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Nat 5* Summoning Rates Nerfed

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    No NAT 5 from 800 scrolls from January to December . Now last 4weeks 5 NAT 5 . Just wait until your luck comes back


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      Every time you summon, it's the same percentage. It's always been. Not everyone has the same results. Think of a bell curve. There will always be people who are luckier than average, people who are average and people who are unlucky.

      I was once in the unlucky, terribly unlucky group.

      Playing daily, literally hours every single day since mid 2014, I didn't get my first nat5 until late 2015. I didn't get my 2nd nat5 until late 2016. I have since, in the two years since pulling my 2nd one, pulled 19 more. So I went from averaging one every twelve to thirteen months to averaging one every month and a half or so, which is a DRASTIC change of luck.

      So, results vary, greatly. You just either endure the bad until you get the good or you just find something else to do.

      There is one perk to not pulling anything worth building for long periods of time. Hardcore rune farming, no worrying about leveling food.
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        I wouldn't mind getting the worse Nat5 in history as long as that splendid blessing gets used up. That thing is taunting me to summon far too much.


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          The summoning blessing is as stupid as the summoning rates. Not to mention racist. It’s amazing how every Chinese player in the game and championships all have dozens of Nat5s. You people are stupid if you buy the summoning rates posted.


          • Qaal
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            Lol your comment actually made me laugh out loud - "racist summoning rates"?

            ...just when I thought I'd heard it all hahahaha

          • Nailyou866
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            It would be ILLEGAL for them to have summoning rates other than what is posted. Just because you are salty you don't get every Nat5* doesn't mean other people can't. These are people who have been playing from the start, 24 hours/day (because they get other people to farm for them while they sleep) And they spend thousands of dollars.

            Racist summoning rates. Jesus you are stupid if you think that the summoning rates are discriminating against you.

            But hey, if you don't believe the posted summoning rates, start a lawsuit against Com2Us because they would be breaking the law. They didn't post the summoning rates just because "they wanted to". They posted the summoning rates because they were required BY LAW, since people spend REAL MONEY, and it was being construed as GAMBLING. Let me know how they lawsuit goes. Of course, you know, Com2Us can afford much better lawyers than you can, so...

            Also also, I have over a dozen Nat5*s (18) and I'm whiter than sour cream. Does that mess up your "racist" theory?