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Nat 5* Summoning Rates Nerfed

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  • Nat 5* Summoning Rates Nerfed

    Got no luck for summoning 300+ scrolls

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    The rates are posted. It would be illegal for them to have different summoning rates than what is listed at the bottom.

    You are not guaranteed a Nat5* from anything but Transcendence scrolls. You have a very high probability of summoning a Nat5* in 300 Mysticals, but I missed the update where you are promised a Nat5* from a Mystical.


    • Calmar7905
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      Nailyou866 no agresion intended. I was just surprized to see "very high probability" when i knew the rate was for single summon. I disn.t know about the gambling laws and obligation to inform players about the rates. I did a small research and sw game tipe is not included in gambling game fallowing the european union laws. Probably in other side of the world laws are diferent.
      I know you are preety old around here and i apreciate your posts so no agresivity or any kind of negativity on my side , just curiosity.

    • Nailyou866
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      Calmar7905 Forums, I haven't been on for too long, but I have been playing the game since 2015.

      As far as the regulations go, it falls under a "loot box" category. In this article, it talks about the regulations and definitions for the law regarding "any title with in-game purchases for real world currency."

      And this is a PCgamer article that explains why all of this came to a head in the past year or so.

      So as you can see, since people can purchase scrolls, the rates have to be posted and they have to be accurate. If even one country has the requirement, then it applies everywhere, since Summoner's War is an international game.

    • Calmar7905
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      Nailyou866 , i get it now , from what i find with google in more side of the globe sw is a 100% gambling content and their laws force companys to publish their rates. And true , is a international game so is enaf 1 country to make it existent for all. Thank you for info.

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    I did a calculation. With 0.5% nat5 rate, the chance of not getting a nat5 in 300 summon is the dreaded 22%.

    You just got violent proced in summoning.


    • immatx
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      Sumatoman It's .995^300 which is 22%

    • Sumatoman
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      what is 0.995^1 ? You got a higher chance to get a nat5 with one scroll or 300 scrolls? Erm... Math is confusing...
      Last edited by Sumatoman; 01-09-2019, 06:46 AM.

    • darlic23
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      0.995 is the chance of NOT getting a nat5 in one summon.

      0.995^300 = 0.22 is the chance of NOT getting a nat5 in 300 summon.

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    So true! My new year No NB5. lol


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      Don't feel too bad. Nat 5 are bound to come.


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        Yeah same here over 490 scrolls in total and no nat 5... The worse, before that count I got 6 dupes in a row including two Mo Long ( I had one built already)... I tried everything, mass summon (60-80) to single summon and simply got nothing! Some will say it is just luck, I will say time to quit full-time playing and just to daylies...


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          I pulled 3 from 45ms today haha.


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            Don't feel bad man. I managed to pull two this year. However one was Beth and the other was a dupe Bastet, which I had already built.


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              Too bad.. i guess it's all RNG.. better luck next time.

              good luck good luck!


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                First year, i summoned 2 nat5
                Second year, i got 3 or 4, i don't remember exactly
                3rd year i got more than 10 nat5
                and my first LnD nat5

                it's all RNG
                rates are always the same


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                  In my first 14 months, 1500+ summons, I had 0 nat 5s. That account still has an overall lower than average rate for Nat 5s, but it doesn't mean that the actual rates aren't as posted.

                  Last year, between October and March (~5 months), I had no nat 5s between either account (over 1300 summons).

                  This year, from Thanksgiving to one week before X-Mas, I got 3 Nats (1 dupe) on my first account and 5 nats (no dupes) on my 2nd. That was about 500 summons. Nothing since then (about 250 summons).

                  It's the ebb and flow of RNG


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                    I got one nat five in 2014.
                    I got 4 nat fives in 2015
                    I got 2 nat fives in 2016
                    I got 10 nat fives in 2017
                    I got 19 nat fives in 2018.

                    S'all RNG

                    And just because you alone got below the statistical average doesn't mean rates were nerfed. It doesn't necessarily mean that someone else got god-tier rates and therefore you HAD to get horrible rates. Not the right way to look at it, you just happened to get below-average. That doesn't mean the average changed.


                    • Asmosis
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                      I have similar progression. Initially it was one nat5* every 6-8 months, now its every ~4 weeks. C2U really have amped up the amount of scrolls we can consume (F2P) increasing the acquisition of nat5's as they stated somewhere along the line last year (or was it the year before?)

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                    summoning rate didn't get nerfed,, it always been terribly low since the game launched.
                    and i still waiting to get my 1st nat5 in 2019, been summoning around 200 scroll..

                    a question ...
                    is the nat5 splendid blessing last forever until you get your nat5 or it have expiration date ?


                    • xaviertkk
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                      believe it's forever

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                    Originally posted by Kalawasaag03 View Post
                    Got no luck for summoning 300+ scrolls
                    Did you get some twins? Easy win in all content. Build those, better than 80% of Nat5's.


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                      Would've been a dupe anyway my friend.


                      • xaviertkk
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                        can't agree more;
                        long time no see...welcome back bro!

                      • Destructo87
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                        Ty bro, I responded to your other comment