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The Nerf train has left the station all aboard!

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  • Gorben
    I feel Fran is a bit overloaded but she is squishy so that helps. As other have said, maybe removing the stun or atk break on S1 would suffice.

    Twins need a nerf. Not a single twin, but the mechanic of it. They are way too strong imo.

    I would nerf lushen... not because he is too strong, but because he makes arena boring and lazy. Your defense must be anti-lushen, so everyone defense look the same :/

    The rest is fine to me.

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  • immatx
    I don't have any problems with nerfs as long as it's not being abused. If buffing is the only way they were to balance the game then power creep could get out of hand pretty quick. Plus nerfing a couple units is easier than buffing a couple hundred.

    Fran: She's definitely a bit too strong, but her utility scaling off of rune quality makes it less of a problem. She's also filling a role that most people don't have access to which is probably inflating her use, especially when cc is so prevalent in rta. Removing the stun on her S1 would most likely be enough.

    Verde: I don't think he needs any changes. He's just the result of an emphasis on turn cycling. It would be better to include a new family of monsters or reworking current ones to have more counterplay to this.

    Aiger: Same as Verde.

    Tiana: Making the other S3 aoe strippers more reliable would be better.

    Perna: Absolutely. Not because he's broken in any one mode, but because he's top tier in almost every mode. Giving him a res or acc dungeon leader skill would probably be enough. Or alternatively changing awakening bonus to acc. The leader change would only affect pve while the awakening change would really only affect pvp. He just needs his overall usefulness brought down.

    Lushen: He's fine. Power wise he's probably a bit over the top but he's not as well rounded as Perna.

    Twins: Martina is probably a bit too strong but I think the others are fine. Most of the combinations are pve only and considering how long the game has been running it's not really a problem anymore to help out players with their teams.

    Seara: She's fine.

    I think overall its because there's not enough counterplay in the game. That's why we always see the same units in rta having obnoxiously high pick rates. It's really hard to punish a lot of those picks. Outside of Seara, none of those mons really have solid counterplay options, which is probably why they get complained about more. They're definitely not as strong as many other mons so outside of arguably Fran and Perna it's not a question of kit strength.

    Edit: pick rates not win rates
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  • Kalionys
    many of these mons wont be nerfed imo (at best a slight change to multipliers) simply because changing them now would be too late

    but if i can be completely honest
    1) fran is kinda strong for a nat3 - at the very least a lower chance to stun (and im the f2p that with her can compete in higher rta - but i dont rta so....)

    2) tiana (and any ignore resist + immunity mon) is kinda broken - if i dont have a tiana and i need a strip for my AO it means that with other aoe strippers i automatically lose (lets say) 7% of my atks (from not successful strips on some of the enemy monsters - i dont think that failing to strip everyone is insta lose... so its not '15% of my atks r losses' but it depends on the monsters that resists the strip)

    3) dunno if verde and aegir needs a nerf - i dont even have aegir built and my verde is pve only.... the only time i lost to them in pvp was because i chose a bad team + my runes werent on par

    4) twins r somewhat broken - like said above
    just by not allowing the usage of their skills with boss passive was the only way they could make the stage harder (and not ez mode with twins)
    but i dont see a way to change them without making them useless (at best a change to multipliers)

    dunno about lushen/perna/seara - lushen is somewhat of a nat4.5 that allows f2p to cleave arena (and other areas)... without it it would be much harder for f2p... but at the same time he is a bit strong for a nat4
    i have seara so im biased (dont nerf my seara :X )
    i dont have perna but i dont it deserves a nerf.....

    the list probably doesnt stop there though

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  • *NotChow*
    commented on 's reply
    couldnt have said it better myself

  • Poledo
    People, are the biggest problem. Whatever is nerfed will only satiate them temporarily as they will move on the next "OP" units right after the patch.

    Violent runes. The other issue that is not the monsters fault. You know going into most fights with a perna that you're either gonna lock it down or get wiped by vio procs.

    Rarely do I ever see a unit I think needs nerfing.

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  • BumblingB
    Well, Fran and Verde are F2P monsters and were probably put into place to counter the P2W ones and give some level of balance. Personally I think if they did more of that, then the calls wouldn't be as focused. Maybe buff some of the lower monsters again to make them as counters that can be built. Like how they buffed a few revivers and cleansers/immunity monsters after Labyrinth came out. P2W monsters will always be better, but if some of the F2P ones (2* & 3*) get buffed, they can give a fighting chance.

    Twins on the other hand, the mechanic is really the problem, short of getting rid of it ( like how you can't use it in Lab), they can't be nerfed easy.

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  • *NotChow*
    started a topic The Nerf train has left the station all aboard!

    The Nerf train has left the station all aboard!

    so now that we see c2u isnt afraid to nerf units who deserves it, we are starting to see calls for ALOT of nerfs on units you DONT deserve it. just to name a few:


    what are you thoughts on the recent increase cries for nerfing strong but not broken op monsters?

    i said it years ago before the nerfs started that if c2u does decide to nerf, it will spiral down a slippery slope to where everyone will cry for nerfs to units who gives them a slight bit of trouble in the game. when do we stop? as soon as you nerf #1 #2 takes his spot. so do we bring everyone down to slime tier? or should we have a king to reign?

    honestly, i knew from the first nerf that eventually well will see nerfs being asked on units who are balanced, even if theyre perfectly balance, but happen to be the "best" it still "warrants" a nerf in the eyes of the public.