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Nat 5 triplets / quadruplets / quintuplets ... conversation around dupe nat 5s

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  • Nat 5 triplets / quadruplets / quintuplets ... conversation around dupe nat 5s

    I'm hoping to generate some constructive conversation here.

    ***Who among you has fully built a triplet nat 5 summons? or a quadruplet? or a quintuplet? (Fully built meaning max 6* and fully skilled up all of them)
    ***Which nat 5 did you summon 3/4/5 of?
    ***How often and where do you find you use all 3/4/5 of them?
    ***Do you have a certain rationale that prompted you to fully build that third, fourth, or fifth dupe? And has it been fully realized?

    I'm not asking about swapping monsters or converting elements, so there's no need to even go there.

    So, where is this coming from...Last night I happen to clear TOAH with about an hour to spare and lo my legendary scroll grants me a third Laika. I don't even find a good use for my dupe Laika with all the other options in my collection, so where would I use a triplet?

    I've already got several dupe nat 5s, which is a statistical conundrum in itself and most of the dupes do nothing but collect dust in storage because like most other monsters they generally fill niche roles to where you don't find that niche often enough to merit fully building the dupe or you have other options that work already built.

    Wise-acres will be quick to shout you can use your dupes in Siege and in Labyrinth. Yes and no, and mostly no because many nat 5s fill unique roles like all other monsters and you won't often run into defenses that really merit you fully building the dupe or the triplet over some other monster that could adequately fill that role or fill a different role with a different comp.

    At least with a nat 4 I know I'll summon one in the family with enough frequency that I could bank them and store for skill ups. Or if they fill a useful enough role I could build a dupe for Siege or Labyrinth. But there's not much point in building a triplet or a quadruplet or a quintuplet of even a nat 4. In part because there are so many other monsters you can build to create other ways around the problem, or one that seems like it would be a fun toy to play with.

    I've seen some players boxes with quadruplets and quintuplets of a nat 5. It's somewhat boggling considering the odds to get a nat 5 anyway but that you would regularly summon a dupe, even over a long period of time. The statistical probability is incredibly low, let alone the statistical probability of summoning 3 of the same nat 5 when I have summoned 23 nat 5s. Or that more than half of my 23 nat 5 summons are dupes.

    Currently, my feeling is the only thing these dupes good for is showing off as trophies and wasting space in inventory.
    So, I'm looking to generate some conversation around how we actually use our triplet/quadruplet/quintuplet nat 5 summons.

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    Better an extra 5* than to continue getting the same 4* LD HOH moon, or the same food 4* from LS


    • scottieeraz
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      And do what with it? How are you using your fully built triplet Nat 5s?
      Both scenarios are disappointing, to different degrees...but disappointing all the same.

    • akino25
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      skills up?
      if i had a 3rd searra... i might build her... but not 4th+
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    To be honest, dupes can be useful, sadly it's probably only less than a quarter of monster can be useful of dupes. Triplets is even rarer. I Don't know if there is a nat5 that is THAT useful that building 3 or 4 can makes the difference, I've yet to seen or encounter one.
    The only triplets that I have is Vanessa, and sadly that is useless. RTA is not siege or laby so 1 is more than enough for me (although she is one of my core unit in RTA)


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      No 3ple NAT5 worth building...

      - closest is x2 Verad... no issue making a 3rd if i get one more
      - got x3 Poseidon... not effective without skillup so.. not building a 2nd anytime soon(maybe later on)
      - the only 3plet fully built ---> Lushen (he is a Nat5 in disguise as Nat4)


      - x2 tarq, from earlier spd DB10.. only using one now for Rift.. sometimes in siege too
      - x2 khali ... siege... so nice to see them unfair bear and ritesh fall
      - x2 6* Chloe.. and another x2 more but at 5* only .. also use for siege... yeah crazy, but effective for all those NAT4 base lushen teams

      - plan to make 2nd chilling... 2nd galleon... 2nd Talia... 2nd lapis maybe


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        i hear there is a devilmon shortage in sw? if dupes are just taking up space, and it seems you are getting nat5 rng/luck anyways, skill-ups, no-brainer right there


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          5x Juno, 3x Seara, 3x Verad are my dupes.. didnt bother built 1 of the Juno's but all Seara's are fully skilled & runed Verad 2 built 1 is in storage ^^


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            Toa gave me a dupe woosa. So I guess that's getting built lol.

            but yeah triplets etc if u can't find a use in siege then leave in storage or feed really


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              Triple Leo is one example I can think of... for 4* monsters triple Lushen is on my todo list for a while... the dread of fusing 10+ jojos again though...


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                Any mon that doesn’t need skill ups to work is worth building dupes of, triton tiana Zaiross psam rica charlotte are just some of the examples where duped are worth investing it and doesn’t need skill ups to work


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                  I summoned 3 Pernas, some Teshars and a Sigmarus. Only could bring myself to built a second Perna with the phoenixes at my disposal but no devilmon invested. Doesn't feel the same with a second dupe, unfortunately.


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                    Fully built 3 Camilla.

                    Currently using none.

                    Fused and built 2 Katarinas. Still using them in GvG.

                    Got two **** Ouch (water monkeys) in storage unbuilt. A second Okeanos, Chiwu and Brandia unbuilt. A second Woosa in the process of being skilled up.


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                      Other than siege, another reason for us to build dupes would be runes. Example, everyone knows AA is a tanking/support unit. With dupes, maybe you could try to surprise your opponent with an dps AA built with Def and Crit D. For Juno, maybe one unit can be despair and another could be violent, etc. Who knows you will find new experience to enjoy.


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                        I've used dupe ritesh, rakan and vanessa as evo fodder.
                        No interest in building dupes.


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                          5 Praha's built 2. 3Ariels built 1 4Ethna's built 1. Rica 4 built all 4 for seige. the rest like 3 psamathe 4chows all waste time. haha. max i built is 2.


                          • er0L
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                            dude. you summon to much ^^

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                          Got a dupe Verad long ago, nice for an alternative defense nuker build... but last week just got another Diana, could anyone give me some good reason to not use her as a rainbow devilmon?