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Com2uS: What happened to the other world bosses?

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  • Com2uS: What happened to the other world bosses?

    From February 5, 2016 developer's notes:
    • Attribute Relations will have more weighted value in the World Boss Battle.
    " Pan’Ghor is a primal giant that has the Attribute of Fire and Water and currently Water Attribute Monsters have the highest Attribute advantage. But we believe that the influence Attribute advantage has in the World Boss Battle is currently a bit lackluster, and would like to increase its weighted value in the calculation. Don’t worry about the reign of Water Attribute Monsters! The change will also be applied to other Attribute World Bosses in the near future!"

    It's now been over 3 years since those dev notes.
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    Just like the Dimensional Hole... Preparing update...


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      It should show up in Com2us bottom line by now the impact of various other games coming online and especially competition from e7


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        It's scheduled for the 2024 update
        just you wait


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          Preparing Update...


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            Click image for larger version

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            • Tony Sfinos
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              pic is not loading...

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              it's loading.... preparing.....

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            - Patience is the mother of Science
            - You missed, pal - Shut up, you... !!!

            It's coming on summer, stay tuned. I don't know which year' summer, but...


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              Soon™ bahnotenoughletters


              • Kevradikus
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                Your comment made me shed a tear.....I use to play a PC game called Earth and Beyond and they used this

              • Ganesa IX
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                Kevradikus - I know that feeling lol!

              • Mix Thorngall
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                This was also a trademark in Heroes of Camelot, Gaea may sue for using it outside

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              Or they could change a single code line to make elements irrelevant.

              More world bosses really sounds lame. I'm happy that they realized their mistake, but they could have reported the change of line instead of remaining silent in shame or sloth. A communication manager could really make wonders, but their non-progress as a company show a lack of will to grow at all.

              All in all, just don't expect anything from this company. Summoners' War success seems like a hit of luck, like they released it at the right moment and place. Its success is not an indication of the company's inherent quality.


              • Puntar64
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                There would not be more world boses!

                World boss would just cycle elements when "respawned".

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              At this point they should just change the wb attribute to neutral...


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                Also, personally I wouldn't want more World Bosses. Just one to blow my 30 energy on is fine enough by me. Start adding more to allow for Wind/Fire, Wind/Water, and there goes 90 energy at the start of each day! And that's assuming they let you reuse the monsters on each boss.


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                  • Nailyou866
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                    Mmmm... My favorite text box.

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                  They could make it neutral OR a rotation. Geniuses