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    (copied from hive site)

    MISSION COMPLETE! Event Notice

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Please see below for more info on the MISSION COMPLETE! Event.

    ■ Event Schedule

    Mar. 17th 7pm - Mar. 31st 7:59am PDT

    Rewards available until Apr. 1st 7:59am PDT

    ■ EVENT 1

    Are you ready to complete some missions?

    Complete 2 missions every day to get various rewards!

    □ Mission 1

    Defeat Monsters in the [Scenario & Cairos Dungeon] every day!

    (Secret Dungeons, Hall of Heroes, and Dimensional Rift excluded)

    - Defeat 1,000 Monsters in a day: Light & Dark Summoning Piece x5

    □ Mission 2

    Enter the [Arena & Guild Battle] every day!

    (World Arena and Siege Battle excluded)

    - Enter the Arena/ Guild Battle 10 times in a day: 100 Energy + 50,000 Mana Stones

    * [No. of defeated Monsters (Today)], [No. of entries in the Arena & Guild Battle (Today)] reset every day at 8am PDT and the reward is available once a day.

    * For Guild Battle, you must play both rounds against an opponent to count as 1 time for the [No. of entries in the Arena & Guild Battle (Today)].

    ▣ How to calculate the no. of defeated Monsters-----------------------------

    1) Bonus no. of defeated Monsters according to the difficulty in the [Scenario]

    - NORMAL > +0 monster(s)

    - HARD > +5 monster(s)

    - HELL > +10 monster(s)

    2) Bonus no. of defeated Monsters according to the floor in the [Cairos Dungeons]

    - B1-2 > +0 monster(s)

    - B3-4 > +5 monster(s)

    - B5-6 > +10 monster(s)

    - B7-9 > +15 monster(s)

    - B10 > +20 monster(s)

    * Monsters are added additionally as above per battle you won and Monsters won't be added additionally if you lose the battle.

    (Only the Monsters you defeated will be accumulated and the above won't be applied if you lose the battle.)

    * Only the Monsters defeated in the Scenario and Cairos Dungeon will count. (Secret Dungeons/Hall of Heroes/Dimensional Rift excluded.)

    * All Monsters will count only once even if they're revived through revival/resurrection skills.

    * For the mid-boss, the count will go up for all nearby Monsters even if you only defeat the mid-boss. For the final boss, the count won't go up for nearby Monsters if you only defeat the boss.

    * The count won't go up if you defeat your own Monster stolen by the Boss in Necropolis.


    ■ EVENT 2

    Get rewards based on the no. of mission completions from [Mission 1] and [Mission 2]!

    - Complete 1 mission in total: 1 Mystical Scroll

    - Complete 3 missions in total: 20 Ancient Coins

    - Complete 6 missions in total: 2 Mystical Scrolls

    - Complete 9 missions in total: 50 Summoning Stones

    - Complete 12 missions in total: 30 Ancient Coins

    - Complete 15 missions in total: 200 Crystals

    ※ Please Read

    - You can complete Mission 1 and Mission 2 once a day.

    - [No. of defeated Monsters (Today)] and [No. of entries in the Arena & Guild Battle (Today)] reset every day at 8am PDT and the reward is available once a day.

    - [Total no. of mission completions] count will go up whenever you complete Mission 1 or Mission 2 from the Event 1.

    - All rewards from the [total no. of mission completions] are available only once per account.

    - The rewards will be available for 24 hours after the event ends.

    - Please restart the game if you're playing when the event begins to avoid any delays.

    - Please try restarting the game if you don't see your reward at the Inbox.

    - The duration and remaining time for the event will be displayed in the time zone of the area that you reside in.

    - For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting​
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    It's sad. I've been working so much this past month that I have not been able to complete or keep up on events at all. Most days I am just farming as I can't even pay attention to the game.


    • Kalionys
      Kalionys commented
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      well 2nd mission is rather easy to accomplish each day - and if u can manage to clear the 1st mission once or twice it guarantees u can collect all the rewards except ld scroll pieces

      but if u farm enough per day - getting the ld pieces should be doable even without paying much attention as long as u r farming something that isnt rifts/raids

  • #3
    Hnfgh I need to squeeze some serious rift farming into these two days then, just around a hundred or so condensed magic crystals left and then I can finally get Unbalanced Field and stop beating myself up about not doing anything for my dark homunculus. @w@ Then I guess I'll be setting up a tent in DB10. Running out of vio runes for DDs. xwX;


    • xaviertkk
      xaviertkk commented
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      which building you targeting for dark homie?

    • Ganesa IX
      Ganesa IX commented
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      xaviertkk - I went with the Unbalanced Field build, mainly due to its uses in ToA/H. I just finished evolving her skills, so now I just need to devilmon her.

    • xaviertkk
      xaviertkk commented
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      great - I went this route too...just did a little change for the 2nd skill I guess

  • #4
    they're lowering it from 2000 to 1000 starting today.

    thanks Nat6Summoner


    • xaviertkk
      xaviertkk commented
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      great news - often have 1k left to go in evening...

  • #5
    Guess to many people crying about having to put in any bit of effort into an event


    • Qbert
      Qbert commented
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      It was 1-2 hours of rune farming every day for a mere 5 LD pieces. It was obviously excessive. Stop being a twit.

    • Nat6Summoner
      Nat6Summoner commented
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      Well whatever the requirementt is .. fine by me .. since i have enough time for SW and its not actually that underwhelming since its lnd piece

  • #6
    I missed to complete 2 days already with 2k requirement

    good thing they cganged to 1k


    • xaviertkk
      xaviertkk commented
      Editing a comment
      think the 2k requires some 100 b10 runs which should cost at least 700 energy if I calculate correctly? tough if we do not have energy stores even with 100 given for completion of the other mission