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Which Tablet Is Better For SW, & ETC?

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  • Which Tablet Is Better For SW, & ETC?


    Ii'm thinking about picking up a tablet, as my old one is not working anymore well kind of, anyways. I was thinking ether getting the following two, but want to know if they can run SW and other games like Knight Chronicles, Epic 7, ETC, smoothly,

    Fire HD 8 - $99
    Fire HD 10 - $199

    Not sue if its worth paying the extra $100, just for more inch's & for the x5 extra w/e its called etc. I did see a video comparing them, I like the picture and light quality better of the 10 hd, however if I might for for the HD 8.

    Also I will be starting a alt account on it, and plan on making it f2p, while my current one is p2p. or might make it L&D only account lol, then again i might not at all. However I'm using my phone atm and it runs smoothly, even while using mobizen mirror > pc. The phone i have is Samsung A5, not sure if the specs are better then the above tablets.

    Regardless, I want to get one of the tablets, i hate playing on my small phone and i rather use a tablet, and then i can play two sw accounts at ounce or different games

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    I don't think I can help you with the choice, but I can tell you something about the Fire HD 10 (which I bought for 129€).

    It runs SW just fine, except for some weird graphical issue when you open up the store. (Installed it via Amazons appstore, not sure if you can bypass that..).

    For what it's worth, I have the HD10 without these "special offers" (I think it's more like branding, reviews suggest these offers are annoying AF) so I definately wouldn't buy the 10 with special offers.


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      For work i used bouth of them , naturaly with sw installed on bouth. Preety good products , smooth and enaf hardware for sw on bouth. HD 8 more or less the price is the one you mention , HD 10 you can find at a cheaper price , 199 is a little expensive for his category and what they offer (this speacking from the point of view of italian marker). If you want to put them face to face the diference betwin the 2 is not only the inches , HD 10 have slighty better hardware in comparation with the HD8 and also a 2x better battery pack.
      Hope it helped you.


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        not sure about the Fire tablets. i have two Samsung TabA 7" tablets. no lag, runs everything fine. just make sure whatever you get has good processor speed, a good amount of RAM, and plenty of storage space or atleast able to use a microSD card.