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2019 new year event

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  • 2019 new year event

    Copied from hive: 2019 New Year Event! Ellia's Fortune Cookie

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Complete missions every day and gather Fortune Cookies!

    Give Ellia the Fortune Cookies and get a handful of rewards in return!

    ■ Event Schedule

    Jan. 6th 6pm - Jan. 20th 6:59am PST

    Rewards are available until Jan. 21st 6:59am PST

    ■ Event Details

    EVENT 1. Collect Fortune Cookies

    Complete missions to get Fortune Cookies!

    [Daily Rewards]

    Collect 1 Fortune Cookie: 50 Energy

    Collect 3 Fortune Cookies: 50,000 Mana Stones

    Collect 5 Fortune Cookies: 30 Crystals

    [Mission Details]


    Enter 10 times

    Enter 20 times

    Enter 30 times

    <Cairos Dungeon>

    Enter 10 times

    Enter 20 times

    Enter 30 times

    <Arena+Guild Battle>

    Enter 10 times

    Enter 15 times

    Enter 20 times

    <Rift Raid & Dungeons + Tartarus' Labyrinth>

    Enter 10 times

    Enter 15 times

    Enter 20 times

    * The rewards can be collected once a day, and each day resets at 7am PST.

    * For Tartarus' Labyrinth, the mission count will go up when you successfully attack stages.

    EVENT 2. Give Fortune Cookies to Ellia

    Give the Fortune Cookies to Ellia and get rewards in return!

    5 Fortune Cookies: 1 EXP Booster (12H)

    10 Fortune Cookies: 2 Mystical Scrolls

    15 Fortune Cookies: 20 Ancient Coins

    20 Fortune Cookies: 3 Attribute Scrolls (Water/Fire/Wind)

    25 Fortune Cookies: 30 Ancient Coins

    30 Fortune Cookies: 1 Reappraisal Stone

    40 Fortune Cookies: 1 Light & Darkness Scroll

    Please Read!

    * All missions in Event 1 will count retroactively.

    * You can collect up to 5 Fortune Cookies a day.

    * For Cairos Dungeon missions, Secret Dungeon and Hall of Heroes are excluded.

    * The reward will be available for 24 hours after the event ends.

    * Please restart the game if you're playing when the event begins to avoid any delays.

    * Please try restarting the game if you don't see your reward at the Inbox.

    * The duration and remaining time for the event will be displayed in the time zone of the area that you reside in.

    * For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting


  • #2
    Free stuffs woo \o/


    • #3
      New scrolls for next summoning session! yay!


      • #4
        Meh, I prefer devilmon over scam scrolls.


        • JeannettePoisson
          JeannettePoisson commented
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          Lottery tickets are meh until you get something fun FOREVER

      • #5
        Whoop!! Free stuff, can't complain.


        • #6
          Yeah, a new chance to get Mantura! I hope i won't get a 7th light serpent.


          • xaviertkk
            xaviertkk commented
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            me 2...really wanted mantura

        • #7
          such events better than RNG type, or those that starts in the afternoon and expect completion of daily mission which many have done in the morning.


          • #8
            If I am not wrong if you miss a day you won't get Lnd scroll. As this event is for 14 days in total. I missed a day because of event started at my day time and in office I can't play. Sad no LnD for me


            • darlic23
              darlic23 commented
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              You can collect up to 5 cookies a day, and you need 40 cookies to get the ld scroll. So you only need 8 days to get the ld scroll.

            • omnitesh
              omnitesh commented
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              Yes just saw. However don't know but in game it is showing 70 to me. May be my eyes still not recovered from last devilmon event

          • #9
            i only want a Jultan - pulled Lucien today from ld pieces