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What to do with a double frigate?

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  • What to do with a double frigate?

    This is the question a f2p friend of mine just asked me today, he has 11 unique L&D nat4, 1 L&D nat5 plus a summoned bunch of the already HoH monsters.

    Now, I swear, really, I swear, I tried to restrain myself a LOT to complain, during all this time, but just now, take my biggest finger in your deepest spot "magic RNG".

    Like in november I had a let's say "mass" L&D summon with close to 20 scrolls, 0 lighitning.
    Also before that moment were months with no joy, ah btw my last summon was a dark pumpkin... lol, and than we had the HoH.

    Well, anyway, now, 11/09/18, I'm starting, for SURE the 60 range with N-O-T-A-S-I-N-G-L-E L-I-G-H-T-N-I-N-G.

    I'm still at 3 L&D moment of joy in 4+ yrs... Dusky? Facepalm.

    My question to you, C2U, is easy, HOW?

    Why don't you implement something to increase the chance of lightning when you fail so much? Isn't it a bit, just a BIT reasonable?

    Is there maybe a hidden prize at 100 scrolls with no lightning? Just to know.

    And, YOU, for real, demand ME money to buy a pack with 1 L&D scroll?

    Hope my finger hurts a bit, "magic RNG".
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    Oh i do get lightnings from LnD

    but for some reason, the unbelievable happen to me... not one.... but 2.. they are twins.. oh no.. triplet.. OMG, it's a miracle! I got triplets


    • Mix Thorngall
      Mix Thorngall commented
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      Throw two Lushens in and you will have a nice NB10 full house team... and nothing else
      I have one of these and nothing encourages me to six him, is it worthy enough?

    • BigDaddyToe
      BigDaddyToe commented
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      One is worth it, due to the presence of twins
      if the twins does not exist, possible 2 or 3 of em might be fun to build for NB10

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    one vio rev one swift.
    frigate > dark homu > mav

    lucky son of a gun


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      RIP 'n Darkness scrolls are not to be taken so serious. They are just a little thrill bonus.

      You can get a nice 3* if lucky, but never expect more. I have just Icares, Isillen, Frigate and two or three Icashas, Trollashas... I have fed some and don't remember... only one of them really worthy, from 100s of RnD scrolls.

      And... yes, I have three RnD nat-5s. Veromos, Jeanne and Anya, the dark homie... and Elsharion coming next!
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        What is LnD lightning?


        • Mix Thorngall
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          It happens when you evolve a Rainbowmon.

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        The usual answer for dupes is for Siege lol

        "Tried to restrain yourself" no you havent .. lol

        Asking for explanation? even com2us cant answer that one .. its all RNG they didnt intentionally do it lol
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