mo Long, they nerfed Tian Lang and he got nerfed too by association
        Now they buffed Tian Lang but he wasn't.
        Cow Girl buff? Another useless buff, it should have been the Samurai family instead.
        Nice Louise buff, 20% is still good.


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          whoa? a balance patch? i mean did they screw up in their schedule? it happens quite fast lol

          anyway I only have one thing to say, How many time do you have to buff Daphnis? ? ? like how many time... just stop already if you can't make him out of the storage officially it's bad enough going back to prison multiple time in his life... he's never going to be Oberon and don't make it like him. you both want these two to nuke a unit with their 3rd guess what? Oberon will always kill it without rng, Daphnis still need the rng to strip. and Oberon gain a invincibility as Daphnis gain a shield further more Daphnis needs the dam accuracy stats now. why make a totally weaker monster that totally gets overshadow by another units for similar 3rd? I'm comparing these two because they are of the same family (i dont give a fk if it's an LD monster). when we talk about balancing we treat them all as equal and what they have to offer over another. right now im not seeiog that.

          maybe Daphnis will find a place if he was a Tiana single stripper instead? or something similar to sekmeth buff if failed his 3rd CD is reset.

          I wanted to use him for handling boss but who needs it with Twin around ?
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