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Transfer of a monster to another account

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  • Transfer of a monster to another account

    ​​​​​​I'm a French player (so excuse if I make some fault on this topic) and I have some request to do if it's possible to.
    To explain my request, I have in my Google play account 3 SW accounts (I don't even know why I prefer specify that to all of you), my principal account being Yukio3d. A few minutes ago I decided to go on the third account of mine and I received some mystic parchment. I decided to open them rapidly and by some MIRACLE, I dropped a 5⭐ wind oracle and a 4⭐ wind giant warrior.
    ​​​​​​So, if it is possible, I wanted to know if I can have these monsters transfered in my principle account and so deleted of my third account. You can if you want delete the account if it's forbidden to have more than 1 account but really please I want these monster for my first account

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    My topic has been cut, so I'll rewrite the end
    On this note, I said all of what I wanted to ask, I'll understand if my request is rejected but still I wanted to try after all.
    Thanks for the reading, see ya !


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      Everyone wants that .. but its not gonna happen


      • Yukio3d
        Yukio3d commented
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        I've seen nobody try to ask so I wanted to.. We'll see that maybe by some chance or kindness it can be possible

      • xaviertkk
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        many did ask...but still opens a loophole for some to exploit so it will not happen

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      OK so I've been on the second account and I also received some mystic pachments.... I received a 4⭐ sky dancer and a 4⭐ fire lich... I don't know that I had so much luck today, maybe because this was my birthday yesterday


      • BigDaddyToe
        BigDaddyToe commented
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        Yukio3d Belated Happy Bday

        The idea of transferring monsters, trading monsters have been discussed many times already.. lots time and never happen for good reasons...

        To make it simple, let's put it this way... best reason i can think of is, cheating! there will always be cheaters and abusive players that will make many account, then transfer all the good monsters in one account to make it great.. and that is not fair/ nor will be acceptable. I hope you get the point

        Well, you are still new to the game so, I SUGGEST, TO FOCUS ON ONE ACCT ONLY ... is always the same story that when someone made a new or 2nd acct, that ALT acct will get a different monster or a better one like a NAT5...

        Have fun and enjoy the game

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      I don’t think this belongs in general but rather should be in suggestions.


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        I wish when i walk to the ATM, it would spill money out for me


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          Wrong subsection, but no, you shouldn't be able to transfer the monsters to your main account.


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            well it is something that com2us will never do.
            that kind of system will be abused by many player.

            create a lot of account, summon summon summon, get anything good then transfer it to specific account.

            and i also say no.


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              Would be good for some casual and "honest" players, but at the same time it would be easily abused by account sellers and late game players who could try to farm LD nat5 with the faimon scroll and then transfer them to their main account, for example.


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                LD nat 5* accounts sell for $10 on amazon, even if they take it back off you (which normally happens) you'd still get the monster. C2U would rather you spend $1000 - $10,000 on LD scrolls to get a LD nat 5*.

                hahahaha. no.