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    3 LD nat4 that i got from scrolls for my sub, Bering, Liu Mei and Isabelle (2 months ago). Guess my next pull will be HOH monster too. Then i can post my prediction. Haha~
    By the way, she is definitely 1 of hardest nuker and good unit. But it really depend on runes and team usage. Doesn't help in PVE, so she is not prior to build. Stella work better in many area.
    For those focus on guildwar or siege, definitely good nuker choice to build. Just not now for me.


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      This is one of the rare mob that dont need a vio. Good hoh for me.


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        JeannettePoisson look at it this way: soon after HoH you will see her pop up in various areas of PvP as other players build her. That means it will be a lot easier to get a feel for her and whether she's something you might want to build after all.


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          Finally I'll have all 5 built. Shes nice better than Tanya, worse than Stella, a bit better than Natalie, and lets not mention Lexy


          • Greagor
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            I'll have all five, but never bothered to build Natalie or Lexi :-)

          • Tnuva
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            Greagor I think Natalie gets way more sh...than she deserves, I mean sure she isnt top notch but ele neutral def break + brand + silence + situtional aoe silence is a good kit in one. Only Hellea (dark harpy) has the same def break + brand in same kit, and only that + 3* squishy stats.

            As for Lexy, built her for wind beast, and very situational siege

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          She's awesome. I have her on a baby account. One with subpar runes and she hits like a truck there. I can't wait to put some good runes on her. She's going to rock GW and siege. I prefer AE cleaves for AO.


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            she is the best HOH until now.
            Queen of Siege 4 stars bases and great nuker everywhere. So far better than every assassin and one of greatest 4 stars single nukers
            C2US really surprised me this time.