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  • July HoH Liu Mei

    July Hall of Heroes - [4★ Kung Fu Girl (Light)]

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    It's time for the Hall of Heroes!

    This time, the 4★ [Kung Fu Girl] with Light Attribute will be awaiting you at the Hall of Heroes!

    Clear the dungeon to summon [Kung Fu Girl]!

    ▼ Event Schedule

    Jul. 13th 12pm - Jul. 16th 12am

    * Based on server time

    - The Hall of Heroes will be available at the Cairos Dungeon during the event.

    - Clear the Hall of Heroes and gather Summoning Pieces to summon a 4★ [Kung Fu Girl] (Light).

    ▼ How To Participate

    1) Enter the Hall of Heroes

    Location: [Battle] - [Cairos Dungeon] - [Hall of Heroes]

    2) Clear the Hall of Heroes

    The Hall of Heroes consists of 10 stages.

    The required Energy amount will be the same for all 10 stages and 25 Summoning Pieces will be given as a reward for clearing each stage.

    You won't be able to re-enter the stage once you clear it.

    (You'll get a total of 250 Summoning Pieces when you clear all 10 stages.)

    3) Gather Summoning Pieces to summon [Kung Fu Girl] (Light)

    The summoning will require 50 Summoning Pieces.

    ▼ How to Summon a Monster

    Go to the Summonhenge after you've gathered all the required Summoning Pieces.

    * An additional button will pop up at the summoning menu. (Requirement: 50 Summoning Pieces)

    ※ Caution

    The Hall of Heroes is a very difficult dungeon where you can collect high grade monsters.

    Newcomers and lower-level Summoners, beware!​

  • #2
    Honestly all kfgs have very nicr mechanics...built in proc, revenge passive that doesnt count as a passive, easy to fuse skillups, and really high multipliers.

    I 6*ed the fire one first, no regrets.
    Then came fei and xiaolin, again no regrets.
    Now the light will follow.

    I think she could go well as a revx3 or vio rev


    • #3
      Yesssssss after more then 2 years my xio Lin will finally have her 3rd skill maxed!


      • akino25
        akino25 commented
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        the light one is good too XD

    • #4
      Dark KFG be 1HKO nuking your entire team in B10


      • Drandip
        Drandip commented
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        That's why it'll either be an easy HoH, like Natalie, if I recall correctly, or they'll make sure that what companions they add will be very annoying. xD


      • Argon
        Argon commented
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        Very high change that the dark KFG would pair with the light Anubis.

      • Asmosis
        Asmosis commented
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        Kalionys honestly the HoH is going to be pretty easy, nuke monster ones usually are since its that much quicker (and thus safer) to clear each stage.

    • #5
      I really wanted the Neostone Agent ... :c


      • #6
        Yes... I like it as liu mei is good imao haha. And here I tot it will just be another useless or like light rak or smt else, I still dun have light kfg yet so thanks Com2us! Even though I will prefer a fei lol! xD


        • #7
          Ehhh, thats unexpected. I hope it would be a support mon instead.
          Is she food for Xiao Lin? Her s3 is not that appealing.


          • BigDaddyToe
            BigDaddyToe commented
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            just keep one in reserve, as you might need her later. the reset can be food ^_^
            Me,. im creating her for my 2nd R5 team

          • cruxio002
            cruxio002 commented
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            Why second? What is the difference between first raid team and second? Different setup?

          • finzero
            finzero commented
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            cruxio002 in r5 speed team you'd want more damage..
            Liu mei can take hwa's spot, but in terms of damage dealing Hwa is better.

            Liu me offer break deff which hwa doesn't have, and ATB reduction from Liu Mei is slightly better then hwa.

            mostly a 2nd team just there to make a run succeed.

            she's not a game changing monster, but not a food either.

        • #8
          I lack a decent R5 dps, she has a 1600% multiplier on S3 but her base Attack with 626 seems really low man. Those multierpliers though 550 on s2 is great too, properly gonna build her
          Good Defense and HP though. Maybe she can replace my useless darion.
          Last edited by Roadrunner280; 07-11-2018, 02:09 AM.


          • #9
            I was pretty surprised to hear Liu Mei was gonna be the HoH, but certainly happy about this too. Now it's just a matter of if I feed the extras to Xiao Lin or Liu Mei herself... @w@;


            • #10
              Holy RNG CRAP! ... Light KFG really... this is nice, right?

              Thanks Com2us !!


              ah.. any one wants to complain out there! now is the time lol


              • Jackie_Changed
                Jackie_Changed commented
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                Happy man is always happy man

              • BigDaddyToe
                BigDaddyToe commented
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                happy thoughts Jackie... happy thoughts =)

              • Qbert
                Qbert commented
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                It's not that much better than the alternatives. You get excited about everything.

                It's a fusion family and only good for raids, but still worse than Xiao Lin for raids ... for PvP its the worst HoH mon they could have released. So yeah, if you actually break it down, its nothing worth getting excited about, but as I said ... you get excited about everything.
                Last edited by Qbert; 07-11-2018, 10:34 AM.

            • #11

              Good HoH monster, and if I'd like to make a prediction, players will surely forget about this one the next time we have a bad one haha. After all, we've gone through imesety, gemini, ran, delphoi, dias, etc and it's always the same "hmm what's the worst monster out right now? that's gotta be the next hoh"


              I'm happy that it'll have a positive impact on most players, I'm happy that com2us gave a good nat four as the HoH. I personally have 0 use for her, and don't plan on building one.


              • Qbert
                Qbert commented
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                If you care about PvP, not a 2nd raid team DPS, it arguably is the worst HoH mon possible. They've just used up all the worst options already, so suddenly the remaining worst ones seem decent.

              • Greagor
                Greagor commented
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                I mean, I have zero use for her, but I've always wanted anyway .

              • Dovahkiin
                Dovahkiin commented
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                Fair comments fair comments. Tbh I only need an extremely small number of LD nat fours and elemental nat fives, and none of them will be HoH haha.

                Just gonna empty my wallet for the Mo Long rotation and pray.

            • #12
              good if you have no hwa. only issue is that her stats are Hp-based. Maybe I´ll buld her for raid


              • #13
                looking like team2 for raids is gonna be all ld, lol


                • #14
                  This is actually a good timing... i was about to build and skill up the fire KFG for my 2nd R5 team.

                  Now, is all set for Liu Mei skillup


                  • #15
                    Nice HoH, always liked the light KFG. Probably going to be building her for my 2nd Rift team as well.