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[Info] 2019.05.27 [Pre-notice] Monster Balancing and Improvements

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  • [Info] 2019.05.27 [Pre-notice] Monster Balancing and Improvements

    Here is the newest balance patch guys:
    [Pre-notice] Monster Balancing and Improvements

    Hi, it's Com2uS!

    Here's a walkthrough of the Monster balancing work we will be carrying out soon.

    We've been paying close attention to user opinions. Please note that the actual balancing patch may differ from the details below.

    The balancing patch will be included in the next update.​​​​​

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2 EN_190527_1558925411.png Views:	1 Size:	219.5 KB ID:	1859911

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    Nerfed: Artamiel, Visachel, Fran

    Buffed: Asima, Akroma, Tian Lang, Poseidon, Triton, Sekhmet, Louise, Xing Zhe, Daphnis,


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      Artamiel: easier toah, the decreased defense stacking is a rip to artamiel owners.

      Vivachel: new friend of Josephine

      Fran: fvcking rip , it’s a nerf that will be felt...but it was needed tbh

      Akroma: owners will be upset, incoming complaint threads.

      Asima: hmm....

      Poseidon: Rip all the tanky built poseidons, will become a hefty bruiser now with his type reclassification too

      Daphnis: if the def break is garuanteed upon strip and before damage, possibly really good... but his other skills will still be pretty trash... might be a pvp version of a brandia nuke now

      Sekhmet: owners will probably still complain but this puts her in a good spot imo

      Xing Zhe: more annoying in toa, gz slightly noticeable buff for owners

      Louise: was good, now better.

      Bering: only one...? we need at least two c2u and change to hp type please.

      Julie: will still be under the radar for good reason since this buff would be better if was able to be built a bit more bulky since nobody uses a squishy dps without defense breaks on an enemy, who would use a Julie with this buff vs a woosa for example?

      cow girls besides Lora: who cares

      Loren: ooooh even better.. but better than twins in necro? probably not.

      Tian Lang: owners rejoice!(probably)

      Paladin leader skill: awesome for me , idk bout yall.
      Last edited by Axelluu; 05-27-2019, 12:18 AM. Reason: Loren, not Lora


      • vudup
        vudup commented
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        Akroma's change is a buff!

      • Axelluu
        Axelluu commented
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        I know, but not in a way they'd want.

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      This is a very good patch.

      I'm recently dwelling into RTA (despite my previous opposition) and started to pick up the Meta from bad, good to broken. This patch is moving into a good direction in both RTA & Guild War units. I can't believe I'm saying this, but for once, I feel like this balance patch is going to be good for gamer's experience to deal with many, but not all, frustrations while battling against some units on the list.

      I'll bring some breakdown on here since this is one of the patches I'm more passionate about. First the LnD:

      - Artamiel nerf: I cannot imagine this day would come, to be honest with y'all. With all the people demanding LnD buffs to make them stronger because they're "special" (which is totally debatable), I never would've thought they would nerf another LnD nat 5 after Yeonhong & Ragdoll, nevemind the icon of SW. He's just too good and frustrating to fight against and I'm behind this 100%.

      - Vivachelnerf: Another wow. Not only Artamiel but the ever so popular Harp Magician, too? I personally find her 3rd skill too effortless for its reward so again, I'm down with this nerf.

      - Fran nerf: I guess this day was going to come. Can't say we didn't see it coming. Still one of the few good AoE Immunity provider with attack buff and small spd lead, I highly think she's still going to be good to use for gameplay experience. We have always used her for the utility and support she brought; the stun was just a nice extra potential befenit to have.

      - LnD Buffs (Akroma, Asima, Tian Lang, Bering): I don't necessarily see the needs in these buffs but I'm glad they aren't game-changing buffs. I've always believed that LnD nat5 kits should not be anything more than good, and there is a reason for that. The fact that they avoid glancing hits is actually a HUGE advantage, especially if you're ones who rely on hitting for debuffs (looking at u Nepthys). Tian Lang I sorta frown upon as he's a very nice niche pick in RtA against atk bar boosters (there are a lot of them right now), but I guess he did have to trade the accuracy for this buff.

