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How do you build your Hraesvelg?

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  • How do you build your Hraesvelg?

    Mines is currently runed with leftover all-around stat wealthy swift runes and endure runes spd/critd/atk at about 20k hp
    I always have been wanting to try and aim for despair on him until today when I fought a violent one.

    P.S. I know the title might be read as asking for advice but that is not the case, I’m asking how you guys have yours built atm out of curiosity.
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    I use vio rev. He used to be my AO buffer but then I got a second lushen and he's mostly Labyrinth now.


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      The build I liked the best was a bruiser RTA style. Violent/will, spd/CD/atk. He had ~ 25k HP, 1k defense, 220 spd, 1.8k ATK and 150% CD. He was doing really well. I stripped him to try something different but he does not work as well.


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        Mine is Swift/broke SPD/CD/ATK

        Use him as frontliner for all rift beasts (besides fire) for Branding and atk buff


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          i dont use mine anymore so hes on place holder rune, i think something like 240 spd .3k att 20k h 150 cd and like 30 cr lol


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            Swift blade spd cd atk. 75 cr 155 cd and 170 total speed and 30 acc. Pretty awesome monster I may add. And y'all BETTER get his Name Dang Right its Hraesvelg!! So many label him as hraehdjdbdkej or wind bk.

            My fav pair is woosa L ethna hraesvelg. Ethna spd cr atk at 240 speed can sometimes get her 2nd turn before hraesvelg does s3 =(
            I can also go hraesvelg L ethna +1 like chloe.

            I used to go shimitae L chloe hraesvelg lushen. Had shim at 80 cr 205 cd and 0 speed. I use kahli and shaina here now.
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