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Huge problem. Scenario fusion monsters

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  • Huge problem. Scenario fusion monsters

    I need 25 water bearman and 16 wind harpy and 16 wind Amazon and 14 fire werewolf and 5 wind bounty hunter and 5 wind high elemental.

    Either play patience or spend 6000 energy on scenario?
    Kabir and ragon, great.

    I wish they were available via secret dungeon or guild shop tbh. I'm glad I farmed Rebecca last event SD.

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    Or play casually and wait for them to drop from scrolls. You must have fed hundreds of each just to level up rainbowmons before and it is just karma biting back.


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      and the problem is?


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        He’s been ranting for the past weeks on skill ups for his nat 4 monsters ... its kinda annoying at this point to be honest ...


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          you must offer up a sacrifice of $100 to RNGsus for each scenario fusion mon.


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            use devilmon or play casually ..


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              If you are fusing, you will need to level them up in scenario anyway. Just level up in those scenarios that drop the summon you need.

              There is minor xp loss, but it’s not like all those energy are wasted.


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                Thanks for the reply. And sorry for the rant post. Ought to just close this thread tbh.

                Ya I started ragon. Kabir will be low exp =/
                it would be nice to ser these in magic shop and or guild shop or other places.

                It'd be nice to be able to summon 60 unknown scrolls at once and feed all 1* monsters at once.


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                  if you ever play dungeon keeper, your monsters will appreciate if you need them 1 at a time...personal touch :P