      Other mentionable changes:

      - Paladins: I know most of what I shared so far are probably already unpopular opinion, but I really don't like to see this family getting buffs. It's one of those prolonging-battles-for-no-reason-at-all kinds of units. Though I think this buff for Louise actually means some kind of interactive change and not another stalling buff. Leader change for Jeanne hopefully brings less resistance to annoying Jeanne GW defenses, hopefully.

      - Sea Emperors: They finally gave up on Poseidon being a control monster and now making him an attack sweeper with controlling ability. Triton receiving a Spd boost meaning a stronger pose for cleave and anti-cleave unit. Overall, nice strategy shifts.

      - Daphnis: Officially my number one priority now. Auto set-up with one-shot potential if invested in Atk & CrD. His stats and s3 multiplier makes this easier to achieve than you might think.

      - Sekmeth: A nice quality of life change. I will enjoy using her on my manual control, but I feel like Sekmeth defense in GW might see better placement now.

      - Xing Zhe: Another nice little buff for this forgotten monkey king. ToAH will be worse, but he can afford to invest more AtK or SpD now.

      - Julie: I can't recall a situation where you would use Julie on top of a fully buffed up beneficial effects team, but it's always nice to see water units getting more attention, considering they're mainly more general (in other word, meh) and not focused in any specific strength.

      - Cow Girls: uhh... totally expected Samurai buffs but... okay...

      Honestly, this made my night and I'm looking forward to its implementation.


      • vudup
        vudup commented
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        Asima's buff is actually insane, I thought it would boost up to 40% (per person), but turns out it's based on the dots applied. She is almost always guaranteed to a second turn if the enemies have no immunity.

    • #5
      This is a total joke. Tian Lang was only nerfed for 6 months and he wasn't even as bad as several ld nat 5s who have sucked for years and still aren't getting buffed.

      Arta nerf does nothing.

      Viva nerf should be good, hope it's enough.

      Fran gets a 0 power nerf so obviously it does nothing.

      Akroma buff does nothing.

      Asima buff seems cool but idk if that was needed, never heard anyone talk about her positive or negative.

      Posiedon buff seems weird but solid.

      Daphnis buff seems really good assuming def break is guaranteed.

      Sehkhmet buff seems way too strong, idk how tf that got approved, but maybe I'm just misunderstanding. I hope I am.

      Xing Zhe buff seems fine but unneeded.

      Louise buff seems fine but unneeded.

      Bering buff is the one I'm most hyped for (that's how bad this patch is). I really hope it's irresistable cuz that might make him fun to mess around with.

      Overall just really crap. This just doesn't seem like it does anything impactful, besides the Tian Lang buff which as I already mentioned is a total joke.


      • immatx
        immatx commented
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        Nat6Summoner You're right I should just praise them for making poor decisions. That makes sense.

      • Nat6Summoner
        Nat6Summoner commented
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        immatx poor decisions huh?

        This balance patch was positively appraised on reddit and in game chat.

        But you .. you treat it as absolute garbage. I know your next reply, its gonna be "so having an opinion is bad" kind of BS

        It may have some flaws but not 100% bad

        I'm done talking with you. You're doing it intentionally now, i don't know if you are having fun with it. but you just contribute absolute zero in this community

      • immatx
        immatx commented
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        Nat6Summoner Reddit is known for having a hive mind and no original thought, not exactly an accomplishment there.

        It is garbage. They didn't fix Arta or Fran, half the buffs were buffs for the sake of buffing instead of needed changes.

        Not 100% bad. The Vivachel change was good. The bomber change was good. The Daphnis change was probably good.

        Lol. You realize com2us doesn't listen to us right? Everyone is on here to make themselves feel better and waste time. "Contributing to the community" is a meaningless and empty statement. There's nothing to "contribute" to.

