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  • The FRRD-Horror

    Hi together,

    every month he is coming, every month i plan to do a big change and every month i do nothing cause it is too much work, too time consuming and i cant decide where to start. Im talking about the Free Runeremoval Day

    Just by the Way, i would love to get a Free Runeremoval Ticket instead of a fix day so i can decice which day in a month i will use it.

    I have 208 sixstars. About 80 of them are runed.

    How do you do your FRRD? Any sugestions? Do you use a List with the Mons you want to rune with a given set?
    Do you just change a few Mons every month or do you change all every 6 month?

    Im happy for every sugestion
    Im sure first one will be: Stop summoning.


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    A 7 days expiring ticket that lasts for 24 hs for removal would be ideal, but com2us will never do that.


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      "It is an event. A 1 day long event. Do you expect them to make other events happen in this manner? Do you want a Bingo Event ticket you can redeem within a week? How about a Fusion Support Event? The point is, it is an event that is scheduled and known well in advance. I can look at calandars for next year and tell you when their FRR events are going to be.

      Don't get me wrong, I think it would be a nice thing of them to do a free ticket to FRR whenever. But it is not something that would be in Com2Us' interests."

      Quoted from me on another post about this exact same thing.


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        Back in the old days, FRR was infrequent and unpredictable. They responded to player complaints and provided a monthly, scheduled event, which, in all fairness, was a big improvement. That being said, like other posters here, it is often the case that FRR Saturday conflicts with real-life plans and constricts our ability to take advantage of the event.

        I agree than an expiring ticket would be ideal, as it would allow players to pick their own day to use the opportunity.

        Some will probably still complain, but it would certainly be a big improvement from a player's perspective.


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          Old school strategy - write down the plans, in a pc of paper for, rune target .. etc

          Notepad users - put notes on monster needing what and new runes what slot should go where or what monster?

          Working - plan ahead, submit TRADE shift, vacation leave, or do the above and bring mobile at work

          Students - study and do assignments and projects on friday night even if it means not going on date to free up Sat for FRR

          No Life - basically those with no schooling, no work and no responsibility should have no problem here

          *** For me, the problem is not the FRR date, is the runes and mana available to use... most times, i just swap runes to new monster or more important monsters that will be used for a month duration


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            Thx BigDaddyToe, you are the first that understood the meaning of the post.

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            actually, your suggestion for FRR day ticket has been suggested many times for more convenience to all of us.... problem is, Com2us sell this pack and... as you know .. business is business they like to earn more $$.... and thus,.. com2us will not be so likely be so kind enough to give it to us

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          3 things:
          1. Build teams not single monsters - thanks to that You can focus on specific monsters not on all of them
          2. Plan. Personally I'm using rune-optimizer so I know exactly who I want to change and where are required runes
          3. It's free rune remove day, not re-rune day. Just remove runes from monsters You want to change and come back to them when You have time.


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            Besides the fact they now give us one monthly. Scheduled. You can plan in advance.

            can't do that one. You can buy one. Problem solved.


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              first of all it is PURPOSELY planned on a saturday where majority of players have free time to commit to other life plans or games. do you think com2us wants you to have a to yourself or spend it playing their game?

              with that said, my advice to everyone i help with on frr is "what do you want to accomplish that month" and focus on no more than 6 mons a month.

              want a faster gb10 team? focus on that.

              want a better rta team? focus on that.

              if you focus on 1 thing at a time, it makes things much more manageable. i myself have close to 200 mons runed and ready to use, and each time i get a game changing rune, i pay the mana to apply it right away. then when frr comes, the runes that were replaced by better ones during the month, gets pass down to the next tier, and the trickle affect happens.


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                Generelly speaking you can split up runeremoval on different days if you want to.
                Step 1. Use Rune Optimizer to plan what you wanna do any day before the actual FRR day. This can literally be done two weeks a week or a day before actually FRR hits.
                Step 2. Wait until FRR hits, go into the ingame rune manager, empty right rune template, unrune all monsters (you just add the empty template on all monsters) or only those you have planned to rework in step 1.; Optional rune 1 AO/Dungeon team or as many monster you planned in step 1.
                Step 3. You can rune all the other monsters and toys any day after.

                There is absolutly no need to do everything on FRR - Day, planning can be done any day before, you just need to remove runes on FFR and if you do it the way I descriped it its less than 20 minutes no matter how many monsters you got.

                If you use the Rune Optimizer properly, with your own custizmized templates even that doesnt take long if you just wanna improve on certain monsters ...
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