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Just for funny. Elsharion name...

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  • Just for funny. Elsharion name...

    Just a theory for fun ok guys?!

    El = form Spanish and means "the" or "The one"
    Share = from english
    íon = from quantum physics and means electrically charged molecule that gains or loses electrons.

    El + share + íon

    The one who share what he gains.

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    Does this means com2us thought of this skillset when they 1st came up with this name a few years ago?!?


    • 3r3dom
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      I guess just a coincidence. Or maybe not.....o.O

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    Woaaah there

    Click image for larger version

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      The Shining Spirits

      So long ago, even before the birth of Earth, four mighty spirits known as the Ifrits (Aes) were forged by the Unknown Master, Creator of the Universe...

      Theomaaras, the Water Ifrit, master of the Elements
      Thaessharyas, the Sun Ifrit, guardian of the Magic
      Phaerommas, the Dark Ifrit, keeper of the Void
      Arrakhamaaras, the Wind Ifrit, wielder of the Strength

      Unfortunately, they were not so balanced as the Master though... soon, the Sun Ifrit noticed his overwhelming power over every manifestation of Magic, able to nerf anyone's ability into oblivion or even to steal it at his will... soon, he clashed over his "brothers" to claim and assimilate their strength into his own, trying to become a threat even for the Master himself...

      But his pride was his doom. The other Ifrits consistently thwarted his plot and made the Unknown aware of it, so he had to "split off" the might of the Sun Ifrit...

      From that split came a newborn weakened version of Thaessharyas, namely Thaessharyaon (Aon, "lower Ifrit"), bound to the element of Fire, and only able to disturb his enemies' ability for a while. And another spirit to hold the "other half" of his power: Aessharyaon, bound to Light, and able to steal and share their strengths with his allies.

      And finally, the mighty Ifrits were balanced at last.


      • Stvevan
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        What rubbish did I just read?!

      • Qaal
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        Looks like more of a backstory for ifrits than c2u gave them. Rather creative actually

      • Khalilphzues
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      xD great Thread haha.


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        here's interesting..


        THEO + MARS

        THEO - God

        MARS - Damage
        - or ... to impair the appearance of; disfigure
        - synonyms: spoil, impair, disfigure

        THEOMARS ----> THEO + MARS ----> Godly power to dmg, spoil, impair, disfigure...

        now we know... he likes to spoil, impair, disfigure... via VIO PROCS haha... then enemies are "disfigured" haha


        • Mix Thorngall
          Mix Thorngall commented
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          From Ancient Greek φέρω / PHERO (to bear) and ώμος / ÓMOS (shoulder)... the one who bears others over his shoulders, the one who relieves the pain of others, the one who alleviates their fatigue.

          The one who removes dots... LOL

        • Khalilphzues
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          Bruno : "Shield or Armor"
          Mars : "Damage"

          Time to create Brunomars to counter that Theomars!

        • BigDaddyToe
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          Khalilphzues haha good one