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      It’s whatever. I don’t care anymore. Last post, Quitting this game for good. Thanks for the good times. PS. Com2us, you better make sure you listen to the complaints of all players, not just the cry babies. Peace and chicken grease! I’m out!


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        I guess com2us saw that 2% pick rate in the current meta is pathetic and decided to buff tian Lang.

        Its sad how the company who doesn’t play their own game realized how trash tian Lang was after his nerf and yet some stubborn players in f3 still think 2% pick rate is ok for the current meta...


        • *NotChow*
          *NotChow* commented
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          immatx like i said im going to use the same excuse you did "its because theyre are" XD boy this is fun. ignoring all logic and just throw out bs. no wonder you do it so much

          "its because theyre rare. everything is fine"

        • immatx
          immatx commented
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          *NotChow* If you can't read then I can't help you

        • *NotChow*
          *NotChow* commented
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          immatx "its because theyre rare" your dumb logic not mine XD

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        I am weird. I actually hate the triton change.

        before 25 acc = more than 3 max acc power up.

        now 15 spd = 2.5 max spd power up.

        So it’s actually a nerf to me...

        edit: maybe I should rerune my triton to go first
        Last edited by darlic23; 05-26-2019, 09:22 PM.


        • darlic23
          darlic23 commented
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          Yes you are right. It’s just my triton was nem nem will built now guess I should change to swift will build

        • *NotChow*
          *NotChow* commented
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          Personally for me speed lead triton tian Lang is going to be so cancer to deal with

        • Vizelion
          Vizelion commented
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          Personally I kinda like it, now my triton can catch those pesky bernard and tiana, although need very good runes. I probably start switch my triton into swift one compared to despair

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        Conclusion: Akroma still sh*tty.


        • vudup
          vudup commented
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          I don't think Akroma is bad right now. Definitely will be stronger.

      • #10
        as an Arta owner i thought this day might come

        tbh the way the def scales doesnt bother me much.... when i use arta i usually expect a long battle anyway

        the decrease im atb is the main nerf imo

        but he is still strong since he revenges every crit still

        i just hope they wont nerf him again

        (i just dont want my rare mons to be nerfed :X who cares about balancing )

        Dovahkiin tian lan un-nerfed for u
        Last edited by Kalionys; 05-26-2019, 10:12 PM.


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          i should change my Triton runes now.. -.-

          Edit: oh wait, i have 2 Triton, maybe should build 1 with swift now.


          • darlic23
            darlic23 commented
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            I just converted my dupe triton into blessing last week

        • #12

          I’ m totaly tilted by the Arta nerf.
          3 years for one 5 nat L&D, one month after, he takes nerf.
          He is just annoying, not god tier, break def or oblivion, he is just a healer.
          It’s easy to counter him in RTA, Arena or in guild content.
          But babies cry for nerf, they can’t counter him (lol)
          We have so many nat 5 god tier AF (L&D or not) but Come2Us want nerf the low pick rate for avoid upsetting a more large masse of players.
          The invocation of Artamiel or Perna made me stay in the game when I was fed up.
          But there the nerf on a monster like that while unicorns, Ragdoll and many others are not about to come...

          Have a nice day,



          • *NotChow*
            *NotChow* commented
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            Top 5 win rate in rta... “he’s not god tier” RIGHHHTTTTTTT........

            Also rag doll was already nerf

          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
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            i am an arta user and tbh its not such a big nerf
            his main strong point is the revenge on crit

            yes he gains less atb and the def bonus increase will be slower

            but if they dont nerf him furthermore ill be quite happy (he is still a strong monster after this nerf)

        • #13
          I'm a little pissed at Triton and Jeanne change: i don't like changes that don't buff or nerf a mob but just make him different, meaning u need to eventually change runes (and comps or location u use them), therefore putting extra effort on a mob that was already working well just to retain the same level of overall benefit from him


          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
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            they barely touched Jeanne
            just made her lead global... so u can use it in other places (maybe DH? though thats just a guess)

          • thib04
            thib04 commented
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            Triton is a mega buff, now he is going to be the new meta in arena,good luck to outspeed a psamathe triton defense now ...

