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GB10 drop is Killing me.

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  • GB10 drop is Killing me.

    Almost 3 years farming runes.

    My fastest summons is Chloe with speed of 275. (even using 3 weekly Reappraisal Stones and creation runes).

    GB10 is by far the worst drop of runes in SW. I have the feeling that 70% of the runes are Blue, 80 % are 5*.

    Beside that, the mana reward is the lowest if compared with DB10 and NB10.

    I spend all my cristals farming, but my account seems nerfed to me.

    I just can't climb to C2-C3 because of my lack of speed.

    I just wanted to vent. Sorry.

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    You're not alone in that feeling. I seem to get more heroes and legends from db10 and even more in nb10.


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      I know that feel.
      I often swap to DB10 and NB10 when GB10 gets on my nerves.
      The drops there arent any better "oh look a legend endure/Focus rune, yeah…."


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        I ran gb10 for January and February and got 1 speed upgrade. Yep, that's drop rate for you


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          C2U wants you to buy their rune packs. hint hint. wink wink. $$$$$$$$$$


          • darkensoul
            darkensoul commented
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            Their rune packs arent that great either. I bought all ten packs for five months in a row and didnt get one hp/spd rune I need. Got mostly flat stats in 2/4/6. Needless to say, I feel rather foolish. I haven't bought a pack since and don't plan to.

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          nowadays, I only ran caiross, when got event.. and if i do i farm, not expecting any good runes, but for mana... then later go straight to crafting runes


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            Same, been farming gb10 for months and cannot remember the last time I have seen a swift with spd sub. Worst of all are my fatal... my best fatal is giving me a 180 spd lushen at +1200 atk, 80% CR and 150 CD...


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              i feel all dungeon that drop rune have same drop rate, i've got a few 25 speed (grinded) swift from gb10.
              but i agree that gb10 give the lowest mana income since the rune didn't sell as high as Necro's or Dragon's runes.

              since a patch that lower rune crafting cost, i do dungeon for the symbol.


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                It's all random.

                I've farmed G10 for about 22ish months straight now, 30-40s runs, multiple refreshes per day. Found one swift rune that triple rolled speed and two more random runes that triple rolled speed, for a total of three.

                All while a guildie has found three 22+ speed runes in the past month.

                I think it's bull*@#(, but it is what it is. The whole game is built around the premise of if you're lucky, great, if you're not, too bad.


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                  Rune drop rate is killing the entire game, not just you


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                    they buffed the droprates last year - imagine all the other people farming caiross with even crapier droprate 3 years before


                    • Sumatoman
                      Sumatoman commented
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                      you can tell from his statement this guy have not been farming

                    • Nailyou866
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                      Sinsemilla you realize it used to drop 4* runes in the b10s right? Rune drop rates are significantly better than before, and if you farm all day every day and get all them crafting pieces, you can craft runes. I actually have significantly better luck crafting than farming, but again, it used to be much much worse.

                    • Sinsemilla
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                      Significantly better != anything different than "terrible" just as I stated.

                      Last time I crafted 600 runes, kept about four, I believe it was. Not sure whom Sumatoman statement is towards, but I don't lack rune farming time, for sure. I spent the last 18 months or so strictly in G10 with about a 35 second average, farming for hours a night and have maybe two what most end gamers would consider "good" runes to show for it. I would put my farming time up against a large majority of non-casual players in this game, and I actually do farm less than I used to. Up until about 4 months ago or so, I would farm probably about 12 hours on average a day (+/- 4). Of course, not at a full speed clip because of work, but I could start another run every minute or so on average with some longer breaks here and there.

                      So yeah, runes are just as bad as they were and I am aware of all the changes. Is it better? Yeah, sure it is. Are drop rates still terrible? Yeah, they are.

                      Not sure how long you guys have been playing, but take it from someone who has been playing for nearly five years now. Rune drops are terrible. Always have been, always will be and the further you get into the game, the worse it gets. I have an alt that I crafted about 15 runes on the other day, kept about 6 of them. Were they good runes? Hell no, not even remotely close. They were usable on that account though. Usable != good. Good runes are ones that I would keep on my main account because I have a plethora of usable runes spread across 151 built units and plenty more in stock. It's the "good" runes that are in short supply and their drop rate is horridly abysmal to say it in a nice way.
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                    Rune drop rates have always been bad and always will be all the time you can spend money to gamble with rune packs and crystals. I'm lucky enough to be able to grind dungeons daily whilst working, on average easily between 4-6 hours a day. I would say over 2 thirds of my monsters are sitting with crap runes or no runes because nothing drops. I'm lucky if I get one 6* drop every 2 weeks of grinding with the right slot, rune type and main stat and that includes crafting. GB10 has by far the worst drop rate.

                    People have been complaining about this for years though and all they do is keep making it harder whilst adding things to make it look like they are making it easier, like rune crafting.

                    I must admit the game starts to get really boring when you have so many monsters you want to rune but can't even play with them. Why bother spending money on summons when you know you will have to grind for potentially months just to rune them.


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                      I dont think the community fancies an inflating economy like wow...
                      6 star runes spd sub is 4-6, change to 4-7 or 5-6. And every other sub range.

                      Rare 85%, epic 10% legend 5%? I'm guessing here, every 6 months drop rare drop by 5-10%.

                      Atleast the twins are a huge improvement for the midgame player.

                      Rant is ok, we all need to let loose. The grind is real.


                      • 3r3dom
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                        você tem nick de brasileiro.

                      • Puntar64
                        Puntar64 commented
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                        C2U should buff drop rate chance of 6 runes!

                        It's "only" 15% chance for a 6* to actually drop! Being either rare, hero or legend!

                        That's way too low and not to mention all RNG shenanigans on even slot runes!

                        Even slots should have a higher drop chance just because of all possibilities with a primary attribute!

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                      Originally posted by er0L View Post
                      they buffed the droprates last year - imagine all the other people farming caiross with even crapier droprate 3 years before
                      they notice buff, but not notice nerf, im 100% sure nerf again!


                      • er0L
                        er0L commented
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                        you could track the drops via swarfarm - unfortunately swarfarm lost all its data - but while they were online you could'nt see a drop in rune rates

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                      Ha ha ha , i learn to drop it. When you farm 5k crystal at week for more of 2 years from the 4 you played and barely get 1 6* blue with spd and a % at subs for every 200+ refills then or you learn to droo it or you stop playing (put on this some phone broken on the wall). Learned the lesson , play for fun , don.t care about any kind of drop , just be honest with your self.