        • #14
          Maybe they ****ed the DH update up and made a balancing patch instead?!

          good one, though!


          • #15
            Artamiel - the issue was never his ATB increase, its his ungodly revenge into strip stun every turn. i dont care either way, if i see one on any defence it gets khali / odin treatment

            Visachel - It stops the skill 3 into violent proc snipe. However, if this was the reason she now stuns herself. nerfing a unit because of a rune set is NEVER right.. thats like nerfing kabila because swift runes give her turn one..

            Fran - a pve buff, and a pvp nerf. great! Still the strongest LD nat5 imo..

            Asima - Great more turn cycling, did it need a buff? not at all. GZ owners

            Akroma - Harder to lushen any defence with an akroma on it. step in the right direction

            Tian Lang - Great! we should see them more on defence again. why did this take so long?

            Poseidon - Had to be done, tyron became better than poseidon.. it HAD to be changed to do more, so damage was the right choice.

            Triton - OMG 116 base speed strip with atb push back. Prepare to see these EVERYWHERE on defence! Wasnt needed, wasnt asked for. But god we love it!

            Sekhmet - Cool? if she misses turn one reset on something in rta, its probably over anyway.. dont see this making a difference.

            Louise - OK? odd change. She lacks the 118 base speed of woosa though.. so?

            Xing Zhe - Meh? he still needs to scale with max HP. Might be some siege defences that he can clutch a win with a lucky revenge stun?

            Daphnis - IF the defence break REQUIRES the enemy to have buffs.. then i cant see this being anything.. You have to be "lucky?" enough for the enemy to have will or shield runes.. if they dont, then you have to bring a def breaker.. just like before the patch. You cant bring a bastet and have him self def break reliably. i'll reserve judgement here, but i cant see this changing daphnis's usage at all?

            Bearing - AOE strip into 2 turn silence. HoH unit. Might see some interesting defences... Buffing HoH units like this gives me hope old HoH trash units might get the same treatment down the line!

            Cowgirls - Now the ONLY nat3 aoe strippers? The light one, already super strong, just got even better.. 60% atb reduce and def break on skill 1? yes please!! Still cant see the fire, wind, water or dark ones seeing any use unless its super early game and they need a stripper.

            What i still think needs addressing?

            Taor - He's been power crept, his only real use is in giants / dragons. The aoe freeze and damage of sigmarus is just better in every way.. Taor needs his 3rd skill to aoe freeze too.. or atk break or something..

            Laika - For the love of god. He does NOTHING.. his passive is so easy to bypass by any multi hitter out there. Garo is harder to kill, kill off the enemy multi hitters and watch him solo. Laika cant do that at all. Garo has a 30% speed leader and stuns.. Give laika his stun back. Or make his passive better or something..

            Christina - Somethings wrong with her, she has no use at all.. Total rework required.. why is she a nat5??

            Shazam - Lost and forgotten. has the skillset of a nat3.. Aoe glance on a skill 3 is a joke. The light succubus does glancing AND slow. AND doesn't wake up sleeping targets..

            Pony turn cycling and stunning! This is still OP. Its a violent rune issue!


            • Kalionys
              Kalionys commented
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              according to what u say.....
              with Arta the issue is that he revenged and stunned (with despair)
              but for Vivachel its not ok to nerf to counter a rune set (vio)?

              imo they were both strong and they r both still strong just slightly less strong now - in Vivachel's case u can still snipe with a 2nd monster after Vivachel moves
              obviously as an Arta owner im biased but just thought i'd point out that u say one monster isnt ok to nerf the way they have because of a rune set (vio) but another is ok to nerf because of a rune set (despair)

              i agree with the last part of what still need addressing

            • Parasite
              Parasite commented
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              I wouldn't have nerfed arta at all. i said the "issue" people have with him is the revenge into strip + stun. Not his Atb increase.